Villainess Series 1: Bullying The Male Lead

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Villainess Series 1: Bullying The Male Lead

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Suxin followed the original plot and played the green-tea villainess role well. But why can't this duck just die in peace?! -- "Bai Suxin, why are you so cruel?"

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  • Emma


    really nice waiting for the next series ...️...️...️

    2022-12-13 23:21:00
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53 chapters
1: Transmigration
Two years ago, I was your typical 8-5 office worker. But one day, I woke up in an ancient bed wearing an ancient Chinese dress.For a few months, I felt like I was living in a nightmare. Every night I cried myself to sleep. What happened to me was impossible and ridiculous. I wish it was just one of the prank that my siblings used to set me up."My lady, Eunuch Xu came. The princess is inviting you again to the palace."Jin'er, the loyal maid and friend of this body, presented the letter in front of me. I didn't bother to take it from her. I continued sipping my tea.I transmigrated into a romance novel called "Emperor and I" that my friend recommended to me. Even though, the plot was nothing special, this novel has million readers and has the highest rating in the web novel app.After conquering the Chu Empire, the male lead met the female lead and fell inlove at first sight. It was a sadomasochistic love story.Li Han, the male lead, the fourth prince of the Li Empire pursued the en
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2: Stubborn
"What are you doing?"Bai Meili slightly tapped my hand. This woman was Bai Suxin's biological mother. "These pair of mother and daughter will be going to Red District."'Red District?'The two women were crying and begging. Asking for forgiveness, for second chance. Asking Bai Meili to be merciful and pity them.I was moved. My heart tugged at their pitiful state. I want to help them but then, Bai Meili said: "You have to harden your heart dear or else others will see you as a joke. And your words as flowers. Sometimes, you have to remind these people their social status. So that they won't forget.""But it's just a bun."Why punish them for just a piece of bread?"It's a bun today. How about tomorrow? My jade bracelet? My money? My gold? My husband?"I wanted to argue more but Bai Meili won't listen.She ignored the two slaves and immediately ordered our guards to dragged them out of the manor and sent them to Red District. "What's wrong with you?"I looked at Jin'er, confused. Her
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3: Help
Coincidentally, I was invited again in the palace. Li Cha really admired Bai Suxin. She likes spending time with this fairy-like person. It's unbelievable."Your highness, why don't I visit your fourth brother?""Fourth brother?"I smiled at her. Then Li Cha wickedly laughed."You go find him. But you have to hurry back. Don't let crown prince brother catch you or else, he'll get jealous."I heavily nodded.Lu Kai, Eunuch Xu and Jin'er were with me when we found Li Han in the training ground. He was alone. He looked so pathetic.Li Han was faking everything. Like how his bad posture can be compared to those new hired awkward soldiers. He's really trying so hard to hide his true self.Seriously? He is the male lead but he is not immortal! He just recovered from cold. Why isn't he resting?When Li Han noticed our presence, he paused for a few seconds then he continued swinging his swords. With more power, showing his anger and frustration in every slash of his swords.I walked slowly to
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4: Cruel
Li Han didn't answer. He only glared at me. His deep eyes telling me to walk away. Even though Li Han was a prince, no one even bothered to help him. The corner of my mouth arched upwards. "What are you waiting? Help the prince."The twins, Lu Kai and Lu Yi, my bodyguards immediately seized Li Han's arm."What are you doing? Let go of me!"The novel stated that Li Han has superior martial arts. Looking at him, pretending to struggle, I just want to smack him.Anyway, as of now, Li Han still need to hide his talent. It wasn't the right time for his protagonist light to shine until a year later."Bai Suxin, I don't need your help. Leave me alone!"People were starting to notice the shameful scene of the fourth prince."The dog prince!""He really is useless. He can't even get away from ordinary bodyguards. Such weakling!""Lady Bai is helping again the fourth prince. She is too soft-hearted."When we reached the Peach Blossom Courtyard, an imperial physician was already there waiting f
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5: Fading
"Bai Suxin, why are you so cruel?" He whispered."Li Han!"In the next second, Li Han was thrown into the ground with my white umbrella. Confused, the weak Li Han gritted his teeth and glared at Li Rui. His pale lips tainted with blood as a result of Li Rui's punch."How dare you look at my woman?!"Li Rui was seething. The guards and eunuchs didn't dare to stopped the crown prince. But then Jin'er stepped forward, her voice came out loud, "My lady, you're shivering!"With that, Li Rui halted his approach and stopped caring about Li Han. He quickly went near me. Li Rui shouted to his servants, panicking as he covered me with his thick black cloak and providing me a new umbrella above my head."The fourth prince.." My voice laced with concern. It was a big contrast, so different at the way I talked to Li Han earlier. The mocking tone was gone."Li Rui, please don't punish the fourth prince." This only made Li Rui angrier. "Lady Bai, you..""Please, your highness the crown prince. He'
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6: Guilty
"I want my Mom. Mom. Mom.""You're not my Mom.""Mom.""Xin'er, it's me. I'm your mother. I'm here.""You're not my Mom. I want my Mom. Mom. Mom, I'm scared."I woke up in dazed. My body felt weak and I'm.. hungry. My stomach grumbled. So.. I really got sick just like how I predicted. Ahg! It wasn't the best feeling.When Jin'er noticed my tiny movement, she dashed to my side. Relief was written on her face nevertheless, she's still asking nonstop about my condition: where do I feel unwell, do I need this or that. She was really a handful.Jin'er passed me the porridge. Still feeling weak from fever, I ate slowly.Minutes later, Bai Meili came. Her motherly actions overwhelmed me."Jin'er, why did you put chicken in here? What's kind of servant are you? You don't even know how to serve your master. Xin'er don't like chicken. She hates them."Jin'er kneeled down and quickly asked for forgiveness. Seeing Jin'er on her knees, banging her head on the floor as she pleaded for her life, it
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7: Scar
The day came where the male lead will be send to Tang.As a prince of the empire, even a bullied prince was still a prince. Li Han was given hundreds of soldiers as his guards, providing him protection until he'd safely arrive to his destination .The capital was bustling. The gathered crowd at the side of the streets. Because there's a high chance that the fourth prince won't be coming back, everyone was eager to have one last look at the "bullied dog prince".Of course, as the villainess, I should play my role well.The fourth prince's procession stopped when they saw the prime minister's carriage.I stepped out from the carriage, Li Rui came running to me. "Lady Bai, what are you doing here?" Li Rui was tasked to send his good brother to Tang. "I want to bid the fourth prince goodbye.""That.."Li Rui frowned, seemingly dissatisfied. He looked at me then to the carriage behind him; to that unworthy person inside, to the source of his annoyance. Of course, the inevitable jealousy
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8: The Swan and the Duck
"Shi'er, I know Mom is wrong. I should've told you earlier. I just.. don't want you get worried. You're too precious and fragile. You're my youngest that's why you are also stubborn.. just like your Dad."I screamed at the phone, "You don't want me to get worried?! Then from now on, I'm not going to be your daughter!""Shi'er! Liu Shishi!"I stared vacantly at nothing. Remembering my last words to Mom, I couldn't help but feel remorseful. How could I say that to Mom?"My lady!"Jin'er hastily ran to me with her panic-stricken face. I almost stumbled when she yanked me.. far enough from the lake. Then Jin'er proceeded her usual routine, she turned me on my left side, then on my right, inspecting my body for any visible wounds. Back to my world, I was a person that doesn't own many things, nevertheless I studied so hard that I didn't even get a boy during college days and when I reached adulthood, I did my best to achieved everything I have. I was very contented with that simple life.
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9: Shambles
I quietly sat beside my parents. Five years in this world, five years of being Bai Suxin, I picked up a few things. The Bai's didn't even notice the difference between me and their real daughter. When it comes to calligraphy, music, dance and poetry, my skills were very mediocre just like how Bai Suxin's in the novel.The male lead and the female lead are now finally sitting together. A perfect picture for their fans. I tried not to look at them. I want to lie low for now. Today, Bai Suxin don't have a scene. Because I'm only here to act envious towards the female lead.The emperor, just like a puppet requested/ordered the enemy princess Chu Wanwan to perform a dance in the banquet.My mouth unconsciously gaped open. 'I wish I have my camera.'No wonder, she was famous and known as an extremely gifted dancer of the Chu Empire.Chu Wanwan enticed the crowd with her frivolous seductive gaze and the corner of her lips were slightly lifted, seemingly haughty.Her plum blossom-inspired C
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10: Her Eyes
I learned my lesson. I am not allowed to interfere or change anything in the novel.Or else, things will go awry.Five years ago, due to my interference, I insisted Bai Meili to postpone the trip to Yanyi Temple. As a result, it changed her fate and the people around me.Bai Meili was supposed to die that year in a carriage accident on her way to Yanyi Temple. That time, I was reckless. Too simple-minded. Too soft-hearted and thought I have save a life.I didn't know that I traded someone's lives with hers. 'Two innocent lives.'Due to the fact that she didn't die, two weeks later, when Mingle was caught red handed by stealing a bun, Bai Meili ordered Mingle and her mother to be send to Red District causing them to suicide.In the novel, after Bai Meili's death, the cruelty to the slaves in the manor has stopped. The pair of mother and daughter don't need to steal a bun because of hunger. Mingle was supposed to lived, meet and soon marry his true love. Her husband-to-be, a nobleman wa
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