Godly Awakening of DEMON

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Godly Awakening of DEMON

By: MMM OngoingFantasy

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'Waah......waaah' My baby was crying tremendously and here I was thinking what was happening there. "It's ok child .Everything is going to be alright, The bitter seeds that I have sowed .I would not let you cut them in my instead ,that's my promise to you" Suddenly the horse slipped and I fell to the ground with my child intact. I mumble to myself "Is this what we call karma but still I must protect you .I Immediately left the horse and tearing the magic scroll .I whispered 'The Catholic Temple' "Bring that child to me," said Patricia, the Highest priest in rank. As he holds my child with care in both hands a question arises in his mind "What name do you like to give him? He is your son. It's wise if you give him a name." . I took a last glimpse afterwards,I turned my back against him before murmuring with an uneven heart."I always desire to call him Ryaniar ." I have been running Goddess. I have been running a lot from my destiny till my sister to the handmaiden. Everybody has been sacrificed against my bad fortune .It even did not let the white witch unstained. So how come I dared to fantasise a future that's very bricks was served by uncountable baits. If you are reading this letter then . At least I can entrust his safety to you. Please save my child in this life. Your deceased Isabella Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mint_malimilkain10001/

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  • Mmm Kumar


    oooo~~~ If you are looking for a fantastic one no needs to travel any more.... there is nothing more to say just read by yourself you will understand what I mean

    2023-06-27 20:30:27
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"Father Patricia. I guess we need to take a look at the inner grassland of the Lavender Temple" said a priest. "You are right, Priest Iris" father Patricia replied. Although Iris is a priest in this temple because of his behaviour most of the time it seems like he doesn't adore Ryan much, due to his extremely blunt and straightforward personality .It's not even impressive that he does not even try to hide his displeasement towards Ryan. Mostly he accuses Ryan for throwing traumas when he needs to guide the other kids of the temple.Ryan is a fourteen years old boy, who never does reckless acts such as troubling the other busy members of the temple then what made him alter his heart? Most of the nun's and pristine are engaged in Ryan's search, along with some kids and higher authority Priest. "Ryan! Ryan, where are you?" An old man with tinted black hair asked .He has a clipped beard. That's more of a reason that He looks similar to a character in kids' poems .whose name was Mr. Gimm
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Caught you!
In just a blink of an eye, they both were thrown aside, opposite to each other. It must be due to the explosion of the bottle that happened just a while ago. A tiny bottle couldn't handle the brisky attitude of Iannae's mana fragment. That's the reason why?It broke down into clashes and caused the mana inside to react directly within the atmosphere. Meanwhile they both got injured and now Ryan is in even more dire condition to cure.Patricia is old and whispers a moan because of the pain he was going through 'huff' he said ".Oh God please help. What can we do? for this child. Is there no one to help him?". A familiar voice chirped outside the closed door near the prayer room.After which the main door collapsed in no time. An unknown figure arrives inside the room. It was none other than Iannae. It is not nice for Patricia and Iris to get astonished after seeing Iannae come back at a time when they need her the most. They are glad to see her but Iannae is not happy to see them. Th
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The person was on guard, to avoid any crises considering priest Iris's personality is Jeremy. Iris is heading straight into the hall's direction. Jeremy scoots and reaches Joseph's destination and explains to him that priest Iris is around They need to escape now, otherwise there will be no more further opportunities Even so, Joseph don't run away instead he is deep in thought that 'if this will continue Ryan will going to confined in his room, for God knows how many more days after this incident came to light.Analysing Jeremy's worries Joseph replied "Ryan was still inside this secret passage if we both escaped Ryan would be stuck in there". Iris who already took a glimpse of Jeremy now on the way to reach the corridor. In no time Iris found both of them and is just a step apart from them. He sees that Jeremy and Joseph are whispering something to each other, Iris asks from Joseph ."What are you both doing here?"Joseph gulped his saliva and said "Nothing we are just passing by
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Nothing Good
"So you wake up earlier than expected," said Iris with a gentle looking smile. Iris nose is a bit redden due to the previous unexpected encounter with the door. Right now he is clasping his nose tightly to let the bleeding stop."Unfortunately. I know --you don't want me to wake up soon but I am sorry Mr. Iris. What brings you here at such an unexpected hour? I hope you mind knocking on the door before coming inside the next time in my room" said Iannae with a simple smile.'It is way too obvious that they are enemies rather than friends said Ryan inside his mind. He had been concealing under Iannae's blanket. She stealthily drags her leg out, from the blanket to avoid Iris suspicious. Ryan has to bear a lot today. It was such a typical posture that he needs to maintain which remind him, what happened just a moment ago -Iannae was hastly covering Ryan in a blanket due to the weather then suddenly after a knocks, someone tries to get in through the door but gets knocked out instead. It
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The tale of Sad
May, 19 It was my tenth birthday, at birthdays everyone was supposed to enjoy and relax but even on that day, I was cleaning the house. Relatives and cousins are going to come today for the party. Our cousins came a little bit earlier than expected when they saw me cleaning the house all by myself and my siblings were not even trying to do anything besides laying down for rest, making them doubt why I was the only one who was working, my mother replied to them that 'It's nothing unusual.' She was trying not to show how cold-hearted She could be towards me. It's because I was a girl child. It is the excuse she gave to others My mother 'Linda' said "You don't need to worry she is a girl so she needs to responsible for matters such as cleaning, washing, and more household chores" I shake it off despite knowing that my younger sister is a girl too and my older brother is a boy. Only Iannae was the one who got compared due to her gender. She accepted her mother's deed at that time and
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Tale of Sad part 2
A burgundy head with black eyes. He looks quite cute. It's my first time seeing a boy. Who might have the same age as me? When he saw me in the maid outfit, That pink head boy kept his breath for three entire seconds .I might understand why? Linda wouldn't want me to wear colourful clothes anymore, continuously staring at me .He said "Are you a maid, you are really pretty .At first I thought that you are also a Miss of this household and playing dumb to trouble your parents. Am I wrong?". Iannae blushed a little but replied casually with courtesy. . " My lord might have mistaken me, I am just a mere maid of this aristocratic household. What's brought My lord all the way here inside this filthy laundry". "Oh! I am here for marriage. . with your master 'Katina' due to a mistake a few drops of tea fell on me, could you help me by washing this extra shirt Miss Pretty Maid ". said that burgundy hair guy. "Of course," said Iannae with pleasure as he is their guest. Suddenly Katina came t
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Lost belief in others
There are always some subjects that make Ryan feel weird about Miss Yana/Iannae. He doesn't want to think like that but it felt like She was not telling her story to Ryan instead It almost felt like this story belongs to someone else rather than Iannae. It might be true that the pain she was going through. Is what she was truly put up with perhaps the way she was talking it's more like she would not accept the fact that she was the same person. Back then Ryan, considered that it must be Iannae's point of concept that she may be considering herself as a 3rd person to let herself overcome the past incident but it's still odd. After a pause in his breathing. He concluded that for a while he is going to investigate Miss Yana. A couple of months later a meeting was held within the priesthood to discuss something really important. Iannae is allowed to take part in, due to the hard work she has done regarding Ryan's health conditions. In this meeting. Everyone supports Iannae to give her p
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The End of the Sad Tale
"Ryan you don't have any choice". . said Iannae. "Listen, your life is not going to be any easier for sure .Do not expect that you will be at ease. shortly I would not be able to protect you forever. Ryan, you need to take special care of your body." Ryan shook his hand and said "Not at all master. You teach me enough to fight against this harsh world as long as I am beside you master. I intend to protect everyone who I cherish dearly." Ryan don't want to continue this conversation anymore so he change the topics like "Ah. . . come to think of it, Master have not told me about your remaining story" Ryan truly has a lot to ask but before any judgement, he wants to listen to the remaining, so that he will take the right judgement regarding Iannae's behaviour .Ryan gets back straight to one point and asks "I want to know the remaining story that miss Iannae had described 3 weeks ago." Iannae tries to think about what she told him three weeks ago. and she realises that it was the real
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Mission Accomplished
It's already weak since that lake incident happened Ryan has been avoiding Iannae lately. She does not blame him, it's Ianne who hurt him first .After stabilising his mana. Ianne fainted which is partly the aftermath of using her normal to opposite strength. Necrosis powers are for destruction, not for remedy. She is not a spiritual mastery holder. Who can be a consultant in medication and healing? Even though Iannae's eyes were closed. She woke up from her siesta near the lake . Ryan was sitting next to Inanne . Iannae wanted to soothe Ryan about her premature behaviour but his face relinquished it, his tone and looks seem really dull and amazed respectively. It makes it hard for Iannae to speak up to him. She could not help herself in avoiding the guilt for almost killing Ryan while attempting to apologise to him .Whenever Iannae tried to approach Ryan .He always steadily excused or ran himself . He hasn't said a single word about yesterday night. Iannae mumbled 'How? Am I supposed
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Hello! My Dear
At the lake when Iannae fainted just after healing Ryan's wounded head. Ryan woke up 10 minutes later his head was thriving a little .He got that the wound cost by the caster has now been taken back without hesitation. He saw yana laying down beside him. This was his first time seeing her bare eyes though they are closed but seemed beautiful. He put Iannae's head on his lap and began to massage her hair. He felt a ticklish twinge in his fingertips. he cannot even describe this feeling; it's far apart from merely happiness. Ryan already stops referring to Iannae with horrific anymore inside his mind. Suddenly Iannae starts breathing heavily. It's compelling Ryan being anxious. He tried to massage her hands so that she can withstand his warmth but two heavy tears pour out from her big closed eyes along with the name she whispered only once "Ignis" It made Ryan stiff as soon as he heard a man's name from the mouth of the soul he held dearly. It did make him feel all the agony in the univ
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