High speed leveling system

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High speed leveling system

By: Harusaki CompletedSystem

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An adult computer programmer Rin has himself transported to another world after having a lucid dream. Starting from nothing, he uncovers that he can use the world system and is able to use a powerful magic called star fall that destroys everything around him and makes him gain lots of experience causing him to level up at high speed. He becomes more magic as he travels and meets lots of girls who will play significant roles in his life in this new world.

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  • dmacd


    Enjoyed the adventure. I hope author persists with the characters and storyline. Ends like there has to be a 2nd season.

    2023-10-19 13:58:49
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114 chapters
Chapter 1
A great number of stars wander above the night sky. Sometimes a glimpse of a shooting star made people the most fleeting moment. They then recite their wishes from the depths of their heart. Shooting stars is nothing but a meteorite. Accompanied by a thunderous roar, the mass falls upon the earth with overwhelming speed.There might be people who enjoy seeing them far far away. But no one would want to see this downpour nearby.And right now hundreds of meteorites are falling in front of my eyes.I shouldn't say it like it's other people's business. This disaster is unmistakably caused by me.Due to my thoughtless choice about 10 minutes ago, now meteorites gouge the earth.Striking dozens of kilometers away, trampling down the [enemies] there. From the corner of my viewpoint, the red dots on the radar are disappearing along with their lives.And then, a while after most of the meteorites disappear into the earth the slightly delayed sounds reach with a bit of ground tremor.Before t
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Chapter 2
I seem to have fainted for two hours following the severe pain after the Meteor Shower receded.Time is displayed on the menu. Convenient.My body is half buried in the ground.Huh? I can't get up...Feels like you can't get out of bed during winter.My hands seem to move but menu operation is troublesome since it feels heavy.If only I had ESP to operate the menu and check the log.When I imagined such a thing, it happened. Truly a dream. It's unrestricted in strange places.When I saw the log while thinking that, the message [Rin Level Up] showed up.After continuing for a while, I finally found a different message log.> Skill [Summoning Magic: Foreign World] Acquired.> Summoning Magic [Meteor Shower] Acquired.[Meteor Shower] Is that meteorite summoning magic, right?A magic that does not exist in FFW. Summoning magic is only supposed to summon spirits or golems. Though the world part bugs me. There is no [Foreign World] in either FFW or WW. It bothers me even for a dream.The [Le
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Chapter 3
Moving on with this and that on the third day. The clock has crossed 0. I'm not sure if it's really the third day since I slip off the clock every 4 hours.Since I'd get tired if I slept on this wasteland's rough ground, I keep walking instead. There's a full moon tonight so there's no problem with visibility.Having the principle of saving the best dish the last, it's time to check for the weapons and armor.I sort the type to show materials and corpses. According to the log, There are only a few lizardmen and dragonette corpses. This is most likely because of the meteorite, having received the full blow, there won't be many remains. However, there are a lot of dragon's corpses. Defeated Log shows that there are 2-3 times as many. This place becomes like a dragon version of an elephant's graveyard.Most are materials from body parts, but there are also iron ingots, medicinal plants, timber, and stone. They're probably from the things crushed by the meteorites. Random body parts and sc
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Chapter 4
On the 8th day, I finally found a village-like place on the wide-area map.I sprinted to the village. However there's no presence of people according to the map. I wonder if they're taking refuge or got destroyed. No, they should've gone back if they were taking refuge since it's been one week.Before long I reached the junction road heading to the village.There stood a crude guidepost on the roadside. A 1.5 meter commonly made stick nailed to the ground. The destination is written with something like ink."I can't read it..."Something is written there, but I can't read it at all. At least, it's different from all the languages I recognize from the real world. In fact, it looks like some sort of fictional writing from a game.I keep the map on maximum magnification, showing a wide area.While feeling slightly irritated for not being able to read the long-awaited clue, I hit the junction on the map. There's no actual meaning to this action, but this time it seems to be a bull's eye."
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Chapter 5
I finally got to Seryuu City.Let's strip it naked with [All Map Exploration]!The population is around 120,000. It's a remote region within Shiga Kingdom ruled by an earl. 95% are from the human tribes, and the other 5% are beast tribes, scale tribes, and fairy tribes. The average level is 2-3. The highest level is an old man magician who is 48. The knights range from 5-20 with most of them on 8-12. Normal soldiers are around 5-7. There are a lot of bows as a dragon countermeasure. Male to female ratio is 5:6 with lots of females. It's unknown whether it's because of a difference in birth rate or because of a high male mortality rate.Unexpectedly, townspeople only have a few skills. Most of them have 1-3 skills, some even none. Having 20 or so skills may be the exception rather than the rule.Only a few magicians exist. There are only around 2,000 people with magic skills. 90% of them have Livelihood magic while the remaining 10% seem to belong to the country's army.It's as expected
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Chapter 6
A slight unrest began to arise inside my mind when I went shopping in the earl's territory metropolitan, Seryuu City.It's a few minutes walk to the east of Martha's mother's inn.Come to think of it, I haven't heard the name of the inn, the map says Monzen Inn; is that it?Immediately after entering a series of food stalls, I smell something good.Eh? Isn't this the smell of soy sauce?Okonomiyaki and crepes are being baked on an iron plate. The seasoning seems to be soy sauce. Just as I thought, it's fine to call this a dream. There's no way soy sauce exists in a fantasy!Even though I've just had a meal, I buy one of them."Yep, it's delicious."I want pork cutlet sauce rather than soy sauce. The other stalls seem to be frying something that looks like croquettes. What a high-food culture for a fantasy!I'm going around various stalls, trying various foods."How much is this gabo for 3 servings?""It's 2 Pennies.""Expensive, isn't it 1 penny?""Young ma'am, like that, we couldn't e
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Chapter 7
My heart broke when Martha said that a bathroom was not available except at the lord's castle. Since the food and sanitation culture of the town was pretty high, I thought that bathrooms also mattered.I thought of bathing in the room with the tub, but since it'd get the room moldy due to the moisture, I was told to do it in the backyard since it also has a well.The backyard is about 6 tatami wide. The well is not that far from the back door, it's not equipped with a pump, and is the type that uses buckets to draw water, usually used in older days. I'm using one of the two wooden tubs available.I thought that I would struggle but thanks to my high (STR) status, it was easy.Thought they said backyard, the fences are only around my waist high. Even though there are only a few pedestrians in traffic, there are still some. It's already dim during the dusk but if I take a bath in a place like this, isn't this like an exhibition?When I look around, there's a partitioning screen near the
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Chapter 8
The inner wall is mostly occupied by mansions of the nobles and the wealthy, while the shops are only located on the side of the main street leading to the castle.When we arrived at the inner wall, we got off the carriage and started taking a stroll around the luxury shops guided by Nadi-san."This is the shop that sells the high-class armor for the knights. The shop doesn't only have metal armor. Sometimes they have magic armor available. You'd need dozens of gold coin for that~""This one here is the largest jewelry shop around. Especially their service for ruby and sapphire is the best in the kingdom. As for commoners, I recommend Liz jewelry across the street.""If you want robes tailored, then this shop is good. Although it had been on the wane for a bit; last year, after the son who came back from the royal capital succeeded the shop, it became awfully popular. Since 1 article cost around 2-3 gold coin, commoners don't come here but it may be a good idea for merchants who just g
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Chapter 9
I came to the rooftop of a building where the plaza can be seen.From there I could see the demon and dozens of soldiers encircling it. Furthermore, the soldiers from the gate are protecting the magicians behind them.Maybe the knights are seeing a chance for assault, the cavalries joined into formation with the soldiers in the back.The demon became the victim of the spear thrusts and arrows by the soldiers from the back.Apparently, the demon is playing around.The assaults don't do anything, he catches the soldiers who attack him and seems to enjoy breaking their bones.If the demon is the same existence as the ancient one, the soldiers probably taste terrifying fear and anger from seeing their friends killed."Now then, it's good that I'm back, but there is no room to intervene in close combat."My appearance differs from what I wore earlier, now donning a worn-out cloak with a hood. Since I know that it'll get dirty anyway, I don't wear the expensive one.I take out the magic gun
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Chapter 10
I take out a two-handed sword from the shadow of my mantle.At the same time, the magicians begin their counterattack, after waiting behind their formation.Fireball, Firestorm, Wind Blade, Lightning. 3 systematic magics assault the demon one after another, and it also lands on me who is seemingly petrified near the demon.Furthermore, more attacks come after a bit. Stone Bullet, Sandstorm, Water Ball, Snowstorm.The last one to arrive is simply a pillar of light piercing through heaven.>[Fire Magic Skill Acquired]>[Wind Magic Skill Acquired]>[Lightning Magic Skill Acquired]>[Fire Resistance Skill Acquired]>[Wind Resistance Skill Acquired]>[Earth Magic Skill Acquired]>[Water Magic Skill Acquired]>[Ice Magic Skill Acquired]>[Earth Resistance Skill Acquired]>[Water Resistance Skill Acquired]>[Ice Resistance Skill Acquired]>[Light Magic Skill Acquired]>[Light Resistance Skill Acquired]The log flowed at a great speed.Maybe because of my level, the damage isn't much, but unpl
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