Dark souls

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Dark souls

By: Gabriela Ellis OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Returning home after the Hundred Years War, the knight could not curb his inclinations and staged an orgy where he passed. In one of the monasteries, he crucified the abbot. Dying on the cross, he cursed him to the thirteenth Kalen. Since then, freaks have been born in the knight's family: physical and mental. Which influenced the fate of France for centuries. The thirteenth descendant had to break the curse by sacrificing himself, or everything would start anew. The thirteenth offspring appeared. But has the curse been lifted?

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Prologue While there is no peace in the soul,There is only evil and darkness in it,that will be damned man from birth to ages.Fall on his race with a curse. Given only as long as While the sinless child They won't let you under the axe. The red winter sun shone dimly on the towers darkening at sunset. Flashes of fire illuminated the battlements and the jagged stones in them. Black snow covered the roofs, and acrid smoke obscured the eyes. The once rich monastery of Saint-Catherine now burned like a great fire. Clouds of crows, covering the sky, circled over him. What happened to the dwelling of the brides of Christ, which even corrupt churchmen considered a model of virtue and Christian humility? Where did the elderly priest come from in the nunnery, now nailed to a cross made of unplaned roughly knocked together boards with a white beard fluttering in the wind? His body, blue from the cold, was black in places with soot and blood, and from his clothes there was only a dirty rag
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- But they are cold, - said the second slyly, named his curious comrade Giles. Let's warm them up. He picked up a burning torch nearby and threw it into a pile of bodies. Frozen clothes slowly settled in. The rest of the soldiers rushed to the other torches. And soon, spreading the stench and the smell of burnt flesh, a bright fire blazed. Occupied with maintaining it, they did not notice how a black shadow rushed from the other end of it and disappeared in dense bushes of nettles, thistles and thistles. The rest of the soldiers also awoke. Exchanging jokes over the fire for some time, the soldiers wandered into the monastery building, where, if there is no special heat, there are walls, a roof and a fireplace. Not to mention wine cellars. In the monastery of Saint-Catherine, weak wine was made, which, although not in great demand, brought income. When the conversations of the soldiers died down, and the silence of the night was interrupted only by the crackling of a
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The boy looked at her. Fear on his face gave way to doubt, then to determination. He went to the nearest barrel and made a hole in it the third time. A thin trickle flowed, filling the rest of the barrels. He did the same with three more."Now go," Sister Charlotte said. - Do not take sin on your soul. I will do everything myself. She swayed and fell. The boy rushed to the still-smoldering torch and fanned it. Then he handed the torch to the woman and rushed upstairs from the cellar. At the exit, he crossed himself and carefully locked the heavy bolt behind him. Sister Charlotte held the torch to the nearest soldier. The fabric of his pants, soaked with wine, took up quickly. Sister Charlotte crawled over to the next one. Soon the whole basement was on fire like a big fire. Sister Charlotte threw the torch into the barrels and sang "Te Deum"*. From the heat and smoke, some soldiers began to wake up. However, the sleepy grass made them clumsy and drowsy. An
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Part one. Chapter firstYou understand everything, Jane. This marriage is a deal. We are not given a choice. If your father hadn’t refused the king’s offer, you and your unlucky brother would have bathed in gold, ”the tall, prim lady said to the young serious girl, nervously fiddling with a scarf in her hands. “My dear, understand: twenty-seven years old, no dowry, ordinary appearance and your absurd character make you not a very attractive party. And your brother's debts scare away any girl from him, despite his beauty. Maps and wine are not the best pastime for the only remaining member of the Gladstone family. But your uncle put up with it. And even though it killed him, there was nothing he could do about it. And so he went to his grave disappointed. But cheers , Jane! This is your family namemok! Your generation has lived in it since the time of William the Conqueror! Are you going to let him go to some Harris and Bridges? Yes, they are related, but are they Gladstones? This is s
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In turn, there was never a crowd of admirers around Jane. She, unlike her brother, did not shine with beauty, but she was too independent and proud to be just an attachment to her husband. Stupid men considered her an arrogant ugly girl and a hardened old maid. And the smart ones, who could hardly be counted on the fingers of one hand, stayed with her like friends or brothers. However, it never occurred to either of them that it was possible to fall in love with her. And now, like a bolt from the blue - a proposal from Bertrand de Gault, a French baron, whose family could be considered as ancient as the Gladstone family. Jane, who was well aware of her situation, from the very first days began to make inquiries about this man. She was surprised and alarmed why a noble, rich and young seigneur wanted to marry a noble, but poor and ugly girl, and not her first youth. Yes, even without seeing her and really knowing nothing about her. Moreover, from England, when France is full
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The possessions of the Baron de Gau were extensive. Good roads, strong houses, fields, meadows, forests - everything indicated that the owner was rich and did not skimp on maintaining his wealth in the proper form. However, all this did not dispel the confusion in the soul of Jane Gladstone. There were few inhabitants in the villages, and those who came across tried to quickly hide in their homes. Himself for athe mok was gloomy, like a prison. And when, passing a wide ditch, the high wrought-iron gates slammed shut behind Jane, it seemed to her that she was a mouse caught in a mousetrap. To meet Jane and her small escort, consisting of a maid and a strong servant with a huge club, a few servants with gloomy faces came out. Without looking at her and her servants, they took their meager possessions and carried them to the castle. Jane looked around. The vast courtyard, covered with fresh straw on the side of the stables and the barn, and in other places paved with large stones, stron
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A knock on the door saved Jane from answering this strange question. A grimace of displeasure flashed across Katerina's face. A pale girl entered, her eyes downcast to the floor.Baron Bertrand has sent me to serve you, mademoiselle,” she said in a barely audible voice.You walked for a long time, - Catherine said sharply, and turning to Jane, she, smiling charmingly, said:It was nice to meet you. I'll see you at dinner, dear," and she headed for the door. When the door closed behind Catherine de Gou, Jane looked at the girl carefully. Small in stature with brown hair hidden under a cap, the fragile pale figure of a girl was like a ghost in this gloomy castle.Tell me, my dear, - Jane said, not taking her eyes off her. "Where's my chambermaid?" Why wasn't she sent to me, as your master said? The girl glanced quickly at Jane, then lowered her eyes again, busy sorting through Jane's things.Oh, mademoiselle. The owner gave her a very nice room on the half of the serv
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Once again, she was distracted from this exciting affair, this time by a slight noise behind one of the draped doors. With a cold heart, Jane waited to see what would happen next. Finally, the noise grew a little louder, and a key creaked in the lock. Jane ran to the fireplace and pulled out another poker. The door slowly opened, and a broken voice was heard from the dark opening:Please, Mademoiselle Jeanne! This is Bianca le Mui. May I come in? Holding the poker in her hands, Jane went to the draped opening, in which she saw the pale and sad face of Bianca.It is you? she asked in amazement, looking at the guest's black attire.I'm afraid it's powerless against my cousin," Bianca said, pointing to the poker. But I wasn't wrong about you. You are not stupid like those four stupid chickens.Against your cousin? Jane asked, lowering the poker. - Excuse me, but what are you doing here? And why did they enter in this way?Leave the questions, - Bianca rushed to Jane. - Run
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In the morning, Zhillon, who had been rejected the day before, served her. When asked where Mary had gone, she replied that during dinner the maid became ill from unusual food, and she was now under the supervision of a doctor. Jane's fears came alive again. She was even surprised: what happened to her in the evening? After all, she should have left here yesterday. But then her thoughts were interrupted by a servant in livery with an invitation to have breakfast. Jane, as yesterday, went down to the refectory. On the way, she tried to remember how she left her yesterday? Alcohol should not have deprive her of her memory, because, remembering the night's flight, she did not abuse the truly delicious gifts of the baron and drank more water than wine. In the refectory she was met by Catherine de Gau and Guillaume le Mouy. The baron and his cousin were not at the table.Cousin Bianca is having breakfast at her place today. She's not feeling well," Katherine said in
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Opening her eyelids with difficulty, Jane was surprised to see a glass of water and a biscuit on the table by her bed. She didn't want to eat, but the thirst was strong. “God, what did I eat for breakfast? she asked herself, feeling her head. The head was like a big cast-iron cauldron: empty and heavy. - What am I doing here? I had to run away from here yesterday. Where did Mary go? Maybe she was drugged with the same stuff that I was, and she just can't get up? God, how I want to drink! Despite her thirst, Jane fought with herself as best she could. Although she ate and drank only at the common table, she had no doubt that her incomprehensible dream after breakfast had something to do with the dishes served on it. Jane distracted herself, but her gaze stubbornly returned to the glass of water. Finally, unable to control herself, she rushed to him like a hungry wolf to a sheep. quench my thirst, she was surprised to feel that her anxieties had gone somewhere, and the light from th
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