From the Streets to the Suites

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From the Streets to the Suites

By: Author-Nathan Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Alex's world shatters when he uncovers his wife's betrayal during a lavish anniversary celebration, propelling him into a tumultuous saga of heartbreak, vindication, and redemption as an encounter with a noble lady reveals his hidden heritage, bestowing upon him both unimaginable wealth and a complex legacy, setting the stage for a multifaceted exploration of personal resilience, revenge against those who wronged him, and the intricate interplay of family secrets in a world where the pursuit of fortune intertwines with corporate machinations.

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  • Author-Nathan


    It's a really good book and I think everyone should try it out

    2024-02-05 06:39:59
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Chapter One
The vibrant light of the amusement park dazzled Alex as he stood near the entrance, a mixture of excitement and nervousness coursing through him.He had meticulously saved every penny for months, planning the surprise for his wife on their anniversary. The entire amusement park was booked for this special occasion, a gesture of love he hoped would create lasting memories.“What’s taking her so long?” he whispered to himself.As minutes turned into an hour, Alex’s anticipation morphed into concern. His wife, Olivia, hadn’t arrived and his attempts to reach her went unanswered.He dialed her number again, “Olivia, hon. Please pick the phone!” he yelled in his mind.Anxiety gnawed at him as he dialed her number once more, the bright lights contrasting with the turmoil in his mind.He kept pacing around. So many things were running through his mind. “Hey, dude! Calm down. Your wife would be here soon.” his friend, Isaac, said to him.“Yeah, mate. Stop pacing around… looking at you makes
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Chapter Two
Alex snatched the phone from Sam’s hand and as the live stream flickered on the phone, he tightened his grip, trying to comprehend what he had just seen.“The audacity!” Sam yelled.It was a big shock to all of them. It has just been a year into his marriage with Olivia and everything was not as it seemed.As the celebrity host prompted them to introduce themselves, Alex’ heart pounded in his chest.He glanced at Olivia, his wife, who was sitting beside a man whose face was not revealed yet. “I’m Olivia and this is my boyfriend, Owen. We were together for two years but lost contact for about a year. We just met again a month ago and we decided to rekindle the love we once shared” Olivia said with a loving smile.The camera quickly turned to reveal the mysterious boyfriend of Alex’s wife and as his revelation unfolded like a scripted drama, the appearance sent a shiver down Alex’s spine.For some minutes, he lost his balance and everywhere looked blurry.“Alex! Alex! Easy, man! Are yo
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Chapter Three
(Some people are going to leave, but that’s not the end of your story. It’s the end of their part in your story.)Olivia sneered and refused to believe Alex was being serious, “You must be out of your mind, Alex. You want to break up our marriage because I didn’t attend the anniversary party? Ridiculous!”Alex was at the brink of tears now, “This is not my Olivia.” he thought to himself.He took a deep breath and looked at her straight in the eye, “I saw it!”“Saw what?” Olivia asked with a sarcastic smile.“I saw the livestream you did with your boyfriend, Owen. The man you truly love!”Olivia was too stunned to speak. She just lowered her head.“What!? Cat got your tongue!? Olivia you lied to me and you betrayed this marriage.”“Alex, I…” Olivia tried to say something.“Now, tell me! Who broke this marriage!? Do you still think it’s me!?”“Alex… chill! You are mistaken. It’s not what it seems.”“Really? Then be honest with me. What exactly is going on?” Alex asked.“Yeah, of course!
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Chapter Four
(One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is finally letting go of what is hurting your heart and soul.)Alex looked at Olivia, a storm of emotions brewing within him as he saw the look in her eyes.“Olivia, you never loved me!?”Olivia already gave up and she sneered, “You are so stupid, Alex. I’ve been hanging out with Owen long before you came into the picture. Can’t you see the truth!?”Alex felt his world had been turned upside down again. He could not just accept the reality that was unfolding before him.Alex said, yelling, “Why, Olivia!? Why!? Why would you do this to me!?”Olivia was equally furious.She had tried to live with this man but now, she was so tired of holding back. “I wanted a better life, Alex. You can’t provide that for me. You are poor and you’ve got nothing to offer me!”Alex was frustrated and hurt, “Olivia, what are you saying?”“Yes! You are so poor and it’s hard living with you. Why should I choose you over Owen!?” Olivia said adding another
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Chapter Five
(The words of love are simple and not complicated… just like I feel for you)Alex stumbled through the living room to the crowded streets, his head throbbing with pain, both physical and emotional.The fact that Olivia never loved him weighed heavily on his shoulders and the injury on his head added to the misery, making each step a struggle.As he made weakly limps to the central hospital of the city, a car approached, “Watch it, young man.” the screech of brakes echoed as the driver tried to stop the car.“What the heck, young man!?” the driver screamed as he came of the car but Alex on the other hand, had already collapsed onto the pavement.“I didn’t even hit you. You better get up now! You won’t get anything from me.” he was infuriated.He moved closer to the fragile body and saw Alex’s head bleeding profusely, “Geez… young man!??”“What’s going on, Ben?” a lady’s voice blared through.Immediately, the driver quickly ran back to the car, “Ma’am, I think the young man is really in
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Chapter Six
The doctor rushed to Ava anxiously, glancing at his wrist watch, “Ma’am, we don’t have time to wait for the test results.” he muttered.“What do you mean by that!? You were the one that suggested the test!” her face was etched with worry.“Ma’am…” before he could continue Ava cut him off.“I’ll get the blood in ten minutes!” she said calmly“Ma’am, it is impossible! The blood is quite rare…”She just gave him a cold stare and grabbed phone to dial a number, “Felix, I need AB negative blood in ten minutes. Send it to Tranquil Heights Medical Center.” her voice was tense.The doctor felt the lady was overestimating herself and interjected, “Miss, it seems like you don’t know how things run in the medical world. Blood is not a bag of chips you can just order for, there are procedures to it. Finding the right blood that quickly is nearly impossible.”“Then, if we don’t find a donor in time, I’ll give my blood. I’m telling you doctor, I am not related to this man.”The doctor hesitated.He
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Chapter Seven
(Our love, once lost, found its way back to weave a story, proving that even the stars align to bring together hearts meant to discover each other’s embrace.)Alex was disoriented and bewildered, “How can you not look for me all these years?” he asked as he pulled away from her embrace.Ava by his side, her eyes moist with tears, embraced him tightly again, “Come with me.” she said.“I’ll explain everything.”Of course Alex was intrigued and anxious to hear what explanation she had to give, “Ok, but where are we going?”“Home!” she said excitedly as she tried to wipe away her tears“Home?” Alex looked confused.“Yes, my home. Please, agree son.” she pleaded.“Uhmm… o… ok, ma’am.” he said carefully.Calling her mother still made him feel uncomfortable.Together, Ava and Alex left the sterile confines of the hospital.As they stepped outside, another surprising sight awaited him.Alex could see a chauffeur in a crisp uniform hold the door of a Rolls Royce.“C’mon, enter in.” the lady ge
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Chapter Eight
(From the ashes of our shared history, I rise with newfound strength where our love’s requiem becomes the melody of my resilience.)“Come, let me show you my study.” Ava said as she motioned for Alex to hold her hand.As they entered into the elegant study, Alex gasped.The room exuded an air of sophistication, with dark mahogany furniture and shelves lined with leather-bound books.“Take a sit, Alex.” she said joking. Then she sat behind a polished oak desk, looked at Alex with concern etched on her face, “Alex, I hope you don’t mind me asking? But, what happened last night? Why were you injured?” her voice which was usually composed, held a touch of worry.Alex hesitated, a mix of shame and frustration was evident on his face.But he summoned the courage to say everything. After all, this was his mother.He told her about everything.How he had used all his savings to prepare for the anniversary but Olivia cheated on him instead and now, he would soon become a divorcee.Avas eyes n
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Chapter Nine
Alex was still shocked at the amount his mother said was in the golden card.He placed it carefully in his pocket and was about to leave the study when his phone rang. It was his boss.“Hello, sir.”“Alex! You fool! Where were you today? You skipped work, and I’ve been trying to reach you!” his boss barked.“I’m sorry, sir. I was badly injured and I couldn’t make it to work. I was even admitted to the hospital.” he explained nervously.His boss, however, wasn’t sympathetic at all, “Injured or not, I don’t care! you have missed a very crucial day! You are fired!”The shock on Alex’s face deepened, “Fired!? But I’ve been dedicated to the company and this would be the first time this is happening!”Ava overheard their conversations and could not keep it cool. Immediately, she took the phone from Alex, “How could you fire someone without understanding the situation? This is not how we treat our employees!”“Mom… it’s ok!” Alex tried to whisper.“Look at this fool! Who do you think you are
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Chapter Ten
Alex and Charles pulled up to the company in a Rolls Royce, a choice made on a whim. As they approached the entrance, the receptionist stopped them, “Alex? What are you doing here? The manager told me he fired you already and that you are not allowed into the company’s building anymore.” she said indifferently.“Miranda, did you really have to stop me like this at the entrance? Let me in so I can explain things to Mr. Reynolds.” he pleaded.“I don’t understand you. Who do you think you are that Mr. Reynolds would listen to? He gave me strict instructions. I cannot let you in. please leave or I’ll have to call the security to escort you out. To be candid, you are not even worthy to be an employee in this company. I’m sure you just got lucky cause honestly, you don’t fit in here.” she said rudely.“Miranda…” Alex was about to say something else when Mr. Charles cut in, “Young Master, please give me few minutes.” he said as he gave the receptionist one final look before he took out his
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