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By: Anne Sparkle OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Alonso's life had been anything but ordinary. He had lost his family and his memories, leaving him with a desperate need to cling to anyone who made him feel like he belonged. So when his girlfriend cheated on him, it was like a knife in his chest. He felt like he had lost the last tether that kept him grounded. Then he lost his job, and everything came crashing down. He was desperate and alone until a billionaire named Perry Montillo offered him a job as her husband. He didn't question the offer, not when he was so lost and alone. But as he began to remember bits and pieces of his past, he realized that he had been the victim of attempted murder. The man he thought was his savior had actually tried to kill him. His anger and fear simmered below the surface, as he struggled to hold on to his fragile sense of stability. As Alonso dove deeper into the mystery of his attempted murder, he unearthed secrets that threatened to shatter everything he had built with Perry. He knew that the truth could destroy them, but he couldn't let it go. He had to find out who wanted him dead and why, no matter the cost. With his world on the brink of collapse, Alonso must choose between the love he has found and the justice he craves. Will he risk everything to uncover the truth, or will he choose to protect his fragile happiness and let the past remain buried

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Chapter 01
The blaring and deep honking of vehicles from the bustling road were enough to awaken the dead and rouse even the deepest of slumbers. However, this was not the case for Alonso. He was in a profound slumber, a result of his three jobs that he had been working tirelessly for some time now. He had not slept a full hour, as he was determined to save enough money to make his girlfriend Lyra's birthday an unforgettable one. Their date was in a few hours, and he couldn't afford to miss it. "Hey, you! Get away from there!" a feminine voice exclaimed as she repeatedly hit Alonso with the bag she held. It took several blows before he finally awoke from his nap in front of the lady's store, or rather, more of a prolonged rest. Like a thief, Alonso sprinted away as he had some deliveries to make and knew he was going to be in trouble. "Come here, you idiot! Where have you been?" an angry masculine voice bellowed, grabbing Alonso and pulling him out of the store. "The customers who had deliv
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Chapter 02
He caught sight of her on the staircase and she beckoned him with her index finger, prompting him to hurry towards her. In a frenzy, he darted towards her, his heart racing with excitement and anticipation "Why did it take you so long?" he lamented as he followed her up the stairs, but his words caught in his throat as he witnessed a horrifying sight. His girlfriend's pants were pulled down, and a man she had repeatedly claimed was just a friend was pounding her from behind, while she writhed in ecstasy. He arrived just as the man was climaxing inside her. He whispered Lyra's name in shock and disbelief, unable to muster the strength to speak any louder. Hot, salty tears welled up in his eyes, and he struggled to contain his emotions. A sharp pain pierced his chest, leaving him frozen for a few moments. "I told you she was having fun," Lucinda sneered mockingly, watching the scene with excitement. Alonso couldn't bear to watch any longer, and he rushed down the stairs to catch his
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Chapter 03
That is ridiculous, what am I even been charged for?” he asked in a distressed tone“I don’t have to tell you”“But I have the right to know officer, what am I being charged for?” he asked vigorouslySlamming the table hard with what he held, the officer forcefully pinned his head to the table, and Alonso could feel his bones crushing beyond repair, as he gasped for breath“Do you know whose son you just attacked? you should be glad that you are not dead already. Pay up or you rot in jail. You only have forty-eight hours to get the money or else…” he said and left immediately slamming the door hardAlonso felt too weak to take his head back up, but just laid down and cried himself to sleep, he had no one to call and he sure knew no one was coming, he might as well just start getting used to his new home, he thought and gasped for air.After a few hours, he was pulled out and then taken to a different room, where he was locked up with other criminals.“What did you do wrong,” one of th
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Chapter 04
He had found himself in similar situations before, where the people recognizes him, but he has no memory of them.In reality, these people recognize the real Alonso Montez, the dead son of the man who saved him.Alonso was grateful to the man for saving him and allowing him to have his son's identity since he couldn’t recall his, but it was torture to him.He had lost his memory of his past life before his accident, and now he moves about with the face of a man he knows nothing aboutThis was a major reason he left the city where he lived with the man until his demise and hoped that no one finds him, but here we are now, someone from the past he couldn’t recognize“Anyway, we attended the same university, the one for only the bourgeoisie kids, but you were lucky to get in because of the smart brain which gave you a scholarship. Recall now?”This Alonso certainly had no memory of it, but smiled and agreed to the story“Forgive my manners, I think I am beginning to recall now,” he said
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Chapter 05
He didn’t just lose the few clothes he managed or his worn-out pieces of furniture, all he had kept all these years he could use to find his way back home were lost in the incident.All, but an old rusty locket he cherished that he found among the trash. It had always been locked and Alonso believed that when he eventually opens it, it will lead him home.“keep this, I found it on you when I saved you that day, it may lead you home” the voice of the man that saved Alonso came to his mind. This was the last thing the man gave to him before kicking the bucket.With nothing else left to take he placed the locket close to his heart and over his neck and turned to leave a new life.Where do I sleep? Was the thought that occupied Alonso's mind. The loss of the things he cherished had made him totally forget he had so much money in his account, and maybe about his date the next day.He wandered in deep unending thought until he got to a bar, where he decided to waste the rest of his evening
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Chapter 06
Alonso was lost in the little drama portrayed in his presence as thoughts and questions he wished to ask flooded his mind, but he didn’t have the balls to ask Perry any questions, as she fumed in anger.“Do not mind a word he said, he’s just being mean and controlling as he always does” Perry said trying to cover up what just happened but her emotions got the best. She found the closest sit and sat as she sobbed quietly.Witnessing the whole event, Alonso felt some kind of pity for Perry and wanted to console her.“I know I am not a part of your family yet, but would you mind to tell me what’s actually going on? Why would you want to marry someone like me?” Alonso asked Perry in a comforting tone as placed his left hand on her shoulder“you wouldn’t understand” Perry said after a short while“I know but you can still try to explain. I mean your brother already hates me so you can as well just tell me what I am getting into” Alonso requested“Castillo Empire was built by two best frie
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Chapter 07
He couldn’t imagine not wearing his locket. “here, this was found in the pocket of the jacket you wore the day I found you, maybe it can lead you to your family” those were the last words of the man who saved him so Alonso couldn’t afford to do without itHe went and gave it a good scrub as he had his shower, but there was no difference, but he wasn’t going to change it anyway.Chatters, giggles, and greetings could be heard from the background as well as exotic cars pulling over, as Alonso arrived at the hotel of the event.The whole environment glittered with sparkling expensive white tux worn by the men and a white dinner dress worn by the ladies with a touch of red by both gender It was an all-night party, and if an outfit wasn’t sent ahead of time for Alonso, he would have been the odd one out.Alonso braced up and showed his locket proudly, forgetting the warning of Perry as he walked to the entrance.“good day sir” the security at the entrance greeted and bowed as he walked in
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Chapter 08
Ever since the man who saved him gave and explained the locket to him he has been trying to open it and find his family but it had always led to a dead endThis has been the only tunnel with light at the end, and he wanted to see where it went. He handed over the locket and watched as the man brought out a very tiny key from the ring he was wearing, and surprisingly it opened.“so wh…wha..what does this mean?” Alonso asked in a broken voice, as he held the locket and saw it open for the first time since he could remember.“it means you are the master, the first and true heir. You are Mr. Castle junior”They both stood in silence for the longest time. The General stood with a bright smile on his lips, and hope on his face, as he locked eyes with Alonso who wore a mixed feeling of confusion and happiness and stood in shock.“General, the event is about to start, and you are needed” a masculine voice from outside said“I will be out shortly, General answered“lay low until after the eve
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Chapter 09
And to Alonso's surprise, it was James, the same bastard he saw banging the girlfriend from behind.“Perry you and I are made for each other, you know I love you, marry me and not him” James pleaded as he tried to grab Perry’s hand making a fool out of himself“This is my wife, and I would not tolerate any nonsense from you,” Alonso said as he grabbed Perry’s hand before James could get to it. That gesture made Perry smile as she stole a glance from Alonso as he spoke“what about Lyra? I thought you both were a thing, and you loved her?” Alonso asked as he tried to understand why James was always interested in his women.“come on man, Lyra can never be compared to Perry. Perry is way better. Love? She is way below my league, I only used her to cool off stem” James said mockingly at LyraThose words struck deep into Alonso's heart as he remembered the few good times he had with Lyra, and how he loved her so dearly. In a fit of anger, he threw a hard punch at James which threw him to th
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Chapter 10
Cold air passed by Alonso as he left the room where he spoke to the general and went in search of his supposed wife Perry.His legs shook and his heart beat so fast as though it had run a hundred miles as the thought of his previous life flooded hismind. He wondered if Philip was really as dangerous as he had been taggedA flash of the look on Philip's face and his mother's face crossed his mind as the young servant that gave him preferential treatment spoke about the locket and when Mr. Montillo also spoke about it"Could they have really plotted my death just for wealth? Truly money is the root of all evil" he thought as he kept walking. He came back to reality as he bumped into Philip and his mother"look who we have here, my supposed son-in-law," the lady said with a bright smile that certainly looked fake"What is your pedigree? What qualifies you to marry my sweet angel perry?" she asked as her eyes took a deep scan of Alonso from his head to his toesHearing her interrogate hi
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