Enchanted: Next Life

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Enchanted: Next Life

By: LUNARE OngoingFantasy

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In the magical world of Victorium, a child was born for greatness. The boy who gave a dark curse to a mighty wizard. His name is Zain Black, someone who is adored and loved by everyone. As he entered the Incantatus School of Magic, his powers and the strength of his will, and his capacity to love will be tested. With the help of his friends, he will be challenged by life, secrets, and deceits. Will he be able to surpass all of it?

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13 chapters
10 Years Ago
Chapter 1   10 years ago   "No professor!" he yelled. His emotions are all over him.    While Sofia is calm on his side, holding their son and trying to hush him down. They hurriedly went to the Incantatus when Headmaster Feliz sent a letter to them that Mirisitum, one of the brightest wizards, started doing terrible things. He is gaining proponents so that he can have the power to fight the elements of magic and lead the world of Victorium.    “What should we do then, James?” Headmaster Feliz is bothered, walking back and forth inside the room.   He said no because Headmaster wanted to turn himself in so that no one will be harmed by Mirisitum anymor
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Zain Black
Chapter 2    10 years later…   Zain is playing around the castle, like how any kid should enjoy their childhood. Headmaster Feliz is watching him with Professor McGreen. Who would have thought that 10 years has passed already?   Zain Black is turning 11 years old and he will be receiving a letter from the Incantatus soon.    "It's time, Headmaster." Professor McGreen said as they watched Zain run around the castle’s garden playing with his nannies.    Headmaster sighed and nodded. "Yes, it's time already," he knows but he doesn't want to be comfortable with the peace that Victorium has now.    Read more
New Day
Chapter 3    The sun rises already, he's looking at his window watching how the sun rises on this day. He woke up early, or he just didn't get to sleep. The talk that he had with the headmaster yesterday kept him guessing about what the headmaster meant. What does the world outside this castle wait for him?    He heard a knock on the door. It must be the servant, waking him up.  “Master Zain,” the servant said and knocked again, making sure that he would be awake by that knock. He sighed and looked at the window again before standing up from the bed.    He opened the door, “Mistress.” he mumbled.    The servant looked at him, “Did you sleep,
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Alley of Magics
Chapter 4    She is looking at them, Zain and the man he is with. She can’t help but feel envious but then whenever she thinks that they are freaks, she feels like puking with that wand and magic. She shook her head and went to their room.    “Where did you go?” her husband asked. She looked at him and smiled, she sat down beside him on the bed.    “I listened to what Zain and the man are talking about, he got accepted to that freak school, Incantatus, where my brother studied, oh he’s not my brother because I am only adopted,” she said and laughed, she managed to enter this castle because they know that she is the sister of the great wizard in Victorium.    “Why? Do you want our daughter to study there also?” her hus
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Flying Train
Chapter 5 He’s checking everything from his smallest to biggest thing that he will bring at the Incantatus, today will be the day that he will enter the Incantatus School of Magic. Miss Linda and the other servant will be the ones to send him to the Alley of Magics, where he will be riding the flying train going to the academy. He’s feeling fascinated and nervous at the same time. Finally, maybe some or almost all of his questions will be answered. He's checking his wand, stroking the elements of it, and the engraving of that exceptional wood. Mr. Nones notified him that once they entered the Incantatus, a guardian will be given to them.  “Are you ready?”  He
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Incantatus School of Magic
Chapter 6   They arrived at the train station of Incantatus, but no one was there yet. Only the new students and the train that landed at the station.    He pulls his school coat around him, shoves his hands on the pocket, protecting himself from the frigid breeze. Felicia and Copper did the same as the frigid breeze hugged them.    "It's freaking cold," Copper is blowing his hands to lessen the cold.    He chuckled at him, he looked around to see where they could stay for a while to lessen the cold, but he didn't find any place where they could start a fire.    He then heard a horse, going their way.    Read more
Chapter 7    "Your mother and father met in their 3rd year because initially, your mother was not a student of Incantatus, but eventually she became and finished her school here," the headmaster started talking, "Are you ready?" he nodded and stayed silent.    Flashback  JAMES   "Welcome to another magical year, witches and wizards! 1st year, never enter the dark forest. The professors are the only ones allowed to enter with restrictions. Training grounds and rooms are the only places you can practice your magic and use your wands, not until your 3rd year, listen to your prefects and follow the rules."     The new students listen intently to the headmaster, while the other higher yea
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Gods and Goddesses
Chapter 8  SOPHIA   After an hour, we left the main hall already and went to our houses. I was amazed at how pretty this world was than the one I was looking at from above; as we walked going back to the place that we would be staying for the whole school year, I let them walk first, my guardian did not leave my side and waits for me, I guess my mother did this one.    “Mistress, why are we stopping?” she asked and flew back to my side because she was already in front of me; the pretty little dust of her wings was following her; I looked at her and shook my head,    “Nothing, I just want to enjoy the night view of the castle,” I said and firmly smiled a little. She didn’t answer me anymore. I saw James and his friend Albert stop and walk to me.Read more
Archie Mofy
Chapter 9  Present Time  ZAIN    The headmaster finished telling me how my mother and father met. I can’t believe that my mom didn’t like the wizarding world at first but sacrificed her life for this world. Love makes us something we are not. I sighed as I sat down at the bench outside the house of red. Headmaster already leaves, and I am alone watching the stars shine brightly at the sky.    “Master Zain.” I looked at my guardian,  who is now at my side. I nod at him, “Let’s go inside for you to take a rest already, master,” he said. I placed my hands on my thighs and stood up. We walk to the main door of the house of red, only to find Felicia in the living room.    She stood up and looked at me, “Why?” I as
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Chapter 10  ZAIN    Another day at the Incantatus School of Magic, I am slowly getting adjusted and already having fun here; I was lucky I have Copper and Felicia, we are exploring the castle, and it has a lot of rooms that we are restricted to enter. One night I had a dream that I had magic in me without using my wand, but I did not know if it was true, I told them about it, and Felicia said that my mother is a Goddess and I may have inherited her magic.    I didn’t take time to learn about myself yet. I am enjoying my classes so far with the History of Victorium, where there is like a globe somewhere in Victorium that the Gods and Goddesses are managing and half of the spells that we can cast using our wands, the energy came from that gl
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