Swordsman Chronicles: Art of the Sword

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Swordsman Chronicles: Art of the Sword

By: Kurt Dp. CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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In a world infested with evil, swords came to power to protect the weak and slay the evil. An orphan who was just living peacefully got his life robbed from him when the evil has finally entered their home. As the people he treated as family got killed in front of him, he vowed to take revenge because the one who killed them is just one of those evil demons out there and that certain incident left him something that he will never forget. He became a swordsman to bring forth vengeance, but what he discovered beyond the walls is just surreal. And what he received is just something that threw the world off balance. Kendrick Griffin will now learn the art of the sword as a dual-blade wielder.

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  • Kimberly de Leon


    Great story ...

    2022-04-05 00:22:34
  • Samuel Oyedele


    can you do something about the promotion mumbo jumbo so that we can enjoy the later end of the story. thanks

    2023-08-30 06:34:22
  • Bazil Bisbikis


    amazing till u hit promotion chapters then it turns into a.fruitsalad repeated chapters book and new introduced characters all over the place very disappointing

    2023-02-25 15:49:08
  • Randy Pilger


    The book is really good but you ruined it with all the promotion chapters and chapters modifications

    2022-12-23 11:03:42
  • Robert


    Absolute bs, says completed and isn’t, don’t waste your money

    2023-09-04 23:03:42
  • Katalia369


    Good start then wasted time and money on promotion of other books and repeat chapters. Sad, because the story had potential.

    2023-06-20 16:18:43
  • Alanna K. Brown


    If I could give it a zero I would. Don’t bother reading it, it’s not finished and well over 10-20 miscellaneous chapters thrown in the book, either repetitions or chapters having absolutely nothing the do with the story. What a waste.

    2023-08-25 11:18:30
  • Abigail Hoo


    where is the ending chapter???

    2023-04-09 13:26:12
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128 chapters
It's the same dream. A baby in a crib and is hearing loud noises. What is causing those loud and piercing cries? What exactly is happening. And then, the same man, who has something red and thick trickling down his face is looking down at the baby in the crib. He was muttering something, but it was being muffled by the loud claps of thunder because of the storm outside. The man who has circular eyeglasses then placed a necklace around the neck of the baby and he then softly touched the face of this baby and then left the room by closing the door shut. A few more thunderous noises came outside and red light flashed through the holes of the door. Then, it went silent. Only the pouring rain can be heard and the flashes of lightning can be seen through the shattered windows. With one final shot of thunder, this blond boy woke up and opened his eyes that has the same color of the skies. He was sweating buckets and is breathing heavily again. The same dream, the same reaction. That dream
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The fight started with the winner already in the minds of the people around. Based on the stances, the brown-haired guy is the one showing how it’s really done. Kendrick on the other hand is just holding his sword near his stomach with both hands holding on the hilt. In other words, his stance is all over the place. The brown-haired dude was grinning as his win is already sealed,“Just raise your sword and admit defeat. It won’t hurt your reputation in swords as it’s already tarnished.” Says the brown-haired boy.Kendrick smirked,“Well, my reputation may be tarnished already, but I do want to pass this subject, even though I’m a complete dumbass in swordsmanship.” Kendrick answered as he then charged at his opponent.He swung his sword down at the opponent, but the brown-haired guy whose name is Eric blocked it and then parried it by shifting his grip over his sword. Eric then went to swing his sword sidewa
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Upon seeing his family laying lifeless on the floor, Kendrick lost all hope in his life and is just going to offer himself to the demon in front of him. As he kneeled on the floor, his grief and despair has engulfed him so much that he is crying without tears falling from his face. He is thinking that he’ll die anyway, so why bother showing emotions when the people you love are now on the floor covered in their blood that is getting mixed with the blood of others. The scene was just brutal. Organs and flesh are scattered everywhere, and blood is just flooding the creaky wooden floor. Nothing can be done anymore; they are all dead and is being devoured by the evil demon. As Kendrick knelt there, the demon suddenly took notice of him as it turned around. The face cannot be seen because of the darkness that is eating its entire appearance; however, Kendrick can tell that this demon is hideous. The demon stood p as Vincent can here the blood of his family dripping from the mouth a
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5 days have passed since the incident and is now the for the burial of the 6 people who died in the battle. Kendrick is now standing in front of the graves of his family as they are being lowered beneath them. There were a lot of people who attended the interment of his family. And most of them are normal people that is saying their respects for the priest. But some of them made Kendrick’s blood boil. Because some of those who attended were the people who shunned Father Edgar and was the sole reason why the church closed. The ones who stole the donations for the church and used it for their own gain. They blamed it all to Father Edgar, that’s why as punishment, the government shut the church down and labeled Father Edgar as a corrupt priest. It just makes Kendrick’s skin crawl by the fact that they had the nerve to show up in front of the man they betrayed and tarnished. But he must stay calm as he doesn’t want to make it worse since confronting them is not w
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After the introduction, everyone just went straight to the main event. And that is the sword choosing ceremony. In which the first-year students are now going to choose the swords they will be using for the rest of their live. Mrs. Hilty then gave them a reminder that the sword chooses its wielder, that is why when they are hearing a voice that are leading them into a certain sword, then that’s the sword they are destined to use forever as swords have their own will, they would find you worthy if they whispered to you and led you to it. There two types of swords. The devil sword and the holy swords. If a devil sword chooses a person worthy to wield it, the sword will immediately form a contract with that person. And the eyes of the person that will become their master will turn black with a hint of red as the devil will now form a contract. The holy sword on the other hand chooses its master by their pureness and heart. As it is a weapon of holiness and righteousness, only tho
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Tension can be felt around the living room as everyone saw each other. The 5 freshmen who was chosen by high quality swords will stay under the same roof. It was something that the headmistress put up with, obviously. Kenrick then entered the place as he closed the squeaking door behind him. He placed his bags down as he then stared at each one of his new roommates. He made things clear earlier, so they are not even bothering on talking to him. But then,“Hi, Kendrick!” greeted a pink-haired girl as she the cheerfully approached Kendrick.It was obvious by now that Eleanor is the joyful member of this cottage. Everyone is just serious as they looked at Kendrick. Eleanor reached her hand out at Kendrick with a smile on her face that reaches her ears,“Glad to be your roommate!” she cheered.Kendrick looked at her with his empty eyes,“I thought I told you earlier, I have no intention on being all chummy with you guys. N
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The shock this sudden awakening brought was just surreal. Because there has been no case where freshmen awaken their powers at the same time as this before. It normally takes days or even weeks to have it all awaken by them, but now, it is awakened by all of them. They are levitating with their swords floating and circling them. However, there is oddness in it. As why the hell is Kendrick flying much higher than the rest? Is it because the fact that he as two swords? In any case, they are just at shock to see the two wings out of Kendrick again. But this time, it was clear and can be seen of what the truly are. After a few minutes of floating, the freshmen suddenly fell. It was a good that teachers were there to catch all of them. The headmistress immediately told the staff to have someone fix the cabin as there will be no other place these guys will stay for the night, except for the sword’s clinic where experts are examining the behavior of the students who just awakened the
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The freshmen went back to their newly constructed cottage. It doesn’t look like a rundown place anymore, instead, it looks very decent. They all went in as they were at awe by the fact that the inside also got renovated and there are no more creaking floors anymore. As everyone sat around the couch to talk for a moment, Kendrick just went up to his room since he has no intention on socializing with them as his goal is simple, be strong and kill all the demons for vengeance. He went up to his room which is at the end of the second floor, and he went in. It was pretty much looks the same, except for the new cabinets and bed and then some of his clothes. Kendrick closed the door and sighed as he sat down on his bed then drew his two magnificent swords. They are emitting this insane aura of killing intent and is clearly telling Kendrick to go out there and find some demon to slay with these swords. But since he is still a student and is actually a complete novice, he can’t g
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The first class was as normal as it can be. The only difference of this class to a normal one is the fact that the teacher is discussing things such as the most vulnerable parts of a human body and how to kill a demon properly without getting yourself killed. The first subject was sword techniques and guides. The teacher is now discussing that each sword has their own styles. The main styles are devil sword’s style and the holy sword’s style. And to activate the techniques, one must need to say its name,“For example,” the teacher the drew her holy sword and then raised it up high into the air “Holy Sword’s Style: Holy Growing!” she says as vine grew out of her sword and attached itself at the ceiling.And to learn more about it, she asked her students to stand upfront one by one and try to release one of their techniques to learn it completely. Eleanor was the first to stand up as she then went to the front to demonst
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Everyone was shocked to witness those 5 rookies have just defied someone who is a 3rd year student of this academy. Not to mention the fact that Kendrick literally threatened the blond boy who is also a big figure of this school,“I heard and witnessed your cheekiness, but I did not expect you to be this stupid, Griffin.” Says the blond boy as he then hopped backwards.“Let’s go. These useless garbage are not worth our time!” the blond boy yelled as he then went to do a final angry glare at Kendrick who just looked at him with those empty eyes. The crowd dispersed as there is nothing going on already which is boring.“Why?” says Sylvester as he then slowly stood up.Eleanor tried to help him, but he just swatted her hand off him,“Why did you have to help me?! Especially you!” Sylvester then pointed at Kendrick who looked at him with those cold eyes “Being saved by you is the mo
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