My Nanotech System

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My Nanotech System

By: MQTcelestialwriter OngoingFantasy

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Multitude of worlds exist in the cosmos which holds uncountable number of Primordial races.Unknown number of Invasions happening in the entire cosmos as the battle for supremacy raged throughout the worlds. The human world, Xavier,was invaded by the Hell dimension. With the human technological advancement,we managed to hold them back but we were rapidly losing ground. That was when the first hellish monster was killed leaving behind a core,as the existence of Abilities became a reality. Elements powerful enough to render nuclear weapons useless against them was harnessed by humans as the peaceful world of Xavier changed to that were the strong are respected and the weak could only grovel beneath their feet. The descent of the Hell dimension forcefully awakened the dormant dimensional energy of Xavier as it's inhabitants discovered that they could sense an aspect of the dimensional energy. But what if there was an anomaly.One who could sense all aspects of dimensional energy but absorb none of it.One whose touch could never awaken an ability core. His dreams were immediately dashed away as everyone came to know him as trash but he always had a person who was always with him,his mother. But what will happen when he discovered she was a princess of an ancient primordial race and her birth to him was just to help her understand the emotions of a mother and better severe them inorder to ascend as a celestial. //A lost hope,A burning anger,a burning thirst for true origin,a will to go against fate// //All requirements have been met// //Congratulations,you have awakened The Nanotech System// Follow the adventure of a young man who stepped through entire cosmos battling thousands of primordial races with the lost legacy of an Ancient Supreme race.


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  • MQTcelestialwriter


    Hello readers.I'm MQT, author of the book.Since I'm the author,I'm not going to be stingy with the stars. Of course,since there's no such thing as a perfect book,at least I don't know of one,there could be some mistakes in the story.I will welcome all constructive criticism with open arms.Thank you

    2023-07-11 02:01:29
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Do you think I'm evil ?
In a gigantic blood red planet,an army consisting of colossal beings could be seen numbering in tens of thousands as they all gathered together, with madness in their eyes.Horrifying auras were present around them as space could be seen shattering continuously around them as if it was unable to hold them in place.Yet with how strong they visibly are,a type of seriousness could be seen on their face as if they are about to face their most incredible foe yet.A gigantic golden coloured gate suddenly appeared in the sky as a young man of about twenty slowly walked out of the gate.His spotlessly white face was like crafted by perfection itself as a crystal could be seen in his forehead flaring with beautiful blue light.On his handsome face held a sad emotion as he stared at the colossal beings below him.Those with weapons held it even tighter as sweat drops could be seen slightly rolling down their temples on the sight of the young man.The sad smile on his face slowly turned cold as a r
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Shane Atherston
"For some years now,our human world has been invaded by the Hell dimension.It was as a result of spinning in their orbit as that causes spatial cracks to emerge between both worlds causing the hellish beings to descend into our world.Of course such an invasion will have it's own consequences on Xavier.So do I have anyone who can mention that to me."A female teacher wearing a knee length skirt and a green coloured top with long green hair said to the entire class as she adjust her spectacle.On the side of her pocket one could see an emblem written in it was staff of Star Bright Academy."Yes,can you help us with the question Shane."she said as she stared at a young man who was resting his head on the table no doubt already gone a little."Shane,ShaNE"she said her voice rising by a few octave.The sleeping young man immediately jerked off from the desk as he stared at the green haired teacher in front of him.A burst of small giggles erupted in the class as they stared at the sleepy y
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The Only Pillar
Shane slowly arrived in the kitchen as he saw his mom,her back to him.A naughty thought filled his mind as he thought of giving her the scare of her life.He quickly moved towards one of the wardrobes present in the kitchen as he could here his mom's footsteps advancing towards him as he made up his mind to jump out from the wardrobe and give her the scare of her life.But her footsteps slowly receded as she flung the hot pan towards the holder just above him but her target failed as the pan landed on his head with a 'pang' sound.Shane almost screamed out in pain as his eyelids twitched continuously."Uh" a melodious sound emerged in the kitchen as Diana slowly headed back to the fry pan.She noticed it made an odd sound as she slammed the pan on the opening three times."The sound is oddly soothing" she said as she giggled foolishly too herself."Let's try it ten more times" a shrill cry like that of a chicken being slaughtered immediately emerged from the wardrobe as Shane quickly st
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Shane's Anomaly
The invasion of the Human world, Xavier by the hell dimension caused the dormant energy present on Xavier to awaken.This in turn enabled the humans to possess abilities as they became attuned to different aspects of the dimensional energy.With a monster core,related to ones ability,one can easily gain the ability present in the core and improve the power by absorbing dimensional energy.Although everyone can sense dimensional energy,they can only sense a minor part of it,and absorb only that minor part.Like a fire elementalist, they'll be able to sense the fiery red particules present in the air and absorb it only,and nothing else.But Shane was very different in that he can sense more than one aspect of dimensional energy in the air.Fiery red particules of fire,blue vapour particules of water,golden light particules of metal, dirty brown particules of earth and uncountable number.He seem to him, he'll always sense a new one anytime he entered meditation.An incredible and unrivaled t
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Level one swordsman.
"So can you still sense it"A gentle voice said into Shane's ears as he gave a small nod."Then try to call it in,as gently as you can"Shane did as told as he urged the particles which moved towards him but got bounced away from him when they were lesser than an inch from him.He slowly opened his eyes as he stared at his mum."It's still not working"Shane said with a sign."It will one day."Even though it was pretty clear Shane had no talent for dimensional energy in him.His mother always insist on the meditation and trying to sense as much as he can and also try to absorb every single day."Activate Stage Two"She said to the room's AI as the virtual green grass on the ground slowly opened up.A Six armed human shaped mechanical robot with Six katanas slowly emerged from the ground.In the world where power almost means all.Next to dimensional energy talent was combat strength.That was why his Second every day training was fighting the robot.Since he had no dimensional energy in him
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A necklace
Shane could feel his own heart pounding madly against his rib cage,as he was feeling very nervous.What would his father give to him for successfully becoming a Level one.A great and powerful sword or powerful technique that can enable him to now absorb dimensional energy.Shane knew what he needed the most right now,so he prayed for it.They slowly arrived in the living room,as his mum placed her hands on a random wall."Open"The wall slowly opened up,as Shane stood there with shock as he never knew of an opening being present there before.Looking into the place,he could see see flight of stairs that extended deeper into the ground.His mum grabbed a flaming stick present on the wall as she moved down the stairs while Shane followed closely behind her.As they moved deeper into the ground,he could feel something strange about the place.The walls were made of bricks and radiate and ancient aura.Seeing a brick on a wall is close to impossible right now,as that was something that can be d
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A change in fate.
Shock and annoyance was present on Shane's face, mostly due to the sudden of the attack and also the thought of being caught by his bullies.He wanted to scream and make a run for it,when suddenly he saw the huge fat hands and they seem a little familiar.Suddenly Shane's eyes dilated as he screamed:"Put me down you damn fatty"Shane felt his tightly squeezed stomach lighten up a little as he released from the grasp.Slowly turning black,he could see a dark haired young man before him.He was at a height of 1.9 metres tall,and so fat to the point of obesity.Two huge cheeks that jingles anytime he moved was present on his face taking about 60% of the entire space as his mouth was covered in remnants of chocolate bars.This was Lucas Miller,the school's number one best chocolate eater and the fattest.Shane's best buddy and saviour."Tch,you damn Lucas, you're so fat yet you can walk so sneakily without making a single noise.How many times I've I told you to stop carrying me like that."he
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Weather Change?
"All examination questions completed""A minute left before time ends.""Do you wish to submit"Shane breathed a sign of relief as he stood up from the seat he has sat on almost 5hrs already."Time passed"The notification beeped again as Shane found himself back in the class.He stared in amazement at the middle aged man whose chin has been raised even higher.The gaze the whole class looked at him changed as this was an awakener,a person above peak humanity.The man slowly tapped his watch as a holographic image appeared in the air informing them of their scores.Looking at the holographic image1.Ava Addams95/100Additional star points gained 0.52.Shane Atherston 80/100Additional star points 0.423.Oliver Syntex70/100Additional star points 0.344.Robin Crimson54/100Additional star points 0.22Shane looked at the list as he found his name in the 2nd place which elicited a nod from the middle aged man and caused the entire class to look at him strangely as Shane found the haugh
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My existence was just a chess piece?
Three beings came out of the gate as pressure flood into the world.While everyone has been sent to their knees from the pressure.There was someone who was still standing and that was Shane.Even though Shane looked up at the three men in the sky.He never stopped for even one second as he continued running home which wasn't much farther away.Three men came out of the gate,the first standing at the front was about 2 metres tall.He wore a golden crown on his head and exactly a normal human except for his slightly longer and pointy ears and his purplish snake eyes.The two others stood behind him, their heads bowed slightly as they followed behind the man respectfully.One thing was common though,even though they were thousands of corpses present in the entire place.There wasn't a ripple at all in their face which was completely emotionless."Step,Step,Step"Every step the man took made the pressure on Xavier increased even more as all levitating cars and spaceships were sent reeling into t
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A lost hope,A burning anger,a thirst for true origin.
"Stop" the voice was too Shane,a last hope from his hopelessness.His eyes slowly opened as he discovered the white fingers hovering around his forehead just an inch from touching his head.Just an inch from sending him to his death.His grandfather slowly turned back as he stared at his daughter his mouth agape.Since she was a perfect Celestial,that means she's perfectly severed her motherly emotions,she'll feel absolutely no emotions towards Shane anymore.But she actually stopped him from eradicating this disgrace."Do not mistake my request for plead,father"His mother said with absolutely no emotions at all in her voice."Then what might you be implying my daughter."he said his hands still hovering around Shane's head."I feel he's just an ordinary mortal,who will be unable to absorb dimensional energy and unable to cultivate.With that his fate has been set to stone already, he'll die an ordinary mortal's death.He wouldn't be able to cause any ripple in the absolute cosmos.None that
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