Daywalker vampire

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Daywalker vampire

By: Davita OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Zach is an ex-marine who lost his partner on a battlefield and his brother to an accident. He is deployed back home because of his head injury. On his way out of town at the airport, he meets a Detective name Lauren they exchange numbers. The plane crash due to engine failure everyone dies but Zach survives with his two legs broken he takes refuge in a cave and is bitten by bats that miraculously heal him making him acquire a strange ability his head migraine stops. He survives in the forest and meets a community. In the city, a dead body is found with fangs it suggesting Vampires exist evidence leads to the same island, and Zach’s plane crashes. Lauren and her partner and others visit the island their lives are threatened by wild animals but Zach comes to their rescue he tells his side of the story and Lauren convinces him to follow them back to the city he agrees as they both go back to the city and fight together until Gabriella attack Zach and Sammid bits Lauren leaving Zach to either watch her die or change her to a vampire.Zach goes missing leaving Lauren to give birth to their child alone with no trace of Zach's whereabouts. Will Zach be found???

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Chapter 1
Awoken by the sound of the alarm by the bedside Zach gives a sharp grip on the clock and gives a peep at his phone. So late for an Ex-marine who got deployed back home after an incident took place while he was on the battlefield a bomb was tossed in front of his partner Raven. He pushed his partner and landed wrongly. Zach hit his head against a rock on the ground leading to Head injury Raven did not survive the blast. Zach's brother Mike died in a car accident the same day his partner died. He experienced the simultaneous death of his partner and brother. He had just attended the burial of his brother the night before he took a lot of alcohol and cigarettes which made him lose track of time. He was supposed to be at the airport heading to Santiago which was a town he and his brother grew up in. He wanted a fresh start and had gotten a job in a timber factory upstate. He got up from the bed to the bathroom, shaved and brushed, changed clothes, and tossed some shirts, jeans, and a cap
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Chapter 2
Zach woke to a blurry vision feeling a sharp pain in his knees he couldn't move them. He struggles to move but notices he was injured badly. He gets hold of a branch of a broken tree and tries to support both knees. He shouts for help but discovers he needs to distance himself from the crashed plane to avoid an explosion. He dragged himself in so much agony then boom!!! was an explosion. He took a long deep breath to relieve himself. Zach takes a look at his environment and discovered it was a thick forest with trees and high mountains and valleys he sighted a cave as the breeze blew with so much wind, he gets a hold of a first aid box that was lying scattered on the floor he hangs the bag holding the branches he could use to support himself as his visions clear up. He heads for the cave he sees 4 feet away. Zach manages to move and make a stop to catch his breath as he makes this painful movement, he continues a few minutes later as the weather gets colder. In the cave, it was warm w
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Chapter 3
Back in the city, there is an incident where a dead body was discovered in a hotel. The man was identified as a businessman. The cause of death is weird and unknown. He was found to have vampire fangs.In light of the incident, the discovery of a dead body in a hotel, and the peculiar circumstances surrounding the cause of death, it is crucial that an investigation be conducted to determine the truth. The fact that the deceased individual was identified as a businessman who travels to counties adds an intriguing element to the case. The lead Detectives identified as Lauren and her partner Glass arrive at the crime scene to secure the crime scene. The hotel room where the body was discovered was immediately secured to preserve any potential evidence. Law enforcement officials restricted access to the area and ensured that the scene remained undisturbed. The Autopsy and forensic analysis of the body of the deceased scientist underwent an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. Th
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Chapter 4
On the plane, Edward tells Lauren “that based on the longitude and latitude they will have to land miles away from Sayia”. A team of six with Glass gets a pair of parachutes fully armed and kitted and gets ready to dive off the plane. Edward makes the first move while others follow. Glass pulls his parachute too early and loses balance he ends up on a tree branch he had to be helped down he sustains some bruises. After hours of walking through the forest, they stopped to rest and take shelter asIt gets dark.Meanwhile, in Kaelin, Zach has seen armed men in their number and has informed the community. It's revealed to him that people in the community are fond of receiving people who were once victims of the cave the come back to feed and make more discoveries about the place as they disclose to him about Mr. Gastor, who was found bitten by sharks but also survived the attack, was beaten by the same bats. His case was different because he was a full vampire that could not walk during t
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Chapter 5
Mr.Gastor fed on blood his coming back to the forest was to exploit the cave to his advantage as he approached the community with money but they refused so he stayed mostly in the forest and fed on blood. Zach confirmed he came across a laboratory in the forest. He stole the journal, and the cabin they entered belonged to Zach he told them he was expecting Mr. Gastor to return because he could not continue with his weapon because he stole the journal. They get to the laboratory in the forest and It was filled with vials of blood, scientific equipment, and disturbing experiments. It became evident that Mr. Gastor had been conducting his research here, likely in search of a way to suppress the vampire virus and its effects.Amidst the chaos, they discovered a secret room concealed behind a bookshelf. Inside, they found detailed plans, blueprints, and records of Mr. Gastor's dealings with various criminal organizations involved in the black market trade of nuclear weapons.The pieces of
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Chapter 6
Zach and Lauren returned to the city that night in Lauren's House she entered the bathroom to take a shower and change for bed Zach undressed joining her in the shower he grabs her from behind she giggled “ I was wondering when you will be ready to try this I know you're trying to protect me” Zach replies lets try this if it will work I can't resist you any longer” She turns towards him as he lifts her holding her ass pinned against the wall in the shower he kisses her and spreading her legs open as he enters her Lauren Moans gently grabbing his back. They moved to the bedroom. This was their first intimate night. The next morning he woke up and prepared breakfast while he served her in bed, leaving a note about going jogging. They continued to work together, fighting crime and protecting the innocent. With their unique skills and unwavering determination, they became a formidable team. Over time, they dismantled numerous criminal organizations involved in the black market trade of
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Chapter 7
As new leads on the investigation keep resurfacing Gabrielle is caught on camera leaving the scientist's house a few minutes before the arrival of Glass. Information reveals she was a lover to Mr. Gastor a medical doctor but went missing ten years ago. She is a widow with a daughter named Neska. Her daughter is called in for questioning and she says “I believe my mother was dead even though her body was not found now she is told her mother is alive but as a vampire”. A team is sent to her house for surveillance. Glass keeps getting more and more jealous of Zach and Lauren he makes a move to steal Zach's blood from the laboratory to sell to Gabriella so she can kill Zach. He reaches out to Gabrielle about the venue and time. Immediately after the close of work, he hurries to the venue in an uncompleted factory Glass gets there first observing the environment. Some vampires were at the scene when it was confirmed he is alone Gabriella shows up with four more men. “What I don't understa
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Chapter 8
In the aftermath of the intense events, Lauren and Zach continue their research on finding a cure for the vampire virus and ways to help Lauren adapt to her new vampire state. They are determined to build a safe and peaceful life together, now with the added responsibility of their unborn child.The authorities keep a close eye on Gabrielle's criminal network to prevent any potential resurgence of illegal activities. With Edward's support, they work to dismantle any remaining threats and ensure the safety of the city.As Lauren's pregnancy progresses, they face new challenges and uncertainties related to the baby's unique heritage as a child of a vampire and a human. They seek advice from knowledgeable vampires like Edward, who has experience with such cases.Throughout their journey, Lauren and Zach's bond strengthens, and they rely on each other for support and strength. They build a strong team around them to protect their research and their family, ensuring that no harm can come t
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Chapter 9
Zach moved from rooftop to rooftop following the scent of Gabriella to a graveyard outside town is a quiet lonely site with a lot of abandoned incomplete buildings around and nightfall is here. He walks from the road close to the road and observes they are people hiding from plain site he could perceive. “I know you're here, take me to Gabriella," says Zach. Guys of huge height appear in front of him and he is in the middle of vampires. Gabriella stands on a rooftop with two other men beside him “Glad of you to join us, am surprised you are alone” you didn't bring company”. Zach's heart races as he faces Gabriella and her associates in the eerie graveyard. He stands tall, a determined expression on his face, as he replies, "I came alone because I believe we can find a way to end this without further bloodshed. Let's talk, Gabriella."Gabriella smirks, her eyes fixated on Zach. "Talk? After what you did to my son? You expect me to just talk?"Zach takes a step forward, his voice unwav
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Chapter 10
In the sunrise early hours of the day, Zach enters the kitchen Carrying eating raw chicken wings on an empty dish he disposes of the remains in the waste bin. He opens the fridge and discovers he was hungry. He didn't package the blood he got from hunting at night. He washes some canisters and pours fresh blood into the canister. He arranges them in the fridge and turns the remaining in a red canister with a stroll walking towards the room. Lay down the canister and adjust the curtains to avoid the effect on Lauren's skin. The thought of who will assist with the birth of the child as the delivery date draws closer crosses his mind and he tells Lauren who is going to help with the delivery. “I have not done this before. I think we need help” Lauren responded “Who are we going to inform? I will have to talk to Edward to talk to his wife but you know she will be scared we are not humans remember” I know. I have to talk to him, says Zach. I need to step out for a while u need anything she
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