All Chapters of A Billionaire In Disguise: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter one
“Run, Rome! Run, and don’t look back!” “Honk!!!!!!” Rome’s eyes suddenly opened with fear glowing in them as he jumped from his sleep with sweat dripping down his skin. Then he struggled to catch his breath while his heart pounded violently in his chest. He could feel his hands trembling as he suspiciously gazed around before stroking his fingers through his dark silky hair and then gently rubbing his face to awaken himself. “I can’t believe that I had this dream again,” Rome mumbled. Still feeling traumatized by his dream, he got out of bed and walked over to the fan seated in the corner of his tiny room and inspected it. “It broke in the middle of this killer heat weather, seriously?” Rome mumbled as he stared at the fan with frustration in his eyes. At that moment, a loud noise drew his attention toward his door, and his ears attentively listened to the voices echoing into his room. “Hey!! Old fool. Where is
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Chapter Two
"What does that mean?" Rome asked, feeling stunned by his father's words. “Stop talking, and let's go. These guys will soon wake up from the nap you put them in!” Miller mumbled. Rome didn't move an inch as he stared at his father in shock. But then Mr. Miller slowly walked behind him and aggressively shoved him out the door. “Hey! How come the older you get, the more violent you become.” Rome mumbled after he had balanced himself. “Stop talking and walk!” Mr. Miller said while forcefully pushing Rome since he stubbornly refused to take a step forward. Everyone that walked past them kept awkwardly staring as Mr. Miller continued shoving Rome from the back. “Fine! Stop hitting me! I will walk by myself. But you have to tell me about where we are going.” Rome mumbled while questionably staring at his father. “All you need to know is that where I’m taking you is the safest place for you right now. So promise me that you wouldn’t c
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Chapter three
All the members of the Barlow family got an emergency text from Madam Rosey, and within less than an hour, the living room got crowded with every one of them. They all took turns staring at the paper, and Mr. Barlow was the last one to hold it. Then the room became silent as everyone waited for him to say something. In the household, two individuals held all the power, and that was Madam Rosey and her husband, Mr. Barlow. Everyone else was in a power struggle among themselves, and it was a vicious circle with Cathrine and her parents at the bottom of the survival chain. Mr. Barlow cleared his throat, and everyone's faces became serious except for Rome. He kept staring at Mr. Miller, but his father bore no expression on his face. “This is my father’s signature, and the Barlow family stamp on this paper is real. My last granddaughter got promised to get wed to Mr. Miller's grandson once she turns eighteen." Mr. Barlow loudly declared.Read more
Chapter four
“My father is not a liar. So you can keep your money,” Rome replied, hiding his anger behind his calm eyes. A long sigh came from Catherine's lip as she crossed her arms, shrugged her shoulders, and looked the other way. As his hand tightened around his bag ropes, Rome subconsciously gazed around the room. Then a baby photo of Catherine caught his eyes. Then he faintly giggled and said, “cute.” His comment drew her attention to where he was looking. She looked at the photo for a brief while before staring at Rome, then Cathrine furrowed her eyebrows and rolled her eyes at him. “We may get married. However, I don’t see you as my husband. You can sleep in my room, but not on my bed. Put your belongings in the left closet since I have no use for that space. Also, if you can’t help me, then do not meddle in my business.” Catherine harshly said. However, Rome made no reply since her remark annoyed him. Instead, he walked past her, approached the le
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Chapter five
Four weeks went by naturally, and it was finally Rome and Catherine's wedding day. As Rome stood before the mirror, staring at his reflection, he felt like the past weeks had been the worst days of his life. The Barlow family had turned him into their personal slave and had belittled him so much that even the servant had control over him.  As Rome stared at his reflection, thinking about the hard labor he had done for them, he balled his hand into a fist and swung it at the mirror, stopping his punch only an inch away from the glass. “I can't break my promise to my father,” Rome mumbled, staring at his veins bulging on his neck. Suddenly his room door opened, and Charles walked inside. When his gaze met with Rome's angry eyes, he smirked and shut the door behind him before walking towards Rome. “This old thing suits you,” Charles said, pulling the tail of Rome’s coat. “What do
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Chapter Six
When Rome regained consciousness, he kept his eyes closed for a minute and waited for the headache to subside before raising his eyelids. “Where am I?” Rome mumbled, staring around the room, then his sight rested on an elderly-looking man with smoky-grey hair and a white goatee. With calmness in his eyes, he smiled at Rome and said, “You are at my house. I'm Mr. Ford by the way.” “Mr… Fo-rd. I…” “It's okay, kid. You don't have to fear me.” Doubt clouded Rome’s f
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Chapter Seven
The car was silent as Orlando drove Rome back to the Barlow mansion.A few distances away from the fence, Rome tapped Orlando on his shoulder, and he jumped in fear.“How can I help you, young master?” Orlando shouted, hunching his shoulders.“Stop me here,” Rome mumbled, leaning back on his seat.Without any hesitation, Orlando stepped on the brake and turned the car off.When Rome got down, Orlando pushed the car door open and rushed out. Then he got down on both knees and rested his forehead against the ground.“Young master, forgive me. I was stupid for attacking you in the past. This humble servant needs to be punished!” Orlando cried out loud.“Punch me and we can call it even,” Rome said, staring down at him.When Orlando lifted his head and saw in Rome's expression that he wasn't kidding, he felt even more afraid.“Young master, I can never lay a hand on you.
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Chapter Eight
Early that morning as the Barlow family sat at the dining table, having breakfast, Roland remained standing like always. He wasn't allowed to eat with them since Madame Rosey considered him to be a worthless son-in-law that didn't deserve to eat expensive meals that he had not work for. “Catherine,” Mr. Barlow said, gently laying his fork down on the plate. “Yes, grandfather,” Catherine mumbled, looking away from her food and focusing on his eyes. “Take your husband to the company and find something useful for him to do. It will diminish the Barlow family reputation if people find out that your husband is nothing but a house help.” “Yes, g
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Chapter Nine
Although Rome wanted to walk over to Catherine, he remained in his seat and patiently waited without taking his sight off her.After crying in silence for a while, she wiped her face, grabbed her purse, and approached Rome.“Let's go,” Catherine said, softly sniffing."Are we not waiting for Mr. Jeffrey?" Rome asked, staring into her watery eyes.“No,” “What about the contract?”“I didn't get it, okay! Can we just go home?”Inside, Rome felt annoyed that Catherine was hurting, but he kept a calm expression and slightly nodded his head.Then he left his seat and both of them walked out of the hotel.When they got to the car, Rome offered to drive, and even though Catherine felt skeptical, she allowed him to.They drove in silence the entire ride, and when they finally reached the Barlow mansion and the car came to a stopped, Catherine suddenly covered her face w
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Chapter Ten
The morning breeze blew the leaves of the sidewalk as Blake walked to the bus stop.  The moment he sat down on the bench, three black Limousines drove towards the bus stop and stopped in front of him. Then Mr. Orlando got out of one of the first cars and approached him. “You are Blake, right?” He asked, sitting down on the bench. “Yes, is there a problem? Did I offend Mr. Ford?” Blake mumbled, hugging his bag tightly. “Why would you think that?” “Because there are rumors that say, ‘if Mr. Orlando visits you then you are in trouble with Mr. Ford.” “Well, that's true. But I am not here because of my master.” “Huh?”  The color drained from his face as he stared wide-eyed at Mr. Orlando and saw that he had a smirk on his lips. “My young master wants a word with you.” Mr. Orlando said, with a straight face. “Who? Mr. Ford has a son?” Blake asked, sounding more afraid than shocked. “Y
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