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By: Benazir OngoingMystery/Thriller

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What?!?" Pia exclaimed. “What's within?” Saying, "Oh my God! Is that a finger that has been chopped?’ Cassandra uttered, "I'm not sure!” "What the fuck does that even mean?!?" exclaimed Pia. Cassandra says, "What?!?" Please don't look at me that way. Furthermore, I have no idea what that even means!’ Pia commented, "This is embarrassing," and Cassia responded, "Okay, I'm going to call the police right away." "No!" exclaimed Pia. Oh no, please don't! “ Cassiandra uttered, "Are you serious at this moment? Cass, that is one fucking chopped finger! Furthermore, we have no idea whose finger it is!” "I'm sure that whoever sent this wouldn't really like it if we ever called the police about this," Pia said. "I also think that they might be keeping an eye on us right now." Cassandra was already breathing heavily as she was scared and doesn't know what to do. She panicked while Pia remained calm and silent as she tries to calm her friend down. Fear flashed through Cassandra's mind as she and Pia stood next to her car, their nerves still raw from the uncomfortable meeting. "Then, what do we do now?" Cassandra's eyes darted across the surroundings while her voice wavered with anxiety. With her own heart rate accelerating due to adrenaline, Pia tried to calm their agitated minds. "Maybe we'll try to calm down first..." However, Cassandra's mind was already racing, a flash of insight emerging in her. "But wait, the letter!" Pia looked in astonishment, taken aback by Cassandra's apparent eagerness. "What?" Words flew out of Cassandra's mouth, a trace of panic in her tone. "H-Haven't that box come with a letter?" Pia's face wrinkled as she considered what Cassandra had said, realizing what had happened.

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Chapter 1
After spending most of their time shopping in the mall, Cassandra, and her friend, Pia, decide to come back to the car to finally go home. But suddenly on their way, Cassandra was busy looking at her friend, to the point that she won't notice a fast-approaching man, causing them to collide with each other.John apologized profusely.” How are you doing?”John said, "Please wait while I assist you.”Says Cassandra, "Do I appear okay to you? I just fell because of you! What would happen if you broke the things I purchased? Will you be covering their costs? They harm you beyond just your life!’John apologized profusely, saying, "I was in a rush and didn't see you on the way. Furthermore, it appears that you weren't even looking.”"Are you really victim-blaming me now?" Cassandra asked."Cass, that's enough, you're also at fault," Pia said. Please be kinder to Mr. Stranger; John apologized deeply, “If there were any damages, I could cover them if you'd like.”"It's okay, don't worry ab
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After smoking up to almost a whole pack of cigarettes, Robert started to head back to his office, when suddenly, someone threw a rock wrapped with paper. Obert's voice, full of mistrust and irritation, broke the stillness. "Who was that?"His dependable assistant Gino answered urgently, "Boss, I couldn't see anyone."Under the surface of Robert's annoyance, he was demanding, "Well then, check again!""The security on every part of the basement is on, I've called the security department and they have said that they are already looking," Gino reassured him urgently."That's some shitty person with a thick face trying to hit me with a rock," Robert said, his annoyance boiling over.Amidst the pandemonium, Gino's sharp eye noticed an unexpected glimpse of intrigue. "Wait, boss, I think there's a letter wrapped into the rock..."The mention of the letter aroused Robert's interest, if reluctantly. "And?""Should I read it?" Gino persisted, seeing an opportunity to learn the truth.Robert
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Chapter 3
The scenes were fast after Cassandra and John met again. Robert still has no idea what could be going on between the two and they don't have the interest to tell him about it.Robert said, " So as you can see, we need your help on this. My life and Cassandra's are in big trouble if we won't move now. John said, " What do you want me to do?Robert said, " I want to know if you are willing to work for us first. I apologize if this was so sudden, I know that you are taking a break for a while from taking such cases.John said, " It's okay, sir. You need my help and I'm more than willing to lend a hand. Cassandra was fidgeting with her fingers as she looked at the two gentlemen in front of her. Cassandra said, " Dad...Robert said, " What now, Cassandra?Cassandra said, " I just want to know... how did you meet him...Robert said, " You shouldn't be afraid to call John by his first name, I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Right, detective?John said, " Yes. Cassandra moves closer to his f
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On their first day at the farmhouse, John came up to Kevin with a suggestion."So what is your plan?" Kevin asked, his tone full of wonder."I still require further details regarding the case. And I have to ensure Cassandra's protection," John answered, a hint of resolve in his voice.Kevin's eyebrows shot up in worry. "What are your plans? as you reside on the farm owned by your family. Perhaps we would question them about their relationship with us."John hesitated, carefully weighing Kevin's argument. "As a secretary of Cassandra, you must know her well."There was a pause in Kevin's expression before he answered. "I must warn you that Cassandra is not easy to handle.""Why would you say that?" John's interest was sparked and he wanted to know what the dynamics were.Kevin clarified in a tone tinged with resignation, "Well, it is only based on my experience being her secretary.""Is that why Sir Robert also sent you in here with us?" John persisted, feeling that the truth was lying
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Chapter 5
The days gone by smoothly. After John and Cassandra act like a couple everyone in the town believes that.Cassandra and John were exchanging sharp words at the farmhouse, and tension was rising between them."Don't look at me like that!" Cassandra sounded abrasive, clearly uncomfortable."Why? John answered in a soft but forceful voice, "I'm just making sure that you are safe.""Well, it kind of creeps me out," Cassandra shot back, her eyes unblinking.To defuse the situation, John said, "Everyone believes that you are my wife."Cassandra scoffed, contempt in her voice. "You've just exposed them as fools. Never even consider that I might be interested in someone with your kind.""Go ahead, please. "Don't think too highly of yourself," John joked, growing impatient.Cassandra said, "Oh, just shut up," as her annoyance boiled over." I'm just making sure that you are not in danger."Cassandra said, " If there is something bad that might happen to me. Always be reminded that it is your f
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A week was over and yet they became confused because there were no actions that were done against them that would cause them harm.Cassandra said, " I wonder why they weren't doing anything to us.John said, " What do you mean?Cassandra said, " I mean... it's already been a week and I'm sure that there's someone out there that's been watching over us and yet, they weren't doing anything to harm us.John said, " Well do you want them to kill you suddenly?Cassandra said, " W-What?! Of course not!John said, " Then why are you hoping for them to hurt you?Cassandra said, " I'm not hoping! It's just that, it's making me think. John sipped on the cup of coffee he was holding as he didn't bother to reply. Kevin went out of his room as he also sat down with Cassandra and John in the living room.Kevin said, " What's happening? Why do you guys seem to argue...Cassandra said, " It's nothing.John said, " Well, Cassandra was hoping for the enemies to kill her already.Cassandra said, " I
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There was a brawl, the craziness of it all adding to the stress and danger in the air."Be careful. Cassandra sounded an urgent warning, "They might shoot you.""Keep your back in mind. "They could potentially murder you as well," John retorted, his intuition keen as he looked around them.John and Cassandra were in the center of the fighting, watching out for each other's security in the midst of the mayhem."On your back!" With a roar that broke through the fighting clamor, Cassandra spoke."Nice shot!" John exclaimed, his attention fixed firmly."Thank me later," Cassandra chuckled, her resolve clear in her tone."There is someone on your back," John said in an agitated voice."What?" When Cassandra turned and realized she was in grave danger, her uncertainty was evident.Before Cassandra could respond, John drew her into him, protecting her from the impending bullet."What the hell?" As Cassandra was drawn into John's protective hug, her shock was clear.John said calmly, "You c
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