The 50: Post AI Apocalypse

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The 50: Post AI Apocalypse

By: ranmaro CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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The story is about the adventures of fifty students in senior high, they traveled from a world controlled by machines into the past, the time of the start of the apocalypse, and they got stuck there. they will face many troubles in adapting to the new life, make new friends and enemies, and amidst all that, they will rediscover themselves, the loving ones might leave each other at some point and return afterwards, or continue forever with new ones or alone. Though they came from future, they would be separated into ones supporting and ones against the rebellion machines are starting, which will add more complexity to the events and more suspense and action. I hope you like the mix I made here, as I always wanted to read something like real drama but in a sci-fi cloak, hoping I achieved it here. I'm waiting for your reviews and comments, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed :D Updating Schedule: 3 Chapters daily.

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  • Clovette Ngoh


    good work you put in more effort

    2024-02-10 13:01:49
  • y I


    loving the book very good and catching

    2023-09-25 22:43:09


    Great book

    2021-10-04 20:36:14
  • Julia Nora


    wow, this is such an amazing sci-fi story. by the way, i am wondering, do you have any social media to discuss your story further?

    2021-07-15 11:02:04
  • God Arlen


    As your other stories, you keep me interested and amazed. Great story like always, thumbs up!

    2020-09-26 18:05:02
  • Foraleka


    This is a great story... lots of twists and turns!

    2020-09-26 17:32:47
  • ranmaro


    Hi, author is here shamelessly reviewing his own work :D If you want to read a post apocalypse story, based on the adventures of a group of youths, with many twists, emotions, love struggles, and mystery, then you are in the right place :)

    2020-09-25 18:25:31
  • Dera mora


    The novel surprised me, I didn't imagine I would find such an awesome novel here, I hope you continue the good work and update it more, need more chapters please

    2020-09-25 08:18:14
  • Molay


    A very good novel if you like the sci-fantasy. Really like this book!

    2020-09-18 18:46:10
Latest Chapter
58 chapters
John, Dan, and Laiyla
A long huge train-like aircraft hovered over the wilderness, moving with its huge body and four connected caravan-like parts without making a single sound.It was like a giant metallic beast piercing through the sky full of gray clouds with great speed. The journey from Los Angeles to New York didn’t need more than one hour to be f
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The Drill
“Didn’t I and you have our plan already in motion? Why do you keep saying these words then?”John said these blaming words with some pain, as he shook his head with helplessness. Laila looked silently at him for a moment as she recalled what the two had planned to guarantee their future.

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Changing the Date of Their Time Travel
As the youths lined up in an organized way in five lines, each had fifty students. The groups were determined before they came here, so everyone knew which group he belonged to.The three little gang were in one group, group two. Each group had a certain direction in time, with group two being determined to go back two hundred years befo
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Going Back to The Past
The group of youths moved towards their capsules as the scene that happened just now was still lurking in their minds. Love affairs were something not common here, so the first thing they thought of was what punishment John and Laiyla would face when they return?“Thanks buddy, you did it great,” John leaned to the side as he
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A Deal with Gina
Everyone got the message of the date as they didn’t yet understand what was going on to be all transferred back in time. When they opened their eyes, they found themselves standing like usual, in a semi-translucent condition, the well known soul condition of the Drill.“What the hell?!” Dan suddenly muttered as he was t
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Gina is Speaking Riddles
“Hmm, so you noticed this small flaw and started to dig for more,” Gina softly muttered as she was thinking to herself.“Now it’s our turn to ask questions,” John rushed up to cut the route on his friend. Gina looked at him deeply before she said:

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Gina Vs Laiyla... Girls' Quarrel
Her words made the three friends think about what mysteries they could unveil by being here, however John had another opinion as he said:“I think you know more secrets than us, then why waste our time and not tell directly what you know?”

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Secrets Revealed
Three hours flashed by in a blink of an eye. At the same spot, the four regrouped again with mixed feelings over their faces. They didn’t find an empty table so they chose to walk randomly as they started to exchange their knowledge.“Do you know which city we are at right now?” John started the talk with this question.
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The Godfather of Trojans
Gina understood why he was feeling like that as she said:“Yes I knew, but would you believe me if I told you so? You needed to know by yourselves, not to be taught and deny the truth.”Read more
This sound came loud and clear, and the most important thing was that it was directed to them. the four instantly turned to look at who spoke, to find a twenty-five, twenty-six years old lady standing at the entrance of that abandoned street.She wasn’t alone, but that wasn’t the big issue. What was so weird and irritating wa
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