The Return of The Zillionaire Heir

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The Return of The Zillionaire Heir

By: Blue sky CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Ethan was happily married to Bella Harrison, the billionaire heiress, for three years. But on the day of their third anniversary, he's humiliated by Bella and her family and thrown out into the streets, after being beaten to a pulp. All he had ever done was love Bella unconditionally while working his ass off to provide for their family. Suddenly, a fleet of cars showed up at where Ethan had been dumped on the street. A man bowed before his bloody and tattered self, saying, “Young Master, I'm here to bring you home.”

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    Love this.

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    can't wait to read more

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163 chapters
Chapter 1: A Gentleman Scorned
Ethan couldn't stop thinking about two nights ago. Bella had taken the lead and straddled him on the bed, chasing her pleasure.Although he was already madly in love with her, he loved her a bit more that night. He bit his bottom lip, getting turned on.The cabbage factory had paid him his salary for the week, and he couldn't stop smiling. Ethan stopped at the flower shop and purchased red roses for his beautiful and sexy wife.He opened the Uber app and called a driver. Taking the train would waste his time, and he couldn't bear to be away from Bella any longer on their anniversary.After the ride, the driver said, “That will be $60, sir.”Ethan checked his pockets, and instantly he began to sweat. His wallet had been stolen at the flower store. He drew out the linens of both pockets, and two twenty-dollar notes fell off.“Erm… I swear I had money on me.” He rubbed the back of his neck, holding out the cash.The driver glared at him and snatched the 40 dollars from his hand. “Not all
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Chapter 2: Were We Ever Married, Ethan?
"Bella, who the fuck is that?" Ethan didn't know when he started yelling, "Answer me when I'm talking to you. For crying out loud, answer!""Later. Dinner first," Bella's hushed voice said, and Ethan didn't need to be with her to know those words weren't meant for him.He yelled in disbelief again, "Bella!""Ethan, I was going to tell you about him.""What the…?" He pinched his forehead and dragged a hand through his hair as fury burned inside him. "You cheated on me, and you were just going to tell me about him!""Our marriage was a joke, Ethan,” she sighed. “I didn't have a choice. I met someone who has a future, because that is something you and I both know you don't have. My kids will look up to him as a role model.""You had a fucking choice, Bella. You had me.""But you have no money! I was patient for three years.""Then talk to me. Don't fucking cheat. It's simple human relations 101."Pamela ripped the phone out of his hands before he could finish. Ethan's raised voice wither
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Chapter 3: The Return of The Heir
$5000?Ethan looked at the paper at his feet and saw what she had given him. Anger coursed through him. Was this how she had always seen him? as nothing more than the pauper she married.He was convinced now that their marriage had been a joke. Ethan gritted, "Don't insult me, Bella."She didn't uncross her arms over her chest, and neither did she take the money back. “You can take the house. I'm willing to part with it for your sake.""I don't need your money! I just need an explanation. Why did you show up on the altar three years ago?"Ethan had given up so much to be the man she wanted him to be. His parents had opposed their marriage because they hated her family. They were rivals, but that was something Bella never knew.He had abandoned home to be with her, and just three years later, she was in the arms of another man, slapping it in his face that he had no money."Because it was the right thing to do. I loved you, Ethan."He felt like an even bigger fool when she used the pas
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Chapter 4: The Zillionaire Dynasty
Ethan stirred awake. The beep of the monitor at his side constantly annoyed him, like a damned alarm clock. He wanted to smash it in, but he assumed the hospital wouldn't like that.He sucked in a breath. Flashes of the beating he had received came back to him. He shut his good eye for a moment, banishing the painful memory."Young master."Ethan shot his eye open, glancing at the foot of his bed. Men stood there in a row. All their heads lowered, including the man in the suit who was beside his bed now."Who are you, people?" His eyes narrowed at all of them."My name is Damian Carter. I serve your family. I serve you."Ethan looked away. "I don't have a family anymore.""I do not speak of Bella Harrison, Young Master." There was an edge to Damian's voice when he said her name. It was good to know that they shared a mutual hatred for the heiress."I know what you speak of, Damian Carter, but my answer is still the same. I do not have a family," Ethan gritted, holding his stare."Your
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Chapter 5: Bound by Vengeance
Ethan was speechless. Looking back, he was the rightful heir to the Walton dynasty, but his father had disowned him. Of course, Ethan regretted his decision to marry Bella Harrison against his father’s wishes. Yet it still didn’t mean he would be overjoyed about this news.His uncle held out the papers to him. Everything about his inheritance was stated right there. Ethan took it, just because seeing the man’s shaking hands crushed his heart.“What am I supposed to do with all of this, uncle?”“Become Master Walton. Your father’s rightful successor.” Aaron cleared his throat, struggling to stand from his wheelchair. “Listen, Ethan.”His nephew nodded, showing that he was all ears, and Aaron closed his uncast hand in his, continuing, “I have no children. My only son died years ago. If I’m to leave this world without correcting the mistake my brother made, then I would be the most evil man to have ever lived.”Ethan lowered his head, unsure. “It’s been three years. What if I don’t have
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Chapter 6: Rats Drive Lamborghinis
A hundred billion dollars?"Ethan came from money. He had grown up with a silver spoon, having everything he wanted delivered to him. But the past three years broke him.It broke him to the extent that seeing such an amount of money drove him into shock.His eyes popped as he stared for minutes at his phone, unbelieving of the number of zeros present there."Do you think your father and I didn't know how badly that bitch and her family treated you?" The skin underneath Aaron's eye twitched.His family had known everything. Yet it was his choice to leave, so they could only watch how pathetic he had become from the sidelines."I'm not surprised, uncle. You both tend to always know everything." Ethan narrowed his eyes at his uncle."Well, it's in the past," he said, patting his arm. "This gesture was just pocket money for you. Nothing compares to this zillion-dollar dynasty, which could be yours.""I gave you my word.""Your word means little against action."Ethan spread his arms, gest
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Chapter 7: The Phantom’s Fool
“Nadia? Are you okay?” Ethan reached for her in the passenger seat.Both their airbags popped in front of them. Ethan breathed fine when he noticed there wasn't a scratch on her head. He winced while thinking of the car his uncle had given him.It was his first day home, and he had already walked on thin ice. Ethan got down. He went around the car, noticing the slightly crumpled side, before helping Nadia out. Luckily, there wasn't any smoke coming out of the engines.Everything was fine, save for egos.The Phantom’s driver acknowledged the crowd they attracted. Their collision blocked the entire route. He stepped down, pulling off his sunglasses.“You should be on your knees right now.”Ethan glanced at the 5’11 man with lanky arms. His arrogance stinked like sewage. The man reminded him of Beckham.“It wasn’t a red light yet. You ran into us,” Ethan defended, stepping in front of Nadia as the protector in him came into the limelight.The man smirked, giving him a condescending once-
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Chapter 8: The Information Broker
The guy raised his hands in surrender, and Nadia saw her chance to scramble away from him. She ran into Ethan's arms, holding him tight.Ethan said against her hair in a hushed voice, "I'm certain your uncle assigned you security. Walk to the car and trigger the alarm.""I will kill you for this," the guy screamed with his hands locked behind his head.He shot the other wall beside the guy and said in the voice of a psycho, "You are testing my patience, and it won't end well. I promise."Five minutes later, more cars pulled into the driveway. Uncle Aaron had sent help.Ethan walked out of the building just as Nadia's security entered.He told them. "Make him suffer."They nodded in understanding.Nadia met him at the bottom of the stairs. Tears had ruined her makeup, and she looked horrible. He took out his napkin, wiping her face clean."No one will ever harm you again, Nadia," his voice lowered, "I promise."She sobbed. "He was my boyfriend.""Well, now he's a dead man."Ethan grabb
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Chapter 9: A Debt Repaid
Barren?The words replayed in his head like the saddest nursery rhyme alive. He had no clue that she couldn’t bear children. Bella had always talked about how she wanted a big family someday.I thought Ethan had been patient with her. He never tried to rush things or force her to do anything she didn’t feel comfortable doing.His mind wasn’t with him. Memories from his past marriage haunted him. He pressed the gas, going above the speed limit as he drove aimlessly on the highways.Anyone who saw him now would think he had a death wish, but how else could he deal with this double betrayal?When his line of thought refused to change, Ethan settled for dissecting the current situation.The Suarez’s seemed like they valued family a whole lot. Arranged marriages were made to strengthen alliances, but those alliances only became solid rocks once a baby came into the picture.If she didn’t tell him about it, then there was no chance in hell she could have told Marco about it. This was Bella’
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Chapter 10: Sweet Like Cake
Quietly, Ethan slipped back outside. He hastened his steps and reached Marco’s bedroom on time. And then he planted the brown envelope with Bella’s hospital reports inside his dresser.He didn’t want to think about the situation he had just witnessed. It gave him a hard headache. What a mess!Just as he came, Ethan returned to the crowd downstairs, acting like he hadn’t just snuck his way into the couple’s bedroom without an invitation.There was a slight problem. Nadia wouldn’t be able to accomplish her part of the task at hand. It made him restless because all of this would be pointless if Marco didn’t end up reading the report.Someone blocked his path, causing him to scowl at the familiar face.“Bored of your new life already, Bella?”She glowered at him. “Are you out of your mind? How dare you bring a whore into my home?”He was mad in a split second. No one had the right to speak about Nadia in that manner, especially a woman whose moral compass was definitely on the wrong side.
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