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By: A.Coley OngoingFantasy

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Two Protagonists, Cj Kyotaka and Fei Foster killed each other out of pure rage. One wanted to protect his family while the other wanted revenge. When they both died, the two were brought before an Angel known as Theta. Theta is the God of Reincarnation and he has a task to save as many worlds as he can. It is revealed thst their is an infinite number of worlds out there that are in need of saving. Cj and Fei were given a second chance at life by travelling different worlds completing the missions assigned by Theta. In the many different worlds Cj snd Fei will visit, powers such as Magic, Alchemy, Aura and much more will ultimately reveal themselves. While travelling these worlds an unstoppable threat will show their Fangs after centuries of plotting. What will eventually happen to all worlds?

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POW!! POW!!The guns fired, piercing the other's skull simultaneously. Just like that, two bodies fell on the floor in front of a traumatised lady. “Why? This should not have happened” she begins to cry. Two men shot each other out of rage. They won’t see the light of day in this world again.Cj’s P.O.V As I opened my eyes I immediately shut it from the bright light in front of me. I tried opening my eyes again but this time slowly adjusting to the brightness.I looked around seeing nothing but pitch black. I couldn’t see anything, not even my own body. I became confused because I know I saw a light shining so bright it almost blinded me just now. “Where am I?” I wondered. It’s as if I was in a dark void that feels infinite. I walked and walked and didn’t even know what my feet was walking on. I don’t feel anything solid under my feet but I still moved forward.“Why am I here?”“Is this heaven? If so heaven sucks”I continued walking and suddenly noticed something drastic. It was a t
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A Shaky Start
After falling in Theta’s portal Fei and I instantly found ourselves high up in the air. We were so high up everything below looked like ants. We fell gaining speed every second.“Waaaaah!”“Oh my GOD! Why are we up here?!” I said screaming for my life. Fei who was right beside me held my right hand and laughed. “Have you ever sky dived before?” he asked. Because of all the wind blowing I couldn’t properly hear what he was saying but I assumed that it was something that wasn’t going to help the situation. Fei continued talking but I couldn’t hear a thing he was saying.“Wooohoooo!”Fei started falling down even faster than I was. “What is he doing?”. Three minutes later I could see the land more clearly or should I say the water. When I see that we were falling into the ocean I instinctively let out a huge sigh. My heartbeat was still out of control, beating as if it wanted to jump out of my chest but I could tell the slight change in it. Fei splashed into the water first and I fell in
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Training Arc
Three hours later we arrived at a house deep in the forest surrounded by nature. Bears, monkeys and even snakes were awaiting Trisha’s return. When she hopped off the blue dragon all the animals came running towards her embracing her. Fei and I stayed on top of the dragon afraid to step foot down there. “Those animals have a reputation for eating and beating humans” we thought.Trisha ran the animals away into the woods to give us space to come down. “I can understand being scared of a dragon but bears, snakes and monkeys are just sad” she teased. We hopped off and stared at the house made of tree branches. “Neat right, I made it myself” Trisha said proudly.“I’ve never seen an old hag like her before”.We entered her residence and waited for her to finish making dinner. She cooked a simple dish of curry and added fresh bread. “Enjoy the dinner. After this there’s something I want to check on you guys” Trisha said after finishing her prayer. Fei and I wasted no time chowing down our d
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Tigress Souken
The Dungeon huh, Fei and I will most likely die if we enter there alone now. It is better to get a strong fighter to accompany us. That became my real objective after seeing Master’s condition. Originally I had planned on making Master accompany us but she’s ill. Before setting out to clear the dungeon, I asked Ragnah if we could explore the world for a bit. Ever since we have arrived here, the only place we know of is the forest where Master Trish lives. I am curious to know how other people are doing in other countries and villages. First place we checked was the village closest to us Javahono.The citizens of Javahono were not doing very well. Around 40% of the people residing in this village are on death’s door. No doctors were present during the village’s health crisis. Children younger than seven are coughing blood, unable to use certain parts of their bodies and suffer from intense fever.Anyone who was infected by Saigon disease was confined in an underground basement where
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VS. Sosuke Koji
After killing and freezing dozens of people inside of the basement, Sosuke finally calmed down. Though he killed many, most were thankful to escape the misery of their Saigon Disease. A quick and painless death was better than living another day in their condition. A quick observation could tell that Sosuke only killed the ones who could not last another day.“Alright Filth! Let this be a lesson to you all. You are no longer apart of society the moment you were infected”.The people inside the basement lowered their heads ashamed in response. Dehumanising the sick villagers is something Sosuke love doing. The boy Daniel who wanted to see his mother one last time before his death began coughing up blood. His internal organs are rapidly deteriorating and there is nothing anyone could do to save him.Coughs! Coughs!“Poor child”“He is so young”.Sosuke gave them a reminder “Children are no exception to the rule. Look at the little mutt!! He is dying as we speak. This will reach all of yo
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Super Human
Story Of A Super HumanSaigon’s Biggest and Most Disastrous Weapon. This weapon was not a sword, a gun, scythe or even a bow. The Most Disastrous Weapon in Saigon’s history was a Super Human created by magic. A young lady with perfect physique. A human capable of mass destruction and wreaks havoc across the entire world. Visiting nations after nations, eradicating any force that opposes Saigon’s quest to world domination. The ability of this Super Human was very simple, whatever she touches becomes a bomb. Once an area is touched by The Super Human, a snap of the finger is all that she needs to detonate the area. So many villages, dungeons, so many forests and landscapes were touched by this Super Human.Bombs with enough force to annihilate mountains, seas and villages in one go. This super human was feared by everyone, no exception.Know what this means?Right now, out of the 107 nations of the world. The Super Human has visited them all. This means today in far too many villages, m
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Aoi’s Appearance
When Dawn struck, Master Trish and I failed to get any sleep. I had to stay up and restore her decaying organs while Master rests. Cj still haven’t arrive yet, I am beginning to wonder if he has given up on our Master. While I was in the middle of brewing some tea, loud noises could have been heard outside the house.“Roooar!!”“Ackeery Hooo!”The wild animals that surrounded the house acted up at the sight of a creature flying in the air. When I took a look outside, a large creature soared the skies. “Ragnah?” Based on it’s size and structure, I thought Ragnah had returned home. There were many similarities between the creature above me. A dragon with Blue skim, spikes on it’s back and green eyes. “Ragnah! Took you long enough. Where’s Cj!?”There was little doubt in my mind that this dragon is Ragnah. They look identical in every way imaginable. As I approached the Dragon he shouts at me. “ROOOOOAAAAAARRRR!!!”“He is not Ragnah. Don’t get any closer. If you value your life that is”.
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Fei’s Humiliation
Master ignores the Knight’s outburst and continued to say “Fei is not the strongest but he is the fastest learner I’ve ever seen. He’ll grow exponentially if he gets to fight an Imperial Knight”.….“You’re out of your mind. We already know the outcome of the fight. I’d kill him in seconds. Plus it feels like you’re trying to delay me from killing you” Aoi stated.Seconds? When has anyone ever spoke like that to me? Not as long as I remember, I am always the best at what I do. Competition never existed in the life I lived, this Knight is full of herself if she thinks I can be taken down in mere seconds. The fear I had for Aoi gradually turned into hate. She has been disrespecting me ever since she arrived. The desire to bash her head in fueled my decision to talk back.First with her Dragon, she warned me not to get close when she was already standing behind me. That moment made me feel weak, a feeling that disgusts me more than anything. Next she threatened my master, acting as if sh
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Entering Saigon
Cj’s P.O.VSaigon, a country so large it can be considered a continent. Saigon is split into five separate lands each being governed by different royal Bloodlines. With a population of 300 million people, the country strives to be the strongest independent nation. Creating their own resources, having access to the most powerful weapons and military might. The country’s motto is “Control Everything”. True to it’s motto, Saigon citizens try their absolute best to inflict fear in other villages and nations in order to gain control over them. By using fear, this nation has over thirty villages and 14 Capitals under it’s name worldwide.“The world ending disease is known as Saigon Disease because Saigon is where it’s originated. Someone there should know how it came to be and how to cure it”.Imperial Knight No.8 Sosuke Koji was not infected by the disease despite fighting and being around dozens of infected citizens. After duplicating the armors I sensed magic coating them, as if it was s
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Holy Tree
Everything went black for a second. I couldn’t see, hear, feel or smell, I was the very essence of nothingness. My body felt like it withered away like dust. Soon however, everything turned back to normal. The pitch black was replaced with a clear scenery, my senses were enabled again. Tigress screamed “Let’s not do that again! The process near got me erased”.What process? I’m not even sure what just happened. “You were deconstructed into dust inside the castle then reconstructed back to your human self in a different area. It’s a terrifying and deadly way of teleportation most people ignore” she explained. “Why use such a dangerous teleportation?” I asked Yin. “The safer methods are all tracked by Sensory type mages who works for Saigon. The teleportation I used caused the two of us to be temporarily out of existence, making it unable to sense us period”.“Oh, well it’s all good in the end” I shrugged it off. We were suddenly in a village outside of Saigon. “Where are we?” I asked c
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