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Eren Miller, A self-made billionaire, was betrayed by his brother and his engaged fiancee, to claim ownership of the empire he single-handedly built. Poisoning him bit by bit, sending him to a mental hospital, destroying him psychologically, and finally tossing him off a cliff, they thought he was dead but fate played a prank on them. Eren Millan, through his newly acquired SYSTEM resolved to take revenge. Will he succeed in his revenge mission? What SYSTEM did he acquire that helped his revenge mission? And how did he find love once again? Find out in this intriguing Novel.

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  • O'lyn Wright


    one of the best stories ever written..

    2024-03-14 17:19:01
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Chapter 1: Betrayal
We're here,” Malcolm Miller said as he stood in front of the metal door together with Audrey Williams.Creak! Creak! Creak! The door opened as they both walked in. The sight in front of them was a weak, thin man who looked no better than a skeleton, his spar hair clung to his face as his cheeks boned out, and his eyes sunk in. He looked like a walking dead, coupled with his hospital outfit.Audrey was endowed with beauty and grace, her small oval face donned with blue eyes and a high nose bridge, coupled with her enchanting figure and her blond hair. Malcolm stood out equally handsome but with a hint of fierceness around his handsome countenance, his light brown amber eyes had a touch of arrogance, and his Black wavy hair shined like that of volcanic glass. “Brother, l can see you are still alive, this is great, so i hope the service here is to your liking,” Malcolm said as he saw the weak man. “Malcolm, Audrey, you two traitors, forget it I will never sign that agreement, l w
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Chapter 2: The Death
Eren signed the papers and returned the documents to Malcolm. “Let's get the hell out of here Audrey, our work here is done.,” Malcolm said as he held Audrey and they both walked out.“Eren has tried, we should give him a gift, don't you think, Audrey?” Malcolm asked Audrey as they descended the slope in their Macbeth car.“Of course, we should give him a present, what present will suit Eren more, let me think, oh ah death, we can kill him.To be honest, death will be best, Eren is a threat as long as he's alive, let's kill him now that we have milked out his value”. Audrey said as she tapped her fingers on her jaw “Wow, you always know what I am thinking. Okay, let's kill him.” Chris alerted Hanks to take him out, don't make it too painful, he is still my brother, Malcolm told the driver as if he were talking about the weather and not someone's life. “Taken sir”....... Hanks, cold red confirmed, kills the hostage. He said to an accomplice on the phone. In the psychiatric hospit
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Chapter 3: Ability
New Found Abilities [As for the functions of the system. Everything can be bought in this world, the SUPER BUYER SYSTEM will assist the host to be the wealthiest man on planet Earth not in material possession but in intangible things][The system is designed to help the host attain perfection in every criterion of life, below are your stats by which your progress is graded]Host: Eren wind chaserAge:26Height:181 cmIntelligence:20(78)Strength:5(50)Charm: 3(80)Speed:4(32)Mind power: 100System's origin($$$-$&$)Buyer points: 0Skills: 0Seeing his status, Eren was simply speechless. “Ehm, system's Al, this is a joke, right? How in the world are my stats this miserable, you gave me 20 in intelligence, l don't mean to brag, but I am among the list of genius businessmen. I won the best businessman among the younger generation for the last 4 years, surely that is worth more than a 20% rating. As for my strength, please tell me you made a mistake, l can't be that weak, l will wise
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Chapter 4: Mission
Chugging a bottle of water down his throat, Eren made his way to the speed boat packed some meters away from him.As soon as he touched the boat, the influx of information about how to drive a speed boat ran through his memories. Before this moment, Eren had no sailing experience whatsoever. But now his wealth of experience overshadowed that of a sailor who spent decades sailing. He could feel every part of the boat as an extension of his body. It was simply marvelous.With an excited roar, Eren started the engine as he went off to New York City, the city that never sleeps.…In one of the highest-rising buildings in Washington, DC. “Is he dead?” Malcolm asked Hanks in a bid to seek confirmation from him as he swirled the cup in his hands while walking towards the glass walls. "Yes sir, he was injected with cyanide, shot twice in the heart, and fell off a cliff. He couldn't possibly survive it” Hanks replied. “What about a body, did you see his dead body, l will not believe it un
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Chapter 5 : Accomplished mission
"Don't worry, l will save your grandpa, Eren said somewhat emotionally.” Seeing her little face filled with tears, Eren decided to save the grandpa because he could save him, not because of a reward.As Eren knelt beside Grandpa Huo, he flicked his hands and beautiful slim silver needles appeared in his hands. Just as the crowd saw it, they began to murmur and doubt his abilities.Crowd 1: Young lady, are you sure you want him to treat your grandpa, l suggest you wait for the medical team. He may be a quack doctor.Crowd 2: Exactly he may complicate issues, he looks too young to know traditional medicine.As such voices sprang up, Yuri began to waver in her decisions. Finally, she gazed at Eren with cold eyes she began “l believe you can save my grandpa, but if you are found to be the cause of my grandpa's death, you will bear serious consequences, do you accept these conditions, if you don't, you're free to back out now”.Eren merely answered by drilling the needles beside Grandp
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Chapter 6: Reward
“She's cute," Eren smirked as she ran away. As Eren turned to leave, the crowd automatically parted in two, providing space for Eren to pass through. Seeing this, Eren sighed “As expected, the crowd always respects the strong, if i screwed up with Mr. Huo's treatment of this group of docile people would have bitten my head off but because l succeeded l enjoy such respect, such a funny belief.” [Ding!!! Compulsory mission save grandpa huo passed, you have received 6000BP,3 lottery chances, 7% increase in all stats, and 30% shares of Blue Manor, making you the second-largest shareholder of Blue Manor estate] [ Ding!!! Auxiliary mission: Get into the good books of Yuri passed. You have successfully opened the system's shop] As soon as Fred finished talking, a high-rising building firmly occupied the deepest parts of Eren's mind. The floors of the building were decked with gold and other precious treasures that would make the world crazy if they were let out. The building stretched
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Chapter 7: Major
"Manager Zhang" a coquettish voice rang out as Alissa threw herself at the bald greasy man. Manager Zhang and the other staff greeted each other in unison. Deep down, the staff hated and looked down on Alissa, she sold herself to such an old man and worked as she pleased with no manners but no one could do anything to her. Meanwhile, manager Zhang was enjoying every bit of that soft skin rubbing against him as she whined: “Baby, you have to get justice for me, I was trying to advise her to stop giving some clients excess refreshments as there are more clients, but Bella scolded me and threatened to report me to management.” Alissa complained as she squeezed tiny tears from her eyes to make her seem pitiful.Bella:(….)Customers (….) Sales consultant (…) Everyone was simply speechless, this was the life definition of calling black white, the peak of shamelessness. As expected, Manager Zhang fell for her act “Who did it, who is Bella?” Manager Zhang roared. “Sir, it's me, but I
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Chapter 8: Find Support
“Sir, this is a welcome gift prepared by other shareholders. It's the number one villa located at the heart of blue sea manor.”“Let's go see this place,” Eren said at once. He needed a house and one fell right in his lap. Mr. David affirmed as he drove Eren to Bayside district, a district for the wealthiest of the wealthy where an inch of land is gold, villa number one is the best villa out of the 40 villas that graced the area.“Mr Eren, this is villa number one,” David said as he pointed towards the distance.What came into view was an enchanting villa that perfectly combined ancient European architecture and the beauty of Chinese tradition. Eren entered through the European-inspired doorway with intricate stone carvings of Greek mythology. The foyer had a mosaic floor and eloquently framed Chinese calligraphy.The villa is divided into 4 gates which are north, south, East, and west with each gate having a total of 6 rooms. The living room and European antiques such as the Loui
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Chapter 9: Find Support II
“Yuri!” “Eren!” The two people said in unison as they stared at each other. “What are you doing here” Eren asked Yuri “Well, my father sent me here to greet the tycoon who bought villa number one” Yuri replied as she threw back her question “How about you, what are you doing here, he… Don't tell me you are the tycoon's son, wow, l need to not judge by appearance, who could have thought that you had such a rich dad with the way you dressed” Yuri replied to her question looking convinced of her logic as she kept nodding her head.Eren: (…) What the hell is going on in this girl's mind? Uhm, l am not a son, l am the tycoon, Eren scratches the back of his head.“Eh, how, you big bad bully, why didn't you tell me, you were happy seeing me make a fool of myself right?” Yuri hit Eren with her petite fist as anger and shame ran through her.Seeing her cheeks puff like that of a puffer fish, Eren couldn't resist laughing “You, you dare to laugh!!! I hate you, l am never talking to you aga
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Chapter 10: Identity
“Young man, have some tea,” Grandpa Huo said as he poured a rich Chinese herbal tea into Eren's teacup.As Eren made himself comfortable, Grandpa Huo began “Young man, I would like to extend my appreciation to you for saving my life, doctor smith made sure to mention your help to me, l had previously prepared a check to thank you but you're acquiring villa number one shows you do not need money.So i will owe you a favor, for one time, anything you ask of me will be done for you.“Tell me about yourself, l am curious as to what a Chinese military man is doing in New York City or rather America" Eren musedThe smile on Grandpa Huo's face fell as he sized Eren up, “Kid, don't meddle in things above you, you might end up dying without a corpse”“I can't help it, I want to know whether or not l die in the process is for me to worry about” Eren replied, seeing the secretive nature of Grandpa Huo, he was more convinced that his identity was really important and possibly dangerous“I don't
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