Genesis: Tale of a Jobless Engineer

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Genesis: Tale of a Jobless Engineer

By: Twilight OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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He, who was a great man and did right by everyone, have become nothing more than a washed-up nobody! “What happened!? Where did it all go wrong!?” he’d frequently ask himself, but arrived at the same conclusion, no matter how often he desperately sought a definite answer. He didn’t know! What he did know was that, right now, he was as broke as fu*k! Being the penniless man that he was, as he listlessly gazed into the sky, he contemplated what he could do to get out of his current situation. Even if not for himself, for the five children that were dependent on him. He needed money. He needed money to at least feed those who had the unfortunate luck of following him to his lowest point, even when knowing that his doom was set in stone. That's when he remembered something that was mentioned in the news earlier that day, “Genesis”, a VRMMORPG which created huge waves across the globe, whose story shifted and developed as the players affected the world itself. While that’s great and all, what really got his mind churning was how lucrative that game was and continued to be, as well as the possibilities it could provide him to help claw his way back up from his current circumstances. He, who only ever played games off his PC, decided to jump into the new world of magic and opportunity. But what he didn’t know was that the game would soon descend to reality!! *** Daily one-chapter update~ The cover image doesn't belong to me, leave a message if you want it removed.

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Chapter 00 - Prologue
"The raid will start Soon!"A large number of voters still vote along straight-party lines.Seven among the top-ranked players were gathered in one place, which was a rare thing to happen in general. The highest-ranked among them was Rick, who was 19th on the unified rankings. Behind them were hundreds of players wearing black robes with an insignia that represented a wheel with arrows pointing in all directions on their chests.They were the elite players of the Guild "Chaos".It was a spectacular sight—a gathering of players with the combined power to easily capture a small city, but tension and anxiety were visible on everyone's faces."Ten seconds more!"As time finally came, the nervousness of the guild members reached its peak. They were restlessly shaking their legs and tightening their grips on their respective weapons. Ricky gazed around with dark eyes. His hands which held his spear were soaked with sweat. ‘I can’t calm down.’It was a common thing to happen when they were f
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Chapter 01 - Entering the Game
____________________"Man is a slow, sloppy, and brilliant thinker; The Machine is fast, accurate, and Stupid!"____________________A mechanized voice resonated as it welcome 'him' to the game,"Leave the appearance as original"The seamless voice of a man resounded replaying the mechanized voice.A man who seemed to be in his late 20s with dark brown hair, light blue eyes which were filled with excitement and expectation, appeared in a white room with nothing but undergarments.He was about 5'8 foot tall, quite good-looking, not to the extent of making women fall head over heels for him but his appearance can be judged as slightly better than ave
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Chapter 02 - An arrogant kid!
Mike appeared in a white room...was that a room, there was no walls any roof except the floor he was standing on everything else just seemed endless,Various panels started to hover all around him like a video clip, there were images of people smiling happily, children running around full of innocent smiles...The panel containing the peaceful images of people and happily running children were shattered as new panels of the various demon race attacking and killing people came into his view...The rampage of demons massacring the people, the tears of the victims, and the pain of the wounded were deciphered in the images.Read more
Chapter 03 - Descendent of the Benevolent saint
After sweet-talking the kid for about fifteen minutes, the kid finally gave in as he agreed to take Mike to his house.“Fine I guess will show you my house since you are begging me this much”In return Mike helped him to carry water to the house where he was working, after which both Mike and the kid walked towards his home.“Who do you live with kid"“I am not a kid”“ah!... ah…well, Max, who do you live with?”“In my house, there is my sister who is 8 this year and my young brother who is 9 and there is also our youngest who is 6 and as I said I am the Oldest in the house”He said pointing at himself as if he was proud of it.“Where are your parents?”. Kyle asked with curiosity as the kid didn’t mention anything about them.The face of the kid paled as he looked down with a sad look.“They said that Father and mother died while fighting against the Demons”“Ah...! I am sorry”, Mike apologized as he felt bad for asking something like this to the kid.He himself had experienced how it
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Chapter 04 - True Man's Harem!
“What...?”The 11 saints of the Beginning. They were the ones on whom the whole game’s main story was based on.currently, there is no known descendent or anyone with class related to them.It can only be considered as Luck for Kyle to encounter a quest such as this on the first day of starting the game.If this isn't what you call Luck, they what is? he met some random kid, talked with him, and gave him a health potion. How can such a thing trigger class change to one of the 11 main classes?But the replay he gave was equally bizarre too,“What Saint, does it help me build a robot?”Mike asked back the system.[...]Of course there was no replay.But Mike could more or less guess what the class would do seeing the word ‘Saint’ in it.“I don’t want to become a saint or whatever, I just want to build my Robot”He refused to c
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Chapter 05 - Starting the Career
Mike looked around the Workshop like a child in the toy store, he was too excited to see the medieval type machines lying all around. he recognized many of the machines present as he named them one after the other.Screwdriver Set made of Iron.Hammer with an iron head and wood hand.Tape Measure made of cloth.Pliers.Utility Knives and Extra Blades.Adjustable Wrenches with were made of wood.Level.Straight edge.Square.flashlight with some kind of blue stone attached to it.file.Mechanical googles.A weird-looking power drill.Circular saw.metal pieces.clamps.pry bar.a bunch of wire.gears.wire cutter."Whaoooo.....", all of them were basic tools but he was beyond happy seeing all these tools after his three months of being fired.And every time he recognized a tool he also got a system message saying.Read more
Chapter 06 - Convincing the Oldman
Mike was someone who always tried to think out of the box, he always challenged the impossible and did the unthinkable.Every time he encountered a wall, his excitement only increased by thinking about the ways to counter it. He didn't become famous just by luck, his countless experiments, models, theories...He was someone who had extreme patience and determination.....even to the extent of creating a useless ass scrubber by waking up day and night just because it was interesting.But right now~"F*ck! why the hell did this pipe have so many holes?"He was getting frustrated by seeing the items that he was provided to do something 'useful'. The three-inch pipe that he took from the pile of items had numerous large holes in it and it didn't seem to be damaged due to some experiments but rather looked like some hor*y pervert's work."and what is with this chain?"The rusty chain was so docile that if he just pulled it a bit from both ends it would snap into pieces!Each and every item w
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Chapter 07 - New Quest
Mike took the paper and pencil from the Old man and started to do a rough sketch of the hand pump. first, he drew two sides of a well and a long iron pipe at one side of the well from which the water will be drawn. and at the upper open end of the well, there was a handle for pumping. Inside the Iron pipe, he drew a circular plate-like thing that will be made of iron, and above it will be a layer of rubber with a check valve. it is drawn in such a way to explain that it will open when the handle of the pump is pushed downward and closes when it is pulled up. A similar check valve is added at the middle of the pipe so that water can only enter from outside and should never go out from inside. and on the upper end of the pipe, a gear is fixed with the piston chain to create pressure and pull up the water. He finished the drawing by sketching the head of the pump which covered the gear and a water outlet just below the handle. As soon as he finished the sketch numerous systems inva
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Chapter 08 - Implementation!
Mike got busy with the work as soon as he entered the workshop!He entrusted the making of iron pipe to the Oldman, even though he seemed like a carpenter from the outside, he felt like he should be able to handle that.He just told him about the requirements of the pipe, to be about 4 inches wide and 10 meters long."That's quite a big one but I guess we need that much since its a well we are talking about"The oldman got to work with a complaint and he even seemed to be oddly in good mood may because he was thinking about money.Mike also didn't waste any time and started to make the remaining parts.The first thing he started was Check-Valve.It was the main component in the pump that ensured that the drawn water doesn't get back to the well again.He first took a big round iron disk that would fit inside the Iron pipe perfectly and drew a circle on it.He cut the iron along the circle and made the same with a rubber disk just that the radius of the rubber was rather larger and it
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Chapter 09 - Noob to the Bones!
All the work related to the hand pump was completed and all that was left was the inauguration ceremony from when It would be officially in use, and it seemed like his quest would also be completed when the announcement is made. Every player was only allowed to play 15 hours a day in real-time considering that players wouldn't play the game excessively ignoring real life. There was still a lot of time before his log-out period would end. Mike had only played for 8 hours in real life which was equivalent to a day in-game, which meant that he still had another 7 hours till he would be forcefully logged out. "Well then, Shall we go hunting in meantime" He was oddly excited as it was his first time playing a game in a VR, the last time he remembered playing a game was on PC, so everything felt new and interesting. Mike was imagining just how it would feel to fight in VR. Of course, he had tried various technologies when he was a great figure but nothing he had seen was anywhere clos
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