Saying Crawford was the crappiest board member would be an understatement. The only person he feared was Parul, but after Parul fell sick, Crawford had taken sides. He didn’t like Brendon because Brendon was too smart, whereas Eric was relatively easier to control.

Crawford considered Adam to be too irresponsible to even spare a second for him. So, Crawford rarely ever spoke to Adam before.

Adam went to his office.

Crawford was an abnormally tall guy with great-looking hair despite his age. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he looked a few years younger just because of his hairstyle.

“Mr. Crawford,” Adam humbly greeted Jonas Crawford. “It’s a pleasant surprise to see you here. To what do we owe this pleasure? Is your family doing great?” He purposely tried to speak a bit too much to make himself look friendly.

“What’s there to talk about my family? I just got my 13th divorce,” Jonas sighed. Even though he shook hands with Adam, he didn’t get up from the seat, which showed Ada
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