The Awakening of the Divine Power System

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The Awakening of the Divine Power System

By: Yurriansan OngoingSystem

Language: English

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James, a hard-working janitor, his life is shaken when he sees Sofia, his girlfriend, cheating on him and choosing Max, the son of the director of the hospital where he works. Shortly after being fired and betrayed, a disaster befalls James. As he is knocked down by heavy rain and strong winds a huge billboard hits him. Something magical happened. A system of God power awakened within James, healing his wounds and giving him incredible strength. The system revealed that James was a God who had long lost his memory and was now active again. He has unrivaled magical healing powers. With his new powers, James embarks on a new journey to find the truth about himself and fight for what is rightfully his. He will prove that he is not the useless weakling they think he is and avenge those who have wronged him.

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System Activated
James was cleaning the hospital floor when he saw his girlfriend, Sofia, walking with Max Peter. James' heart instantly fluttered, jealousy rushing in. He couldn't help himself, so he walked up to them and reprimanded, "Sofia, what are you doing with this man?"Max, the man beside Sofia glanced at her. "Sofia, do you know him?"After giving James a disgusted look, Sofia said, "Geez, Max, how could I know someone like this."Max looked at James. "Janitor, get the hell out of our way!James, can't just leave. After all, his girlfriend was with someone else. He wouldn't let her!"Sofia, are you having an affair with this man?" James accused her directly.Sofia rounded her eyes at James. She gave him a cold stare, then cursed, "James, you're so shameless! I do know you, and I'm trying to be nice to you too! But that doesn't mean we have a special relationship!"No special relationship? Did what James had been doing not matter to her? They even kissed under the fireworks on New Year's Day.
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You Get a Virtual Assistant
James' body had indeed dried from the rainwater, but he was still cold and trembling as he knew he had been subjected to a Godly power system that he didn't fully understand. He stood in the middle of a deserted street and asked if this was real or not.Suddenly, a panel screen appeared before his eyes. The screen contained a number of information and instructions, including a request to press 'Okay' as an agreement that he was ready to perform the first task.James hesitated. He didn't know what would happen if he pressed 'Okay'. He was scared, as he wasn't sure if the system was secure or not. He looked at the panel screen with a confused expression.The system noticed James' hesitation. The robotic voice spoke again, trying to reassure James. "Sir, you have miraculous healing powers. This system is safe for you."James still had his doubts. However, he also knew that he had no other choice. He had to try to understand this new power. Because this might be the only way to get back a
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It's Useful
Amidst the confusion that enveloped his mind, James stared at the plastic card he held in disbelief. His virtual assistant, Julian, in his flat voice, gave instructions."Sir, the card is multipurpose. You can use it for various purposes, even to withdraw money," Julian said again. Even though he was human-like, he still spoke like a robot.James was still skeptical. How could a card that he had just received have such a function? Julian, as if sensing his hesitation, gently encouraged him. "Go to the ATM immediately and try using the card, Sir. According to the data I've scanned, it looks like you need money to buy lunch and new clothes to keep you from looking shabby."Snorting softly, James checked his surroundings. The usually bustling street was now strangely quiet, creating a suspicious atmosphere. There were no passersby, no sounds of vehicles, just a deafening silence."Sir, are you confused by this state of affairs?" asked Julian again.James nodded, despite knowing that Juli
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Incidents When Buying an Apartment
The next day, James decided to visit a real estate agency known for its collection of luxury apartments. He woke up early, choosing the best clothes from a cupboard that hadn't been touched in a long time. The morning air was still fresh when James arrived at the real estate agent's office. The building looks magnificent with an entrance decorated with elegant details, making James marvel at it. However, as he entered the room, the welcome he received was far from what he expected.The woman at the reception desk, whose nametag read 'Rose', seemed preoccupied with the pile of documents in front of her. The look on her face suggested that she was under pressure, or perhaps just didn't want to be disturbed. When James turned on his best smile and said, "Good morning," in a friendly voice, Rose only turned her head for a moment and answered him curtly."Yes? What did you come here for?" she asked, her tone impatient. Rose didn't give a welcoming or warm look, she seemed to be waiting fo
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Embarrass Her
James didn't want to care about Adam Spencer when Rose kept pushing him away and he accused James of wanting to do something bad to Adam. However, the system's voice saying that Adam's mortality rate was 98% made him make a quick decision.James placed his hand on Adam's chest, and his right hand flowed natural heat, which only Adam could feel. James' strength was considerable, making Adam Spencer's body tremble. James could feel the energy flowing from his hand into Adam's body, trying to repair what was broken inside.Rose, who saw this, rounded her eyes. Not long after, Adam's body became still."You've killed him!" cried Rose.James withdrew his hand slowly from Adam Spencer's chest. The system connected to his power began to count down the process of Adam's consciousness recovery, the count starting from 10. Everyone in the room held their breath, waiting for the results.Meanwhile, Rose ran out of the room, looking for Adam's driver. She screamed, saying that Adam had been kill
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Choosing a Second Assistant
In less than an hour, James was out of Adam's room. Incidentally, Rose was still busy at her desk. She watched without daring to ask questions. Not long after, through the intercom, Adam called her to finalize the transaction with James. Now, James stood in front of Rose, the woman smoothed her appearance, then she bowed her head slightly, apologized first for her earlier attitude, and then asked, "Mr. Connell, the apartment you booked costs 10 million dollars. Are you going to pay in full or apply for credit?" James took out the multi-purpose payment card that the system had given him. "I will pay using this."James hesitated slightly when he received the black card with the gold list. He didn't seem to know which bank this card was issued by. It looked quite foreign, but very luxurious. Rose then inserted the card into the payment machine. There was a PIN code to be entered. James entered it in secret, and the transfer of funds was done in a matter of minutes. Rose had no idea t
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Help Me Choose
James and Mia's steps were muffled by the thick ivory carpet that stretched all the way to the elevator. Mia pressed the elevator button, and the doors opened silently, revealing an interior lined with dark brown wood paneling and gold-framed mirrors.As the elevator glided up silently, James grew impatient. This was the first time he was going to see the 10 million dollar apartment he bought. The first luxurious and comfortable place for him in the 25 years he had been living. Sofia... it's a shame you left me. If you hadn't treated me so badly, we could have gotten married and started a nice, luxurious life.A soft sound of an elevator signaled that they had arrived. The doors opened, and their steps continued. Then, it stopped in front of a door made of mahogany with a chrome-plated doorknob. Mia took out an access card and pressed it against the security panel integrated into the door. At the audible 'click' the door opened.James stepped into the apartment and was mesmerized. T
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Temptation of Women
James chose the second assistant. She was a woman with servant functions. She could cook, clean the house, and also if James needed she could perform sexual activities for him.The assistant was activated, she was named Freya Chiel."Greetings Sir, I am your assistant. You have given me the name Freya, that means you can call me Freya. My job is to help you."Freya then analyzed James. "Health level is good, feeling 90% good, but still needs a little help, biological needs fulfillment is poor."James is still sitting with his legs crossed watching Freya his assistant.Freya finished analyzing. She looked at James and said, "Sir, I can serve you if you wish. From my analysis, do you need a girlfriend or can you use me?"James tugged at one corner of his lips. "I don't need you for that."Freya tilted her head slightly to look at James."Never mind." James didn't want to make Freya think too hard. "I'll give you an assignment if I need you to."Freya nodded. "Very well, Sir."James then
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Your Boyfriend is Such a Chicken."
A few weeks later after James was enjoying a comfortable life with the power of the system, one afternoon he decided to go out for a cup of coffee in a new setting.Just as the coffee was being served. He saw a couple walk into the café, hand in hand."Wow, what a busy day in the city. I didn't expect to see him again." Sofia spoke to her new boyfriend, Max, but James could clearly hear it as an insinuation.Max smiled briefly as he glanced at James. Meanwhile, James glanced at Sofia. The woman was quite eye-catching with her luxurious and elegant appearance."I'm not sure he has enough money to pay." Max whispered to Sofia then the two of them chuckled together.Sofia and Max walked to find a table for them. Coincidentally crossing James, Sofia without hesitation said, "James, I hope you're not lost here."James just smiled and replied calmly, "I've been lost to the wrong woman. It doesn't apply to choosing a cafe." Sofia was surprised by James' answer. She was annoyed. "You mean, I
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A Busy Day
James could probably just walk away as if he didn't care about Sofia. However, her anger was still so great. Sofia's beauty is no secret. She has an appeal that cannot be ignored, and she knows how to capitalize on it. In a fit of rage and wanting revenge, she decides to use her charm to persuade Max to speed up their engagement plans. Sofia is no ordinary girl to be toyed with so easily. She has honorable origins as the daughter of a well-known food and beverage (F&B) business owner in Florida, which is not to be underestimated and Max agrees with that.A meeting of the two families has been agreed upon and an engagement date has been set.Sofia had printed out the invitations and she was ready to embarrass James in return. She called James asking for a meeting and James, who was not busy at the time, agreed to meet her."Take this invitation for yourself!" she said in a loud and stern tone.James read the invitation and sarcastically commented, "Wow, are you really going to marry th
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