Rise of the Commoner: Johnny Burns's The Lost Heir

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Rise of the Commoner: Johnny Burns's The Lost Heir

By: MadRevenant Updated just nowFantasy

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Johnny Burns, a lowly, homeless commoner whose girlfriend had been cheating on him with a hotshot, was unprepared to be nearly killed on the way to deliver a package. Luckily, the Divine Power System awakened in his body, making him one of the rare people with superpowers. Now part of the elite, he discovered that he's the long lost heir to the Burns family, known for their fire power, but what they don't know is that he can do more than just use fire. With his unlimited power, he was going to take the world by storm. Mega Writing Prompt #002/MWP#002

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Chapter 1: The Day His Life Changed
Firing off a text, Johnny waited for the customer to come out and retrieve their items. He leaned back in his seat and took a moment to catch his breath. If things went well, he might get a tip to bolster his paltry income. Unfortunately, that was a small hope, as the company he worked for loved to take the employees' tips. Of course, they didn't say they were taking the tips. It would be illegal.However, the company had a policy where employees were guaranteed a certain amount per delivery, and if a customer paid below that number, then they would still only get what the company paid them. If it was more than that, the company would find some way to get their hands on the money. Basically, the company was trash and trying to cut corners.Johnny tapped impatiently on the wheel as the customer still hadn't arrived to take their package. They better come soon. He needed the money desperately, especially after his girlfriend dumped him. His head hit the wheel, and there was a loud horn
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Chapter 2: Got the Power
[The process is complete.][The user's body has returned to its optimal state.][The user may now use healing and fire.]Those words were the first thing to greet Johnny when he regained consciousness. As if to confirm the vadility of those words, he raised a hand and flexed it. There was no pain or difficulty in movement whatsoever. The system had truly healed his body from the brink of death without so much as a scar. The divine power system was really amazing."This is awesome," he whispered as he sat up.Johnny felt like a kid on a sugar rush. However, his childlike wonder was interrupted when a familiar face stomped towards him. It was the man from before who had nearly killed him with a single punch. He hadn't realized so little time had passed since he got the system. The thought of what happened earlier ignited his blood, and he abruptly stood up."How are you still alive?" the giant demanded as he pointed a meaty finger at Johnny. "Well, whatever. I'll make sure you stay dead
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Chapter 3: Impromptu Lesson
Johnny did the only sensible thing he could in this situation. He ran for cover as they threw wind and ice at each other. He wasn't crazy enough to take on two women who had many more years of experience with their powers than he did. His fight with the giant had been luck on his part. He wasn't arrogant enough to think otherwise.As he hid around the corner of one of the buildings, he wondered if he could get away with just running away from the area. Despite all of the chaos around him, there were no people running or screaming. He wasn't sure why, but something was telling him that trying to run wouldn't end well for him. The only thing he could do for now was watch the two women fight.Rachel blocked another wave of icicles before flying into the air. From above, she launched a whirlwind of wind at Dorothy. The woman cursed as she raised her arms up to defend against the raging winds. Her long blue hair whipped around as her blue eyes narrowed. Suddenly, she threw her arms out, an
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Chapter 4: Next Step is Fighting
Fortunately, luck was apparently on Johnny's side today. At the last second, he was able to dodge the attack and watch as it cut a car in two. He swallowed, thinking that it could have been him. Turning his attention back to the women, he saw that he hadn't even been the intended target. If he was, he didn't think they would be focused on each other instead of him.[Don't worry. With your healing power, you should be able to recover from any attacks.]Johnny had forgotten about the healing power he had. "Would I really be able to survive being cut in half?"[As long as the injury isn't fatal.]Seeing the amended statement, he supposed the healing power had to have some drawbacks or else it would be too powerful. If he could heal from anything, he would basically be immortal. At first, he thought that would be a great power to have, but seeing the women fight, he took back his words. Immortality actually wasn't a great power, and he was glad that he didn't have it.[The user should foc
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Chapter 5: Rematch
The giant threw a punch at Johnny, who unleashed a torrent of flames similar to what he had done before. However, the distance between them was too short. His flames barely did any damage before he was struck across the face and sent flying. As he crashed into a building, Johnny had a sense of deja vu. This felt very similar to what happened before he gained his power.As Johnny struggled to sit up, he coughed up blood. He was only barely keeping himself from screaming in pain. It might have been because his face felt swollen, but it was close. However, he could feel his healing power working its magic. The problem was that it was happening way too slowly. The giant was charging towards him like a bull, and he couldn't get out of the way in time.This time Johnny really did scream in agony as he felt his bones, which hadn't been broken before, break from the force. He was close to blacking out as the giant grabbed his head and lifted him up into the air like a ragdoll. Unable to think
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Chapter 6: Coming Out on Top
Johnny briefly wondered if he secretly had another power at his disposal that only awakened because of the divine power system's presence. His luck today was just outrageous. It was actually kind of frightening. Well, he could have done without all the near death experiences. He was sure that he was going to have nightmares tonight if he got out of this mess."Who are you?" Dorothy demanded as she thrust her chin out haughtily.Now that he actually saw someone thrust out their chin in person, Johnny thought that it looked funny. He couldn't figure out how anyone thought they looked intimidating when they looked like they were desperately trying to stretch out their neck. Well, that wasn't important right now. What was important was that she looked pissed that he hadn't said anything.Rachel pushed back her hair as she said, "If you don't answer, you won't like what happens next."He had no doubt that she was telling the truth, so he really hoped that his new power was in effect. "I'm
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Chapter 7: Separate World
When the two women just gave Johnny confused expressions, he became highly concerned about their current situation. "I mean, it's not normal, right?"After he added that part, their expressions turned to understanding, though he didn't miss the glint in their eyes. His years of experience in customer service warned him that he should be wary of what they were about to say. Nothing good came out of it when someone had a certain look in their eyes, especially if they were young mistresses with powers."You do know that there are rules regarding fights between blessed," Dorothy said in a mocking tone."Yes, I do," he said slowly.It was a simple rule, which was to stay out of their way. Once they got into a fight, there was no way a regular human could get in between them. It would be a death sentence to try to stop them. Only another blessed could interfere. That's why he had tried to get away as soon as he could, until that crazy giant attacked him out of the blue."Then you would know
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Chapter 8: Anomaly
[An anomoly has occurred. Please vacate the premises immediately.]While Johnny had no clue what was going on, he knew a warning when he saw one. He didn't want to wait around and see what happened if he didn't listen to the system. Glancing back at the two women, he could see why their expressions turned ugly. It seemed very likely that they had gotten the same message and weren't happy about the news either."What do we do now?" he dared voice his thoughts out loud."We will have to get moving unless we want to be trapped here," Rachel calmly said.Johnny was anything but calm. Did she hear what she just said? She said they would be trapped in this place if they didn't leave right away. That was basically a death sentence, if he ever heard one. It was terrifying to see how calm the both of them were. That meant that this wasn't unusual and was likely a very common occurrence if they didn't bat an eye."What a pain," Dorothy said as she scratched at her head. "I hate it when that hap
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Chapter 9: Registration
Johnny didn't hear her chasing after him, so he took it as a sign that he was in the clear. Just in case, he kept walking without looking back. As he was thinking about how to get to the registration office, he groaned as he remembered how his car got totaled. Now he didn't even have a place to sleep. A sudden thought crossed his mind, and he frantically searched his pockets.He nearly screamed in frustration. His phone was gone. It must have been destroyed in the fight, along with his wallet. That was assuming they hadn't fallen out of his pockets from all the running he did. This was the worst. He literally had nothing to his name except for his clothes. Speaking of clothes, he noticed the stares he was receiving.Glancing down at his appearance, he could see why. That made why they hadn't taken a second glance at him earlier strange. He looked like he had been put through the wringer. He needed to change, but he didn't exactly have the money to pull that off. Hopefully, no one call
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Chapter 10: Secret Behind His Birth
When the Burns family had been mentioned earlier, Johnny never thought that he would be wrong and that the two women would have been right. Seriously, he never thought he was actually part of the Burns family. Well, that wasn't entirely correct. He had considered it long ago when he was young and wishing for a family, but he had gotten over it.Now he wasn't sure how he felt about this sudden revelation. The reasons he gave Rachel and Dorothy before crossed his mind. It made no sense for them to want to contact him now unless it was because he had developed his power. He frowned at the implication. They had thrown him out because they thought he wasn't deserving to be part of the family and were now doing a one eighty.At the sight of Johnny's frown, the scarred man quickly said, "You must be wondering why we're contacting you now of all times. The reason is simple. We were unable to track you until now."Johnny found that hard to believe, and it showed on his face. The Burns family w
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