Servant System

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Servant System

By: RandomGuy OngoingSystem

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When two civilizations clash with each other, a college student who was at the very front among his peers in his study experienced something he would never have thought of in his wildest dreams. After his second death, he returned to the place where he should have been but everything was unfamiliar to him. Not to mention, his way of using his new power makes him caught up in war he would never have expected. Would he be able to adapt in the new world or shall he be swallowed by it? And would he be able to uncover the truth of the invasion to his planet and deal with those who wished him harm from the underworld organization?

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47 chapters
As he saw the outstretched hand, he felt an indescribable chill freeze his blood and his eyes couldn't stay away from the sight before him. The distinctive smell of steel filled his nostrils and the darkened purple light disoriented his senses. Everything felt unreal. Whilst his mouth fell agape, he stared at the spot. Listening carefully as the dying whispers fell on his ears."Run… Yunzheng… Run…" Flickering flames spread over the wrinkled skin, causing ashes to peel away and drift into the air. The familiar figure's smile still hung on his lips despite his body decaying to nothing, with speed visible to the naked eye. Meanwhile, he who heard those last pleas of escape felt time slow down as his world turned darker. Much to his chagrin, no matter how much his brain told him to move, all he could do was sit on the ground, watching the man disintegrate while he rooted for a while.Heart thumping to the point it was about to come out of his mouth, a soft mumble echoed in his ears and
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Chapter 1
200 hundred years later.Whilst the warmth of dawn touched his eyelids, he roused from his slumber and glanced at his right side. There lay a sleeping, slender outline. Her subtle movements pulled his heartstrings before he went to kiss her cheek. As he watched her move to snuggle, he chuckled before getting off of his bed. "Where are you going?" A soft, melodious voice called out to him while he felt a gentle tug at his pinky finger. Turning his head, the woman was already wide awake and staring at him. Her curled lips pouted and for a second, he had the urge to reach out his hand to caress her face. "It's time," he replied, displaying his kindest smile before he flicked her forehead, "You go sleep some more. I have to organize the disciples.""Mm…" Closing her eyes, she raised her chin and waited. As his smile became wider, he went to touch her lips with his, before parting ways and walking to the already half opened entrance. "Your excellency!"Two guards stationed side by side
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Chapter 2
As the lifeless body fell to the ground with a thud, Yunzheng stared at it while he flicked his sword. The blood spattered around but not even a drop of it could be seen on his clothes. With a melancholic sigh coming out of his mouth, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket waist and stroked the blade."What a merciless man." A sarcastic tone appeared from all directions, making it harder for anyone to pinpoint the source. When he heard that voice, Yunzheng snorted. One of his eyebrows raised and he tightened the grip on his sword. At the same time, he guided his energy within and his vigilance raised. "Spare me the villain mockery," he spoke, glancing behind him even though it was an empty place, "It's such a cringe line that my ears couldn't bear to hear it."Out of thin air, a figure materialized and he stared at Yunzheng in silence. He wore black garments equipped with leather armor that covered all of his vital parts. With a black scarf which hid half of his face and a pair
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Chapter 3
Countless aches spread through Yunzheng's whole body whilst his eyes fluttered in discomfort. When he gasped, the body jerked around, causing his limbs to strike something hard. Darkness engulfed his entire sight and made him reach out his hands to feel the rough texture. The stench of old wood, its coarse surface, and the square shaped outline were familiar, lingering at the tip of his tongue. A notion flashed in his mind, prompting him to trace his own face, breath, and his chest, feeling the thumping within. Gripping his fist, the familiar surge of power flowed freely, albeit much thinner than before. Brows raised, he gulped and closed his eyes, recalling the scene of his last moment, which still gave a faint throb despite no injuries. "I am… Alive." he muttered, almost inaudibly with a resigned tone. Zhou Ye's face, along with more than dozens of elders and disciples appeared amidst the darkness. A heavy lump dropped on his guts, making him breathe slowly and snapped his attent
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Chapter 4
His gaze focused back on the display, Yunzheng narrowed his eyes and mumbled out loud, "Servant System?"Before long, Yunzheng realized that there was something that connected itself deep within his cultivated soul. It was a strange feeling, as if an invisible cord was tied into his heart, glabella, and dantian, the three spots where one's soul resided. Before he could probe the sensation further, a booming siren appeared and from the intersection, a black sedan was speeding to the opposite lane. However, instead of crashing at the incoming vehicles, the sedan easily went through them like some kind of hologram.The police cars chasing after them could only move to the right track while they tracked the car from afar. Later on, they went to other intersections and disappeared from sight. Meanwhile Yunzheng was rooted on the spot after he watched the event. He turned his gaze to the passerby below, using some of his little bit of energy left to exchange his vision. The expressions of
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Chapter 5
"That would be 2000 credits."Nodding his head, Yunzheng walked to the strapped device at the entrance of the bus and placed his Exwatch a few centimeters between them. A second later, soft buzzing noise emerged and blue lights scattered to scan the watch for a while until they disappeared completely. When he got off the bus, Yunzheng activated the watch on his right wrist right away and saw the hologram display, which told him that his balance had reduced by 2000 points. Fiddling with the little gadget a little more, Yunzheng thought that the item was indeed much more convenient to carry, replacing the smartphone industry and not to mention, the so called air touch was kind of cool. Because of his long age, he was rarely surprised since he knew most things in the cultivation world. This, however, brought quite a novel feeling to it. He gained his Exwatch and the credits thanks to the young college student before. Nothing a simple hypnotizing technique couldn't fix. Still, there wa
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Chapter 6
Dumbfounded. That was the reaction of all the people before him until the thugs realized that they were threatened by a superhuman. At first, they exchanged glances at one another before one at the far right with bushy beard and the goofiest tattoo of an octopus on his arm stepped forward and explained themselves. "Are you a Guardian? We belong to the Golden Coalition. We already have permits and this man signed our terms willingly."Yunzheng stared at the middle aged man who was only cowering and hung his head low, avoiding Yunzheng's gaze. Seeing that, some of the thugs sneered and the first bearded man smiled and tried to say something.But in the blink of an eye, Yunzheng already arrived at his side and grabbed the man's neck. Caught off-guard, the man let out a strange yelp as he was lifted, choked at the iron grip while his muscles shrunk and his strength leaving him in breakneck speed. His friends who watched that, quickly rushed to Yunzheng, drawing out knives simultaneously
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Chapter 7
Lunging down, Yunzheng gathered part of the energy into his hands as he recalled a fist technique. Yet, in midair, he saw one of the liquid-like limbs fly in his direction even though he should be at the man's blind spot. With his instinct screaming at him, Yunzheng sent the punch right at the tip of the limb and felt as if he was hitting a plate of steel. Using the little rebound of their confrontation, he flipped his body and gained more distance from his target. Still, the latter appeared to have expected the scenario and won't let him go so easily. Two more semi transparent tentacles went their ways to stab him. In the short period of time and a brief glance, Yunzheng tried to twist his body and dodge, but they still grazed the right side of his waist and left shoulder. Bleeding, he rushed to his opponent with the fastest speed he could muster. The world turned into a crawl and he noticed the scowl of the super, who was at least six feet tall, wearing white shirt with black jac
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Chapter 8
Scorching. That was the feeling he felt on every inch of his flesh and bones. Yet, contrary to everything, his blood felt ice cold, freezing water in the chilliest winter which rolled through the head to the toe.The two opposite extremes slowly forging him, breaking and molding him before they cooled and healed everything. A full display of both torture and europhia that the sickest masochist would enjoy. After some period, he felt itches spreading under his skin and the foulest stench flooding his nostrils. For the uneducated, foolish amateurs, they would reeled in reflex or ignorance, bringing more harm than good in a span of breaths. He held in those urges to scratch or even to move at all, of course. Staying still like he was nothing more than a stone and a stone he was. At last, the contrast sensation, together with the itches and all had subsided to the point it was barely noticeable. Opening his closed-tight eyes, he rose and walked to a corner. Retched the blackish substanc
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Chapter 9
The same tranquil atmosphere and night, a scene Wei Long had gotten used to after a few years of night shift. His partner, Cai Mo, was across from him, reorganizing the cards on the table as he yawned. The dozens of monitors on their side were ignored, functioning on their lonesome for in the history of this building, almost no one would dare to make a mess or trespass illegally. There were hardly any valuable properties for those who wanted to barge in. Not to mention, this was the nest of ready-battle veterans with an armory full of weapons to boot. Not to mention the supers stationed in this place, watching like hawks and crouching in the dark like a hunting cheetah. A suicidal mission, that what it was. Although this place indeed held all of the important documents that might even be priceless if you knew their value, raiding this place was nonsensical.Something Wei Long would have to rethink for the very first time, a loud noise blaring out. Surprising the hell out of him and
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