God Mage

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God Mage

By: Chukwuemeka_101 OngoingFantasy

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Imagine a life where no one cares to give you a proper name that you end up going by the name of your hair color. Imagine a life where you're unaware that you possess the greatest power in the universe. Imagine a life where you're hunted by a Celestial for something you know nothing about Imagine a life where you're discriminated by your fellow orphans. A life ruled by loneliness and sadness... But one day, that all changed when you met the strongest mage on Earth, Read and find out Green's adventures in a high school for social rejects as he tries to escape death from an evil fraternity backed by a powerful Celestial. But will his efforts be enough to save his life and the universe? Find out in this action packed fantasy book

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  • Chukwuemeka_101


    Shameless review by the author after 37 chapters... this is my first book on meganovel and as an author so support my noble cause by checking this book out. believe me, you won't regret it.

    2022-10-11 08:03:43
  • Godwin Greg



    2022-12-28 23:30:30
  • Wayne


    Not much written yet, but so far so good. Quite a decent story

    2024-01-10 00:36:40
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43 chapters
1 Regina's Power
Fifteen years ago....The Celestial Palace, Floating Isles of ParadiosCLANG!BOOM!AAARGH!!Hundreds of high ranked mage soldiers dressed in black armor unleashed countless attacks on the palace guards that were dressed in green armor. The palace guards could hardly put up a reasonable resistance because it was a surprise attack and they weren't prepared for it. They were losing the battle and they were losing badly.The damage from the war seemed to increase every minute as buildings and palace personnel were destroyed to bits by huge scale attacks from the other side.Looking out the window of the throne room, Regina sighed sadly as she saw the colossal damage dealt to her forces by the army of darkness, the soldiers that were dressed in black armor. She turned back and focused intently as she transferred the last of her powers into a huge black rock that had green patches on it.'How did it ever come to this?'She thought as tears flowed freely down her cheeks.Eons ago, Tenebris
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2 Zen City Children's Home
PRESENT DAYZen City, Western Federation.Zen City Children's Home."Haa.... I'm so happy"Green exhaled happily as a huge orange bus pulled up in the front yard of the orphanage. Boldly written on it's body were the words, WILHELM STUBBE'S HIGH SCHOOL FOR THE SOCIAL REJECTS.Grinning widely, Green quickly left the window and grabbed his little black travelling bag that contained pretty much everything he needed and rushed towards the door but he paused in his tracks when he heard the voice of a man behind him."Wait a second there young man"Green turned to face the owner of the voice that had just called him, the dorm master at the orphanage, a stocky man with a small round head on top of his round body. Green turned to face him and tried to avoid eye contact by keeping his gaze low."Have you signed out?""Yes sir"Green replied with his eyes still on the ground"Good. Now shoo out of here"The man said and turned away from him after waving him off like he was waving an offensive o
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3 Orientation
OBSIDIAN CITY, Western Federation.Wilhelm Stubbe's High School for the Social RejectsAfter spending almost five hours on the road while picking other first years, the bus finally pulled up at the Wilhelm Stubbe's high school for the social rejects. As the bus approached the school, Green couldn't help but open his mouth in amazement at the impressive architectural prowess displayed in the school's buildings.'Why would a school for social rejects have these kinds of impressive buildings while the other regular high schools would just have few buildings. This Wilhelm Stubbe of a man must be really wealthy!'Green thoughtWhen the bus arrived at the gate, the bus driver waved to the security man and he opened the gate for the bus to drive in, the ride from the gate to the school's auditorium was almost ten minutes! The school premises was large.The students alighted at the auditorium because they would be given some orientation before going to their dorms. The auditorium was a very
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4 Tenebris vs Jack
The soft wind caressed his ugly scarred face as he came out of a silvery blue portal that was shimmering in the air, a thousand feet away from the ground."The 7220th realm to destroy in search of Regie's power... What a pain, why on Ouranios did she have to send it away? Giving it to me then would have made things much easier for....wait what?"Tenebris interjected in shock as he saw the form that Karma gave him in this realm.Karma is the guardian of the realms, it prevents mass destruction of realms by reducing the power of strong beings whenever they enter lower realms by giving them weaker forms of their original selfs. Tenebris was quite annoyed when he realized that he was no longer 12 feet tall but rather he was now a measly 5'10, even his muscular body that he had honed to perfection throughout the years was now as normal as that of an average man."What's the meaning of this? Karmaaa!!?"Tenebris screamed as he looked at the weak body that Karma gave him in the human realm.
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5 What Next?
OBSIDIAN CITY, Western Federation.Wilhelm Stubbe's High School for the Social RejectsIt was night already, the moon had already risen high in the night sky and it's subordinates, the stars shone brightly with it. Green breathed a sigh of contentment, he was happy that he would be able to watch the sky here but he was happier that his first day at the school ended well. After he had found his dormitory, the White Lion House, he proceeded to find his room, according to his watch, the numbers after the hyphen was the room number so he quickly found the room number in one of the House passages.The White House dormitory house was a male dormitory, it was a two storey building that contained students from the three years of the school, third years stayed on the ground floor, second years stayed on the middle floor while the first years stayed on the third floor, which was the highest floor. Initially, Green wasn't aware of this and went to Room 042 of the ground floor only to receive
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6 Unanswered Questions
"Oh my gosh! What happened?!"Green whispered loudly as he entered the room and saw the gory state that Jack was in."Huh?!"Jack quickly looked up in surprise as Green walked in'What the hell is this kid doing here? I was pretty sure that no one was watching me when I entered here.... I should've locked the door after I entered'"Y..y.. you're injured"Green stuttered as his eyes trailed from the bleeding bruises on Jack's face to his torn clothes that were soaked in blood then finally, it landed on the first aid box that was open before him."Obviously I am"Jack replied while gritting his teeth, no one was supposed to have seen him, now he would have to erase the poor kid's memory."You... You're different from we normal humans right?"Green asked himHe was slightly taken aback by the question but he quickly regained his composure and looked closely at Green'Nice intuition kid' he thought"You're different too"Jack said to him, referring to his abnormal features"I know, that's
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7 Something Fishy
4:00 AMDRRRING!!!The loud automatic alarm blared throughout the rooms of the whole school. Green groaned and stirred on his bed while using his pillows to cover his ears silently wishing that the alarm had an invisible snooze button that he could press while lying on the bed. After a few minutes of agony of him battling with sleepiness, he finally forced himself to stand up, and almost screamed out in pain when he saw that it was still four in the morning. 'Nobody told me that I would be forced out of bed like a criminal... I just feel like sleeping a little bit longer but... I better get ready for the morning activities...'He thought as he grabbed a towel and went into his bathroom for a shower so that he would head to the refectory where they would take their breakfast which would start by 5:00 AM.Due to the fact that he had a very impressive retentive memory, he could remember the exact wordings of the school's rules and regulations in the prospectus even though he had binge-
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8 Dilemma
After taking the students to all the important buildings in the school, he brought them to a five floor building that was painted with a yellow color."This.."Baron said as he gestured towards the building"...is where you will be performing all your academic activities for your first year.""Wow""Woah""I can't believe this"The students exclaimed in surprise as they stared open-mouthed at the building.'A five-storey building? Just for first years? Could this school get any more impressive?'Green asked himself as he looked at the magnificent building."Every school facility will be provided here ranging from a computer room to an indoor gym to a kitchen to a science laboratory and others..."Baron said as he led the students through the hallways of the magnificent building.The hallways were wide enough to contain ten people standing side by side and the walls were painted with a clean yellow color. There was nothing on the walls except for the numerous awards and plaques that we
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9 Seals And Donjons
Wilhelm was seated on a white luxury couch opposite Tenebris who was seated on another white luxury couch. Between them was a laptop on a glass table that was facing Wilhelm, they were the only people inside the VIP room."This better be worth it or else you're going to regret bringing me here"Tenebris said while observing his fingernails"It will.... I promise"Wilhelm assured him with a villainous smile plastered on his lips"Do you remember..."He turned the laptop to face Tenebris and he instantly knew that he had hit the mark when Tenebris' expression changed."How did you get this?"Tenebris asked Wilhelm, his eyes were wide in surprise as he watched the video that was playing on the screen, it was a video that showed when him and Jack fell out of the sky into a woody area and how he disappeared immediately.Wilhelm's smile became wider, it was his turn to show off"Fortunately for us, the property you fell on belongs to me""How does this concern me?"Tenebris replied inimical
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10 He's either a lunatic or he's a bad joker
"...huff huff"Green panted heavily as they both arrived at the White Lion House after a very tiring run from the seniors that had tried to bully him."I think we were able to shake them off successfully"Ryan said as he searched for any sign that they were followed but he didn't see any."Thank you for what you did back there"Green said in appreciation,"Hehe"Ryan chuckled nervously as if to tell Green to forget about it,"So what class are you in?"He asked Green as they entered the elevator and ascended to the third floor,"Year 1 A, what about you?""I'm in Year 1 A too, I guess we'll be seeing each other more often then"Ryan said cheerily'We?...'Green thought'Is he already considering me as his friend?'Before Green could say anything contradictory, Ryan said"Alright, here's my room. I'll catch you later"With those words, he entered a room that had the numbers 020 written on the door and shut it as if he was in a hurry.Green was now left standing alone in the hallway wit
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