Adam received a phone call as he was heading to his office. His driver, Harry, hesitantly spoke, “Sir, is it true that you’re installing 5G in the Conreid schools?”

“Why are you asking?” Adam asked back, putting the call on hold.

“Nothing. I searched about it online and found out that wireless technology can cause cancerous tumors, autism, alzheimer’s, infertility, DNA damage and more. And I heard that it’s not even safety-tested, so why are they being installed in many schools across the city?”

“Well, I wish I knew the answer. I feel like they’re rushing things, too,” Adam was also feeling the pressure of upgrading everything to 5G. “They are talking about the Internet of Things and are giving many reasons why everyone should go for 5G.”

“What’s this Internet of Things?”

“Every item around us gets a MAC address using which we can manipulate those objects from a distance.”

Harry blinked a few times. “Every item around us gets an address, so we can get them, too, right? What if humans
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