Transmigrated to the Isekai World with the System

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Transmigrated to the Isekai World with the System

By: Syafir Yahya OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Betrayed by his lover and best friend left Reynard devastated, when he thought they were the reason he could survive in this cruel world, they confirmed that the world was never in his favor in the first place. Because of his disappointment, Reynard jumped off the balcony of his apartment, killing himself. When he wakes up, he is no longer on Earth or in the afterlife, but in the world of Isekai, a world filled with magic and all the nonsensical things that happen in it. How can Reynard survive in a world that follows the law of the jungle, where the strong are kings and the weak are losers? He has a system that can make him the strongest in the Isekai world, the Supreme System. [Supreme System activation process] [Activation complete!] [Name: Reynard Fillmore] [Age: 7 years old] [Level: 0 (0/10 EXP)]

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01. The Betrayal
It had been three days since the young man had confined himself to his room without eating or drinking, his condition more miserable than dying. His eyes stared blankly at the window of the room that only slightly emitted sunlight from behind the bright yellow curtains."I just found out that I'm this pathetic... Can't handle the betrayal of a woman and a best friend, really weak..." the man muttered weakly, he rubbed his face roughly, removing the traces of tears that were previously clearly visible on both cheeks.Back to three days ago, where he discovered the shocking fact that Christoper and Halley were cheating on him, the two people he trusted the most in his life had betrayed him and were living an illicit relationship in his shadow. Christoper was his best friend, while Halley was his lover, but the two figures he had always prioritized were stabbing him in the back.With a weak mental state, the man could only surrender while contemplating the unfortunate fate that befell hi
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02. Poor Child
This was the first time Reynard called his name in a long time. Who wouldn't be worried to see a 7-year-old child living alone after the death of his parents, anyone would sympathize with his misfortune. But Reynard often stayed away from them, the little boy confined himself to his house more often than playing with his peers.It made the villagers worried about Reynard's future, after all mental health was incurable, at least that was their thinking."Y-you... You just called me?" Owen asked in disbelief. He never thought he would hear Reynard speak to him after all this time."Yeah, there's only grandpa here, who else would I talk to?" asked Reynard with his innocent face, looking so relaxed, in stark contrast to the old Reynard."O-oh, yes... I'm the only one here... Ah, it's getting late, I also know you haven't eaten anything from the morning. I see the breakfast Aunt Jean prepared is still intact on the dining table, how can you endure hunger all day? Your stomach will be damag
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03. Dream Nebula
"I have to go gardening in a while, if you have anything you need, you can come to my house and tell uncle Leo what you need. He's at home right now, looks like he got fired from his job again. Haih, what should I do with him? He's 30 years old and still doesn't have a steady job..." Owen massaged his forehead as he thought of his youngest son, Leo. From what 'Reynard' remembered, Leo was a good uncle but he was not a good son in Owen's eyes. He himself did not know how, but it was not uncommon for Leo to contradict Owen's words and do all the things he wanted without thinking about Owen."But uncle Leo is good to me, I'm sure he'll get a job soon..." Little Reynard rubbed Owen's hair back, an action Owen had done to him earlier.Owen smiled in response, he nodded his head, "I hope so too, I want him to be able to take care of himself in my absence..."Reynard had a look of astonishment on his cute face, "eum? Where are you going?" he asked. His childlike instincts could not be hidde
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04. Metal Box
Hearing the explanation of the woman in front of him, Reynard was stunned, for a moment he couldn't believe what he was hearing, 'so what he's saying is, I transmigrated to another world because there is a path to the afterlife under maintenance?! What kind of joke is this?!'Reynard wanted to scream, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't speak at all. What he could not figure out was the 'reason' why he had transmigrated to another world. While he enthusiastically thought that he could possibly be the 'main character', the facts told him that he was just one of the misprinted characters in the novel that shouldn't exist.It was more like fate was playing tricks on him. Now he one hundred percent believed that Goddess Fortuna had never been on his side, ever.The woman who called herself the Goddess of Heaven continued to stare at Reynard, waiting for his answer. "Why did you just keep quiet? Ah, I forgot." The Goddess of Heaven grimaced softly and snapped her fingers."Hah...
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05. Massacre
Reynard was stunned as he looked at the holographic screen right in front of him. He suddenly remembered his initial enthusiasm, the thought that he might gain special abilities like the main character of a fantasy genre manga with a transmigration theme, one of which was to gain a system, like a system in a game."I have a system? SYSTEM?! Yahoo! I finally have a special ability for me to become stronger than anyone else quickly!" Reynard shouted happily in the living room of his house, jumping for joy with a look of excitement on his face.Once his excitement had subsided a little, he tried to catch his breath, jumping up and down was quite draining. He noticed the metal box in his hand which was now no longer covered with rune lines on its surface, it was more like an ordinary metal box. There was nothing special about it."Although this metal is already useless, it's better that I keep it. After all, this metal itself is not simple if it can store a 'system' inside..." He then wav
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06. Shopping with Leo
Reynard finished cleaning himself and immediately changed clothes, using a better and tidier suit of clothes. His plan today was not to stay at home, but to go outside and interact with the villagers. He also had to buy some new clothes and replace the broken furniture in the house. Remember, he has 1,000,000 Mondelez gold coins in his system, so he doesn't have to worry about finances anymore.It's just that he's still too small to do it all by himself, so he'll ask the villagers for help. His little footsteps led him to a modest house just a short distance away from his home. The house in front of him was Owen's grandfather's house, the old man who used to help him."Grandpa! Grandpa Owen!" he shouted to Owen from the front yard.The front door of the house opened, revealing an adult man dressed in sky-blue clothes, looking completely at odds with his stocky stature and fierce-looking face."Ah, Reynard!" The adult man was none other than Leo, Owen's youngest son. Leo was 25 years
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07. The King
"Eh?""Usually kids your age would just say what they think in a simple way, without going into details or anything like that. But you're different, talking to you feels like I'm talking to someone my own age..." Leo said, he looked at Reynard with an intense gaze."Well, maybe uncle Leo doesn't know children well enough. I'm only 7 years old and uncle knows that very well..." explained Reynard, without realizing it cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Gosh, he almost got caught.Leo nodded his head, agreeing with Reynard's words, "You have a point, at first I thought there was a 30-year-old soul living in that tiny body of yours. But no matter how I think about it, it's impossible. Let's just say you were matured by circumstances. Many things have happened to you so far and without you realizing it, your brain works differently from most children your age. Honestly, I'm sorry for the calamity you've experienced, but because it can also strengthen you in the future. But still, being
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08. The Sheep and the Wolf
Day after day passed, it had been a month since Reynard transmigrated to this Isekai world. What he had to learn he had learned and understood everything, now he was living like a 7-year-old child, of course only he himself knew what he was really doing.The bright rays of the sun slowly began to fade, replaced by the dim moonlight that accompanied the night. The darkness of the night did not stop the village of Oshley from remaining bustling, just like any other day. The residents there had begun to set up a small stage, a special place as well as the main event that they always celebrated every week."Hurry up! Reynard's about to start his fairy tale!" "Layla, sit here!""Uncle, what are you doing? Why are you taking my seat?!""Mom, I want popcorn!"The night wore on, accompanied by the noisy villagers of Oshley who refused to be quiet. There were at least 30 villagers gathered in front of the small stage, usually the event that was held once a week was not this crowded, but now i
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09. Holy Sheep
The chaos caused by the beast attack was by no means small, there were many victims who were Oshley villagers lying lifeless, some of them even lacking complete limbs.Reynard felt sick at the sight of that horrifying scene. Seeing it in person was very different compared to only seeing it through the television screen in his previous life. The pungent smell of blood wafted through his senses, Reynard tried to stay strong and not vomit in the midst of the chaotic situation."How horrible is the beast tide that there are so many victims here?" he muttered. A swarm of beasts had penetrated into the village, Reynard could only hope that everyone he knew remained safe."I have to save them, but not with my appearance like this..." he was still wearing the sheep costume he had worn earlier. Reynard wandered around, looking for something that could cover his face and stature.He saw a piece of red cloth that was large enough to cover his entire body, lying on the ground. Reynard picked it u
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10. Giant Bird vs Adorable Sheep
Thanks to Reynard's diversion, the villagers found it easier to push through waves of beasts relying on their advantage in terms of quantity. Even if there were many beasts, an attack from a group of adults could not be underestimated, some of them even managed to kill the beasts relying on makeshift weapons.Unity and cooperation certainly played a big role in their success. Nothing was more important than protecting their own families from beast attacks, so they racked their brains and thought of how they could deal with a horde of beasts without taking too many casualties.While Reynard ran further into the forest, he could estimate how strong the three large birds chasing him were from the strength of their grip, so he tried to minimize the damage to the village facilities and just in case there might be other people affected by the three birds' attacks.Attacking them in the forest or in a field with no one around was definitely the best option he could think of. He also wanted t
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