Awakened The Strongest Talent

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Awakened The Strongest Talent

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Draken, a 16-year-old boy lost everything during the monster invasion. His whole family died during the vicious monster attack. No one knew how the monsters managed to get in. During the war, 13 individuals were somehow able to tap into their magical core and awaken special powerful abilities. The 13 individuals were called the 13 awakeners. Awakening great powers, they were able to teach the rest of the survivors how to tap into their core and also awaken their talents. With the human race now being able to use special abilities, they fought back and sent the monsters back to whence they came from. Ever since then, the world has now treated those who awakened weak talents like trash, and the strong ruled. Draken, on the day of his awakening, was only able to awaken a useless ability that everyone deemed weak. Draken who couldn't take it anymore decided to commit suicide, and when he was on the verge of death, the one heirloom he got from a special someone was activated. [ARE YOU READY TO BECOME A HERO?]

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Chapter 1
REBORN HERO "Hurry the fuck up, loser!" A boy shouted from behind, and the rest of the people laughed uncontrollably after. Students could be seen arranged in a straight line as they moved forward slowly to get their dinner. Draken, a 16 years old boy who lost everything during the monster invasion. His whole family died during the vicious monster attack. No one knew how the monsters managed to get on earth, some said they came in through a rift that led to the underworld, some said they came in through a portal malfunction, but ever since the monsters came to earth, earth hasn't been the same. The monsters quickly began to wreak havoc on earth. The human race tried fighting back, but were quick to realize that their guns, tanks, and bazooka were useless against the vicious monsters. The monsters wielded great powers that surpassed the human's. During the war, 13 individuals were somehow able to tap into their magical core and awaken special powerful abilities. The 13 individual
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Chapter 2
[TALENT ACTIVATED]JOLT!Draken jolted up from his bed, his whole body drenched in sweat and his heart was racing.“What the hell?” Draken pondered in confusion, glancing around the room. The room looked like his small dorm room.“How am I here? Why ain't I dead?” Draken questioned himself, a look of surprise and confusion etched on his face. The last thing he recalled was him jumping off the roof, and also...“What was that window screen that popped up?” Draken mused. He did remember an alien holographic screen that appeared in his line of sight while he was falling, and if he wasn't mistaken, a robotic voice did say something about Talent Activated.“What does it mean?' Draken pondered,and while thinking about it, the same strange holographic screen materialized in front of him, causing Draken to flinch backwards and fall off his bed.[SCAN COMPLETED][TRANSFER COMPLETED][CALL ON SYSTEM INTERFACE TO VIEW YOUR STATS AND QUESTS]Draken glanced at the window screen in front of him in
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Chapter 3
Draken rushed into his bathroom and took a quick shower and wore his second uniform since the other one was stained with blood. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, Draken combed his curly brown hair and made it cover his forehead and part of his eyes. While glancing at himself in the mirror, Draken could notice the change in his body features."Hmm..I gained some muscles, eh?" Draken said while combing his hair and whistling. For the first time in a long time he felt good.After finishing up in the bathroom, Draken stepped out and grabbed his wrist watch before walking out.Students could all be seen heading to the cafeteria food breakfast. Draken noticed lots of students turning around to face him anytime he passed by them. It felt normal to Draken since it occured daily and they were probably mocking him and gossiping about what happened between him and Matthew yesterday.“Am I imagining things, or is Sonia staring at me?” Draken pondered in shock as he walked past a girl, p
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Chapter 4
Jobe moved forward, his speed was quite fast and impressive, while Draken just stood there calmly, awaiting the big guy.When Jobe got in striking distance, he punched his fist forward, heading straight to Draken's face. Draken stared at the fist heading towards him, the speed of the punch looked extremely slow to Draken, giving him a chance to swirl his body sideways, dodging the punch completely.The whole eyes in the cafeteria widened in shock after witnessing the so-called trash dodge the punch of a Platinum 2 ranked student with ease, and also with his two hands crossed behind him.Jobe quickly retrieved his outstretched hand in anger, swinging out another set of punch towards Draken's head. Reacting swiftly, Draken ducked low, making the punch go over him.With Draken now ducking low, he clenched his fist and sent out a punch of his own towards Jobe's right side.BAM!The fist slammed heavily into Jobe's right side, wild pain etched over his face. Jobe could actually feel his ri
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Chapter 5
“Let's see how this Talent drain truly works,” Draken mused as Matthew launched the black energy towards him. When the energy was a few meters away from Draken, Draken also began to charge forward towards the energy beam.With the beam now only a few inches away from Draken, he leaned backwards until his back was almost touching the floor, dodging the beam completely. After dodging it completely, Draken resumed in his steps, closing in on Matthew, he punched his right fist forward.Just when Draken thought his punch would make an impact, Matthew formed a small energy shield right in front of him, blocking Draken's punch. Blocking the punch, Matthew leaped a few meters backwards and released another black energy beam."For crying out loud!" Draken voiced, swereving his body sideways and weaving the beam with ease.'How is he able to dodge my beams so easily? Is this the same trash of yesterday?!' Matthew mused in disbelief, sending out another beam that got deflected off by Draken.Dra
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Chapter 6
Draken stood on the same spot in silence after hearing Kai's words. Draken had no idea of what happened to him that made him awaken a whole new Talent. All he remembered was he attempting suicide, then waking up the next day on his bed. Draken had concluded that his suicide attempt might have just been a dream and didn't actually happen since it wasn't possible for him to escape death like that unless he had a strong Talent.How then was he able to reawaken the ability? And the Talent wasn't the same as the rest of the Talents he had seen. There had never been a case where someone could view his talent stats like a video game and also increase their stats and unlock new abilities like a game. Or was there?"Look, I am not here to boss you around or threaten you in any way, no. I only want to know, and maybe help," Kai added since the teenage boy just remained in the same position mute."Help? You want to help me?!" Draken questioned in a high pitched tone."Well, yeah, if you actuall
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Chapter 7
Draken glanced at the reasonably large man in front of him with a puzzled expression.”' Did Mr Kai go ahead and inform the authorities about him getting a second reawakening?' That was Draken's thought while staring at the man who had looks of disdain etched on his face."Uhm..yeah, sure," Draken responded, stepping out of the room and shutting it."This way please." The man stated, leading the teenage boy away.Draken stood there on the spot for a few seconds before following him behind.***Few minutes of walking, the man finally stopped in front of an office Draken recognized very well. The Headmaster's office. The same office he went to several times and complained about bullying, but no one paid attention."He is waiting for you," The man said, ushering Draken in. Draken gave a nod before pushing the door open and stepping in.The office was well arranged with lots of modern designs here and there, and a total of four individuals inside already.Sitting comfortable on his chair w
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Chapter 8
SUPER HERODraken sat in the dimly lit basement with his back leaned on the wall and a homographic screen floating in front of him.“20 attribute points,” Draken mused with his finger rubbing his chin and his eyes glued to the screen. If he wanted to go hunting, then he needed to be stronger than he currently was. He has twenty extra points, and needed to distribute them wisely and not make one lacking.If he was to put all his points in his strength, and encounter a monster that is fast and agile, he would die within seconds. And if he should place the points in just speed and he should encounter a monster with massive strength, he would meet his doom.“Hmm..should i distribute it equally? But if I do, that won't be much of a boost. I need to be much more stronger than my current self,” Draken pondered in contemplation.STRENGTH: 20SPEED: 5AGILITY: 5BRAVERY:5REFLEX: 5[STRENGTH + 10] [STRENGTH 30][AGILITY + 4] [AGILITY 9][SPEED + 3] [SPEED 8][REFLEX + 3] [REFLEX 8]After sever
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Chapter 9
"Here we go." Draken intoned, walking into the hole and got transported beyond the wall instantly. Draken glanced around the foreign environment, it looked foreign to him since it was his first time there.The place looked like a ruined city, the smell erked of abandonement with lots of skyscrapers all around that were already destroyed and at the brink of collapsing. The floor was filled with debris and lots of stones from the crumbled buildings.There were different streets that led to different hunting routes, and also the sound of hungry, deadly and evil monsters roaring and growling filled the place."This place is more strange than I anticipated," Draken mused while sweeping his gaze through the ruined city. While Draken was busy examining the place, he began to hear footsteps from behind prompting him to turn around.All he saw were four individuals that consisted of two guys and two ladies, all equipped in high graded Monster Armours, and different weapons strapped behind the
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Chapter 10
It happened right after Draken finished hunting the monsters..."SlYSTEM OVERHAUL COMMENCING...""THE SYSTEM WILL UNDERGO ALTERATIONS...""YOU WILL RETAIN YOUR PREVIOUS ABILITIES AS PASSIVES...""ALTERATIONS DONE, YOUR SYSTEM HAS EVOLVED.""YOU WILL BE TRANSMIGRATED INTO A NEW REALITY." "THE MORE ACHIEVEMENTS YOU GATHER, THE MORE YOU CAN TRAVEL THROUGH OTHER REALITIES." "COMMENCING TRANSMIGRATION..." "YOU WILL RETAIN YOUR NAME, AND REGAIN THE MEMORIES OF YOUR NEW HOST BODY..." "What the?" Draken didn't have time to react, he was suddenly engulfed by a bright gold light. The next thing he knew, he was in a different place...By unlocking achievements, he would be able to obtain and upgrade the corresponding skills."The f*ck! Why would this lousy system take me to a different world?"A few months later...Draken decided to play through with the whole thing, and using his skills, he managed to earn enough money to cater for himself.But the question as to what's next kept lurking.
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