MAGIC: The Rise of Tom Salisbury

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MAGIC: The Rise of Tom Salisbury

By: Ezindu Daniel OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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In our era, where science and technology dominate, magic and the like are always dismissed as myths and legends, elements of folklore. However, a boy named Tom crops up from the rural areas of Detroit. Tom, was a lover of books, a science freak, and an ardent admirer of magic. During his high school days, Tom found a book from one of the world’s most secret occult groups; The Order of the Chalice. This book led him to an unprecedented adventure into the depths of the most hidden places in the world. Meanwhile, Tom’s unrequited lover, Heidi, was worried about Tom and insisted on pursuing him. Tom left home after hijacking his father’s pension funds in search of the Stone of Heka which the occult book told him of. Heidi, on the other hand, cut a frustrated figure as Tom eluded her. Sometime in the future, decades after he left his family, Tom resurfaced. But now, as the ‘vulle guze cha’; the magic Overlord of the Order of the Chalice. Many catastrophic events heralded his ascension and emergence. This caused the States, politicians, and the Order of the Chalice surviving members to become alert. The state thought that a major terrorist group had attacked, while politicians confused, concocted many conspiracy theories in pursuit of the culprit. However, the Order of the Chalice was frenziedly preparing for the homecoming and true ascension of the legendary ‘vulle guze cha’ who will lead them to the limelight, and bring back the golden era of magic. Heidi, who was done with her college education, has been in pursuit of Tom and is the only one who knows his whereabouts. Tom, however, seeks supremacy. He wants to rule the world. An inevitable war will ensue but only Heidi can save the day.

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2040"Hello Sheltiel, what's up man? What's happening, what's all this rubble? "Dude Mr. Shanamon is dead.""Shanamon? Which Shanamon? Shanamon the bald one? I wanna know which Shana…. ""The Shanamon, the one we all know, the school principal is dead," Shel said in one breath. "What? You're kidding me! What do you mean by he's dead, what exactly… ""You've got eyes, don't you?"Skid was caught off guard by this question… "Yeah… so…?""Then use it. You can't see the rubble in front of you? Where's our School administrative building, your father's snake gobbled it right?. Sheltiel started blowing off some steam. "Man just damn it okay? Just damn all those kiddy questions of yours okay? I'm off. ""Come Shel, where are you going? " Skid ran to catch up. "To the cafeteria, don't bother asking, I'm not buying you lunch" he waved his hands. "O..Okay" Skid stammered back. ...At the Cafeteria"Man… see the news" Skid pointed to the flat-screen Samsung Television on the Cafeteria wall.
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The Order of Secrecy, Guardian of the Lost Arts
2040"Grandmaster, How do we know who's the risen Overlord? How do we get him over? ""The vulle guże chä will be drawn by the mighty power of the Chalice at the sphinx of hotblooded heka. The problem is that we need to embark on the quest to find out the particular location of the heka drawn by the risen Overlord to make him know that we are his subordinates.""How many options do we have my Grandmaster? That we may launch forth before the heathens behave unrulily. ""Since the time of the last vulle guże chä, no one has been able to explore and comprehend the Stone of Heka told in the legends of our dear Chalice, so, how can we possibly know where to look at? " he turned his gaze to the mason who just asked the question. "According to the books, " he continued, "the Stone of Heka is laid beneath the void under a sphinx of a red-blooded queen. This could be the Buddha sphinx, the Greek sphinx, or the image beyond the mounds of the Holy Land. ""We shall make sure to by hook or crook
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The Boy Tom
2016Tom was a boy who loved his computer desk and classroom desk more than anything. You can say he is a lover of desks. Often, you'll see him in his classroom head down and peering over large folds of books. He has the habit of always leaning on his desk, then reading from his books placed on his laps. Sometimes, you'll wonder why desks were made in the first place; probably for a headrest. Back to Tom, Tom was a totally lovable boy, always gleaming with his jade white teeth set like almonds on his bountiful cheeks. He was always giggling whenever you see him on one of the rare occasions where he will appear on the playground. The most beautiful part of Tom's personality is that he is the guru-kind of guy, expansive knowledge in that his brain is hidden by his onion-ball-cut hair, and bubbly. The air bubbles whenever he is present. Tom loves some particular types of books; magic books. He's always intrigued and eager to know more whenever he picks a book on magic. He wonders why
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Tom sped off to school the next morning after waving a hearty goodbye to his parents, and of course, they waved back almost giddily. It is a known fact that although Tom is not a sadist, you won't be wrong if you classify him as one. His parents were overjoyed seeing him in such a happy mood, it is rare to see so much mirth coming from him. However, one thing that they don't know is that Tom is a chameleon. Tom can switch moods as if it's chewing gum, he can make the atmosphere bubble while dying inside, he's just a flip. Midway to school, Tom changed direction, veered off to an unbeaten path, and entered a slum, there he switched clothes. In a twinkle of an eye, he was already out wearing a totally new set of clothes. A rueful smile could be seen on his lips as he wondered… "Who'd have known that a little boy like me will have these kinds of ideas and be bold enough to implement them? " his smile grew wider, "they know nothing at all. "With this, he hailed a cab and off to the cit
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Tom woke up with a start! 'What a dream, no, not a dream, I traaa..veel…, no what am I saying, shit, what's the time? Seven forty-five, what the… 'He dropped off from the bed, 'mum must have been calling, school, oh forget that, what was it about last night? ''Dulce, Dulce Mexico. What's Dulce doing in my dream? Shintiel or what? No, not right, Shel.. Shel.., ouch my head hurt... Sheltiel yes! That's the name but I don't even know who he is. What the he…''Yes mummy am coming down ''School day, no, I have to rush back to the library, I need to understand what that book told me, the thing is getting my head jumbled up. Oh, what? ''You are going back to a book that plays with your head son? Why do you do this to yourself? You… ''Enough! Stop talking to me you Billy goat. You're at it again, you are in my head, how did you even get there? ''Am going to show you places you have never seen before, I will make you know what none of your predecessors ever knew, I will bar
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The Plan
"You're indeed he. The chosen one. Yet, the road is still to be walked on. The treasures still to be unearthed. So many passages will appear to mislead… ""I need to copy this out, this sounds familiar to all those ancient riddles. This book has one sinister attribute of erasing previous texts. I don't know if it's an Android device in disguise, it updates its software. '' Tom brought out his notebook and pen and immediately set to work. "... Golds have been stolen, silver has been vandalized, bronze holds no glamour. The sacrifice of oneself to achieve true Immortality. On the way to understand yourself, to unravel the origin of man. At the base of the world. ""You have conquered the first hurdle that has diminished the substance and cognition of many a past who have dared to tread on the maps of this book. The unworthy shall not read thereof. I have questioned you, opposed you, and tested you, and you have proved yourself capable in both mentality and intuition to journey the way
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I am Heidi
Tom was very worried, there's no how, he can crack this clue all by himself, he has reached his limit and what he can make out from the words was next to nonsense. 'Who can I enlist his help?' Tom thought, no one came to mind. He has no true friend in the school he can run to, nor one in the neighborhood. 'Okay there's a boy I talked to the other day in the city library, he's always coming to the library and seems like the intelligent type to me ' he thought. 'but no, the boy will get curious and what if he's more intelligent than me or also has a high affinity towards this kind of riddles, I will be running at risk of losing everything. No, I won't meet him, but who else? ' Tom was running down in his mental reserve. 'I will have to go to school again tomorrow to know if by chance I can find a way to scale through this hurdle even if it's an improvement or clue, it's something. O this is school I'm school and I'm planning on going to school tomorrow, when I'm already in school, surel
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Solving the Clue
"Heidi, I would like to ask you to help me do something. ""Sure, what is it? ""It's just ehm… important ehm puzzle that I have not been able to crack. It's really important. Will… ""Yes, show me that. " Heidi answered before he could even finish. "Can we go outside, under the pine tree, or do we go to my desk? " "Anywhere, just anywhere with… yeah the desk. " Heidi almost blabbered. "what? Anywhere with what? " Tom asked."Nothing, it's nothing, I… " Heidi started stuttering. "Okay, do we then go to my desk? Tom said, gesturing with his thumb. "Okay then, Ada I'm coming. "The both of them left to Tom's desk where Tom brought out his notebook and opened it to where he jotted down the words from the Mr. Head. "You're indeed he. The chosen one. Yet, the road is still to be walked on. The treasures still to be unearthed. So many passages will appear to be misleading. Golds have been stolen, silver has been vandalized, bronze holds no glamour. The sacrifice of oneself to a
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Newspapers were ruffling, books turned with furious intensity. The phone light kept on shining with intermittent beeps of pim pim pim pim. Someone was donning a glass which he takes on and off at intervals peering over the spread books splattered all over his desk one after the other. Small rivulets flowed down his cheeks to the rivers created by his steaming sweat. The ball tip and the butt of the pen bore all the punishments from his gnashing teeth. The atmosphere was literally bubbling with the sweetest simulation of the struggles of man and the distress of childbirth before the cheers. The rickety-crickety old table and chair bore the brunt of this epic moment in mankind's history with silent constraint and squeakers of complaints. The pitch huey darkness provides the best light background to this epic drama of the wars of heaven. The soul of man triveth to learn, to challenge, to conquer, and rule all that appeals to his consciousness. The cosmos plays with us the game of the m
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Tom went shopping in the local market, got some food and groceries, he had decided to cook daily to minimize spending as he does not know how long it will take him to accomplish his mission in Egypt. He has a gas cylinder and a small pot, thanks to his willingness, he had learned how to cook from his mom. As he was making his way to his tent, a word pricked his ear, someone was calling his name. 'but no one knows my name here, so, who's asking about me. He leaned a little closer cautiously to get the whole picture, and to his horror there stood a man with the typical Arab garment holding up a picture of him and showing it to the man who rented him his tent, the guide. Tom covered his mouth and made for the opposite direction immediately. When he turned again, he saw them lingering around his tent. He was devastated, all his documents, all his belongings are in that tent and there's no way he can leave the premises without them. He needs the credit cards and the account checkbooks, al
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