God of System Analysis

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God of System Analysis

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🏆 No.1 book of "The Ultimate Fantasy" Contest 🏆 Alucard was an ordinary high school student who just wanted to graduate quickly and find a job, but one day, a strange incident happened that made him transmigrate to another world. A world where magic and other powers are everywhere, a fantasy world. Beyond expectations, in a new world, Alucard had to lament the bitterness of life because he was banished, deceived and even wanted to be killed, but who would have thought that behind ordinary strength, Alucard was a god that people feared, a God of system analysis. [Ding!] [System activated!] [Welcome back, lord Alucard!]

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  • NFA


    Hi, guys, check out my new book too, "The God of Invoker System" I guarantee you guys will love it!

    2023-12-12 10:14:56
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    Hi guys, check out my new book too, "The Marvelous Mafia Xavier Alonso" & "The Prodigious Jaxon Vander" I guarantee you guys will love it!

    2023-07-25 18:49:33
  • Moh Afief


    This book is such a gem

    2023-05-30 07:54:13
  • Jay Moran


    Alucard is such an unique character. I like him

    2023-05-29 18:47:32
  • Lord MOH


    Certified winning book. like let's go team Bruce!

    2023-05-26 10:26:19
  • W Lord Moh


    The Ultimate Fantasy winner book. Deserved!

    2023-05-26 10:19:32
  • NFA


    Hi guys, check out my new book entitled "The Prodigious Jaxon Vander."

    2023-04-25 02:34:52
  • Far Han


    Great, I love this book

    2023-01-27 12:20:38
  • The Storyteller


    This book is Masterpiece

    2022-12-31 16:15:30
  • Hindun hasan


    One of the best fantasy books i've ever read.

    2022-12-09 16:35:18
  • M_jief


    The true Ultimate Fantasy. Keep it up!

    2022-12-09 14:31:17
  • IEL


    Hi, I'm IEL, also a writer. NFA is an author who helped me work on my book title, 'The Guardian of Evil Goddess,' so I hope the readers here will also like my work.

    2022-11-14 21:20:38
  • Fad Lun


    Exciting storyline, so I'm more curious how the author got ideas like this because this genre is my favourite; it's just a shame that the reader only has 1k; hopefully, in the future, it can reach 100k; cheers.

    2022-11-02 22:13:09
  • Jay Moran


    I really enjoy this book. keep it up please!

    2022-10-25 15:20:23
  • Afief Muhaimin


    I really like Alucard character. it's really the good fantasy story!

    2022-10-25 15:15:18
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Latest Chapter
413 chapters
Chapter 1
In high school. Alucard Russell was bored, staring disinterestedly at the blackboard where a middle-aged male teacher explained a complicated mathematical formula. Alucard didn't understand what the teacher was teaching, nor did he care; he just wanted to graduate from high school soon and find a decent job, but he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life; he had no special interests or talents, just an ordinary student trying to get through his school days. Alucard sighed and turned his face away from the blackboard; he looked around the classroom, looking for something to distract him. He looked at his classmates, who looked bored and confused by the maths lesson. Some were sleepy, some were chatting quietly, and some were playing with their mobile phones. Suddenly, a blinding light filled the room. Alucard reflexively closed his eyes, feeling the heat on his skin. He heard shouts and murmurs from his friends and the teacher's voice shouting in a frightened tone, "What is
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Chapter 2
In the royal palace. The large door opened slowly. The soldier entered the King's throne room with steady steps. The disciples and teachers followed him with cautious steps. They bowed their heads and dared not look up. Alucard also bowed his head, although he was very curious about the King in this world. He remembered watching a film about ancient kingdoms, where people who were disrespectful or disobedient to the King could be put to death. Alucard felt nervous and scared. He couldn't help but feel a mixture of curiosity and fear. He wanted to see the face of the King who ruled this world but was also afraid of his reaction to them. Would he welcome them, or would he insult or threaten them? Alucard looked around the throne room, which was very grand and luxurious. The throne room was very spacious and tall. On the walls were many paintings and carvings depicting the glory and honour of this kingdom. In the centre of the throne room was a large throne made of gold and jewels, w
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Chapter 3
In the king's throne room. One of the generals immediately came forward and explained, "Yes, level. You must be level 1 by now. But you don't need to worry. We will fight the monsters first by grouping up with us knights. You can level up quickly when you fight in the maze later." "Everyone has their job, and the job will increase your level by fighting. The higher your level, the more abilities you unlock. Every 5-level increase, one can have a new ability." "You will have a selection of skills related to your job. Then, everyone has their job and cannot be replaced. We don't know if there is a level cap in this world yet, but the highest level currently is the demon king, who has level 100." "Hmmm, I see, so we just need to level up to become strong," said Zeref. "Huh, easy job," Mike said arrogantly. "Don't underestimate the level difference between you and the enemy. It is very difficult to defeat an enemy just a higher level and very easy to defeat a lower enemy. Your streng
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Chapter 4
In the king's throne room. However, not everyone was happy with the job that the well-built boy with a talent for hero sports had. There was a black-haired, pretty-faced female student who looked at Mike coldly. She was one of the students who also came forward to see her status with the crystal ball. The dark-haired, beautiful-faced woman was not satisfied with her job, which was that of an ordinary witch. She felt she deserved to be a hero more than the arrogant and haughty Mike. The entire throne room immediately panicked and looked towards the shouting person. At this moment, they saw that the person who was the hero was the very sporty Mike. Mike immediately said arrogantly, "You don't have to worry. With my power as a hero then I will protect all humans, hahahahaha." General Levi immediately stepped forward and tapped Mike on the shoulder, then said with a smile, "Hero, with your abilities, we can defeat those demons." Mike immediately said, "I'll try hard!" After that, th
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Chapter 5
In the king's throne room. The male teacher was a teacher who was known to be quite cruel at school if the students interrupted his lessons. But it turns out that behind the cruelty, this male teacher is very kind and cares about his students even though this is another world and he shouldn't be their teacher. But he still tried to protect them. Alucard bowed slightly to the male teacher and said, "Thank you, sir. But you need not worry; I will try to live well in this world. I'll probably already be a rich man in this kingdom when you see me." Seeing Alucard's confidence, the male teacher immediately smiled and patted Alucard's shoulder again and said, "I'm sure you can do it. At that time, you can help the other students, too, without fighting." After Alucard bowed slightly, Alucard immediately left, followed by the throne room guards. The nobles and generals in the room were still looking at Alucard with disdain. The male teacher and the other disciples still did not know that
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Chapter 6
On the street. [Lord Alucard has nothing to worry about. As your servant, I must find the best way to solve your problem. How about using the Monster Analysis System ability?] "Monster analysis system?" said Alucard in confusion and recalled that he had acquired internet capabilities and this system before. Alucard had no idea how his monster analysis system was used and how it worked. At this moment, Aveline spoke again in answer to Alucard's question. [The monster analysis system is where Lord Alucard can obtain complete information about a monster. Lord Alucard can get complete knowledge about the analysed monsters, whether it is the monster's ability, their food or other things.] Hearing Aveline's explanation, Alucard became even more confused and asked again, "Then how will this ability help me escape from this situation?" [If it were just monster analysis, it would be useless, but you are the God of Analysis, so your monster analysis system has also grown more powerful. Lor
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Chapter 7
On the street. Alucard was almost frightened at the price. Needing a gold coin to summon a lion was too expensive. Alucard previously had ten gold coins, but to unlock the Lion King upgrade required five gold coins. Alucard's gold coins only had five, enough to make the lion king. But after thinking that the lion king can summon two additional lions. Then, the price of each lion is five silver coins. But as long as the lion king doesn't die, it can still summon new lions. So this price is not too expensive at all. Moreover, the lion king is much stronger than the lions. "Make three lion kings!" said Alucard after thinking for a while. After all, Alucard still needed money for food, water and shelter in this other world so he couldn't spend all his money. [Start making Lion King] At this time, two soldiers are riding a horse-drawn carriage. They are at the front of the chariot and are controlling the horses on the chariot. At this moment, they look very lazy, controlling the horse
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Chapter 8
Alucard stopped thinking about the problem of this level increase and looked at the junior soldier who was still sitting on the ground in a daze, watching his senior being eaten by the lion king. The other lion kings managed Alucard as if to ask what they should do to this living soldier. Alucard just shook his head and told those lion kings to let him live. This is because this soldier previously had concern for Alucard. So Alucard couldn't act too cruelly and told these lion kings to kill him. Perhaps Alucard's actions seemed very naĂŻve because if this soldier was still alive, he might tell the royal party about this incident. But how can Alucard not be naĂŻve? After all, Alucard is a disciple who comes from the earth. Suppose the person is cruel to Alucard like the previous senior warrior, then Alucard will strengthen his determination and kill him without hesitation. But Alucard, a few hours ago, was still a disciple on earth who had a peaceful life without murder. So, for this ju
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Chapter 9
Alucard and Lelouch are currently on foot, heading to a nearby town in search of a horse-drawn carriage. Lelouch advised Alucard to dispose of the carriage given by the palace because the palace's horse-drawn carriage was different from other horse-drawn carriages. After all, the palace's horse-drawn carriage was very luxurious. There was a royal emblem on it, so they left the horse-drawn carriage along with the corpses of the previous senior warriors to make it look like they were attacked by monsters so that even though the royal party found them, then they would think that Alucard and Lelouch might have died also brought by monsters as their food. After arriving at the nearest town, they spent five silver coins to buy a new horse-drawn carriage. Lelouch paid for the horse-drawn carriage because Alucard only had gold coins. The salesman of the horse-drawn carriage could not give change for his silver coins. The city is not too big or arguably relatively small. Even the city wall is
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Chapter 10
Alucard could soon see an island in the distance. Alucard could see a city on the island, but unlike the town Alucard had seen before, the City had no gate. The ship slowly approached a port that, at this time, looked much smaller than the port in the previous trading city. The ship immediately approached the port and stopped. Then, people started to get off the boat and headed straight towards Labyrinth City. Alucard, who had just got off the ship in his horse-drawn carriage, immediately returned to look at the maze city with shining eyes. Lelouch obtained this carriage at a lower price after selling the last horse-drawn carriage. More precisely, these horse-drawn carriages were cheaper because they were no longer in the trading city. Seeing Lelouch's skill, Alucard began to think that Lelouch might be very suitable to be a trader. Although the labyrinth city does not look as rich as the trading city where Alucard previously came, the labyrinth city has a uniqueness that the tradin
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