Realm Of Kings

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Realm Of Kings

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Jax was transported into a game life world where there were Kings every where and kingdoms where being destroyed every time and in order to survive he had to get stronger to the extent that no one can control his destiny, and with the help of the system he might just be able to become the greatest king of the waste lands.

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  • Wilson M


    i will fallow your books rn i just spent all my money to unlock your chapters of the golem mage on wn

    2023-09-07 02:25:01
  • Snowwriter


    Great read, ten out of ten. This is one of the best I have ever come across. Waiting for more updates.

    2023-04-24 02:35:29
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96 chapters
In a cluttered room, Jax leisurely indulged in his favorite junk food while mentally preparing for his next session of online gaming.Jax had established himself as one of the top online gamers, effortlessly raking in a significant stream of income from his successful gaming career.All he desired was to get his hands on the latest popular game that was still in the beta stage and was not yet released, he fantasized on how he would play it until he achieved fame and recognition as one of the top-ranking players.He would then upload videos on KingTube, showcasing his fast leveling strategies and further enhancing his financial success.Jax had quite the knack for turning a profit.In addition to his individual pursuits, he had also struck deals with various organizations and companies.His ultimate dream was to become one of the best players across all types of games.However, recently, an annouymous account had challenged him online, asserting that he wouldn't last in the about to rel
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Small Briefing.
Several hours had passed since Jax was transmigrated into this new world, and he had managed to sift through the overwhelming amount of new memories to extract the most critical information.Firstly, he discovered that he had entered a world called Realms of Kings, which was quite evident since it was the game that had brought him here. In this world, there were kings scattered throughout every corner of the vast lands , and based on his memories, the world seemed to be about twenty times larger than Earth.Though there were kingdoms everywhere, not all of them were prosperous. Some were merely subsidiaries of larger kingdoms. Similar to Jax's situation, he was the son of a king from a Tier 4 kingdom who had thirteen children. His father had granted them portions of his kingdom to develop and become their own kings, but they all remained under his authority and had to pay tributes.These arrangements were common in the Realm of Kings, with other kings adopting similar practices, pa
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Definitely, Jax knew what a system was. After all, he had read plenty of fantasy novels and comics, which often featured protagonists who possessed some sort of "gold finger" or cheat to help them in another world. However, Jax never considered himself a protagonist, and also considering how he had died. But Nevertheless, he didn't mind having a system if it could assist him in surviving in this new world."Hello," a voice called out.Jax turned around to find a small, chubby blue creature with a baby-like face, seemingly flying with wings. He felt a bit startled as he studied the new being, but quickly realized that it harbored no ill intentions towards him. It wore a harmless smile on its face as it stared at Jax."Who are you?" Jax inquired.The creature replied, "Oh, don't tell me you're so oblivious not to realize, Well, I am the spirit instructor of your system. I'm here to guide you on how to grow stronger and survive better in this world.""Um, who created you?" Jax asked
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After Jax had finished discussing plans for the location of the barracks and camp with his team, he prepared to leave when he was suddenly halted by the leader of the builders, Again. who swiftly stepped in front of him."Hey, King, you may not be aware, but without the Town Hall, we won't be able to proceed with any other construction," the builder explained.Jax blinked in confusion. "Town Hall?, What's that supposed to be?"The leader of the builders sighed. "Take a look at where you're currently residing, boss, It's not yet a Tier 1 Town Hall, which means nothing will function properly, including the hiring of soldiers from the camp, your Town Hall is normally your Palace, home, or center of command."Jax let out a frustrated grunt. "So how much will it cost to get this Town Hall built?" he inquired."About 1000 Gold coins," the leader builder replied.Jax's eyes widened in disbelief. "What the hell! Fine, just get it done," he said as he took out another 1000 coins and paid t
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Connar The Babarian Lord
It had been over two hours since the builders had completed the construction of the Town Hall, as well as the army barracks and camps. Jax, who was still in his sleepy state, remained in their new home, allowing his wife to explore and familiarize herself with their Newly renovated House/Palace space. Jax respected her role as the lady of the house and didn't want to disturb her.However, his state of relaxation was interrupted when he received a notification informing him that both the Army camp and Barracks were now complete. A smug smile spread across his face as he couldn't contain the sheer joy he felt. Excitedly, he made his way to the designated location, only to find that it exceeded his expectations.The size of the structures far surpassed what had been described in the game guide that he read and What He Had In mind. It was evident that no magical instruments were used in their construction, as they were crafted with real wood from the surrounding forest and other Refin
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Tier 1 Wolf Wave.
It had been three days since Jax recruited the new soldiers and The hero "Connar" to protect himself and the town village people. And Gradually, the town Villages folk had grown to accept their presence. In these few days, the soldiers took on the responsibility of guarding the town. They often accompanied the villagers when they ventured outside the village to gather wood or mine ore. The soldiers ensured that everyone was protected, promptly dispatching any wild animals that dared to venture close to the perimeters of the forest or the mining sites.Once their tasks were complete, they would bring back the slain animals and leave them with Alicia.She would take the best cuts of meat for herself and distribute the rest among the men who had worked alongside the soldiers. The villagers were overjoyed to finally have a change in their diet. It had been ages since any of them had tasted meat, let alone the meat of wild beasts. In place of meat, they had relied on the fish they ca
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Defeating The Small Pack Of Wolves.
After the Tier 2 wolf let out a piercing howl, its pack became even more aggressive. Their black eyes turned red as they rushed towards the soldiers who were blocking their path in frenzy. On top of the hills, the onlookers held their breath, captivated by the unfolding battle, afraid to miss a single moment, as they prayed that there king would be able to defeat the beasts that have invaded there lands."Charge!!!" Connor's voice commanded, and around 100 soldiers broke free from the formation, as brandishing their raised Cubs before they clashed with the Demonic Wolf beasts.The villagers, witnessing the spectacle, never expected what they saw. They anticipated a struggle between the soldiers and the wolves at least as they prayed there new vullage soldiers would be able to put up some type of defence due to fate even when they felt it was quite unlikely, but the soldiers proved to be overpowering. They struck the wolves with precision, stunning them, and before the wolves had
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Money Hungry Wife
[ 2000 coins gained for killing a Tier 2 Red Striped Wolf][ 1000 spirt coins gained for killing a Tier 2 Red Stripe Wolf][ 8200 Coins gained for killing Tier 1 Striped Wolf ×41 ][ 4100 Spirit Coins gained for killing Tier 1 Striped Wolf ×41 ]Jax was suprised to see the rewards he got for killing the Wolves, he was still thinking of how he would be able to get spirit coins and this wolves just came to deliver thereselves, giving Alec a simple example of how to gain spirit coins fastHe quickly opened his status window[Status Tab]Name : Jax FreemanKing level : Tier 1 KingLand level : TownCoins : 13,200Spirit Coins : 8,600The moment he saw the new amount he had acquired he was really happy and a slight smirk was formed at the corner of his lips as he stared at the huge sum of Coins and Spirit Coins he now hadAt least he felt with this amout of coins he should be able to make some great upgrades to his town, but while Alec was lost in his systemThe villagers cheered as they f
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Jerome Freeman
The man dressed in flashy clothing finally approached them, and Jax managed to catch a clearer glimpse of his face.And Memories flooded his mind as he recognized the familiar figure leading the horse-drawn army and dressed in extravagant attire.The man rode until he reached the area where the bodies of the fallen Wolves lay, prompting the soldiers behind him to halt as well.With a gentle dismount, he lovingly caressed his horse's head before making his way towards Jax and Alicia.His gaze held a certain charm as he took in the surroundings.Upon reaching their front, he paused and smiled."It's been a long time, little brother!" the fashionably dressed man exclaimed.In that instant, Jax's memory finally connected the dots.The flashy-dressed man was none other than his brother, Jerome Freeman, his father's eleventh child.Jerome ruled the Kingdom closest to Alec's village, as a king there too."What brings you here, Jerome?" Jax asked,his fists clenched as he recalled the mistreat
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Shameless On Another Level
"I don't think that's any of your business, right?" Jax replied with a frown on his face. He could sense that his cunning brother was attempting to pry into his secret of how he managed to eliminate so many Tier 1 wolves in such a short time. Jerome was taken aback by Jax's response. He had anticipated various different reactions from Jax, but a direct dismissal was not one of them."Well, don't act so greedy for a little information, I just thought you would be proud to boast about your warriors who are less equipped," Jerome jeered at Jax's soldiers, who clearly lacked proper equipment and even had their upper bodies exposed, The warriors accompanying Jerome burst into laughter, but Jax simply stared at Jerome with indifference."Don't be like that, considering I did warn you about the impending war with the orc empire," Jerome attempted to coax Jax into revealing his secrets. He had a hunch that whatever was responsible for the swift disappearance of the Tier 1 wolves was an ex
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