The Story of Legendary Alfred

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The Story of Legendary Alfred

By: yelena redd OngoingYA/TEEN

Language: English

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The story follows Alfred, who lost his family when he was a child. Then William took his in the Institution to make him strong. After 3 years of training, he starts to receive dirty jobs from William.

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4 chapters
Chapter 1
Multiple corpses are scattered in an old abandoned factory. The syndicate leader screamed in despair. His body is covered with blood. While lying on the ground and holding his broken right shoulder, "You damn cocky brat! What the hell do you want with our group?! Now you've done it. After this, don't think that you can live in peace from now on. Th-" After cutting through his neck, "Dumdass~ My life has always been not in peace." John is waiting outside. Read more
Chapter 2
The street lights are not working. But now that the sun is up, it is now clearer. Trashes are scattered everywhere like it is normal for the residents. And the awful smell from poor drainage is stuck to my nose. What a terrible place for such a beautiful lady to live. Thugs are scattered from every direction. Why Ms. Linda is still living here, despite the bad environment? What's more, she has a brother. They shouldn't be staying here. It's not a place f
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Chapter 3
The next day, despite all of the damage and fatigue he's taken, Alfred woke up in the morning. His body is full of bandages that Ms. Linda puts for his bruises. Damn it. My body hurts all over. It feels like I'm in the training again. Ms. Linda was cooking breakfast in the kitchen. When she saw Alfred going out of his room, she slowly walked towards him with a smile. "Good morning, Alfred. Thank you for what you did. We just met the other day, but you're doing all the for me. But are you sure you should be getting u
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Chapter 4
Now then. I've already finished my job. William said to lay low for a while. But what to do? While staring at the ceiling and thinking of something to do, someone knocked on my door. It was an underling of Arthur. According to him, Arthur invited me to come to his place because we have something to talk about. I agreed quickly, as there's nothing else to do anyway. Some underlings are lined up outside his house, forming a path for me, bowed, and greeted
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