Charles Walker's Undeniable Throne

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Charles Walker's Undeniable Throne

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Barned and rejected from entering into the king's palace, he became a live-in son-in-law of Lord Marcus. He was maltreated by his mother in-law, grandmother-in-law and wife's cousins. Fortunately, Charles had just received a letter of apology from the palace with a compensation of $900,000,000,000 for all damages caused to him and request for his ascension into the throne of The British Kingdom. Now, it's payback time to all who maltreated him as a live-in son-in-law and those who masterminded his banishment plots from the Palace which also led to his mother's death. "As long as I live, I must avenge Queen Ava's death!"

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    interesting story line

    2024-04-22 13:35:51
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Chapter 01
Inside the luxurious Marcus Villa located in Wales City were couples adorned in amazing wedding couture. The Villa was decorated with fancy light and event accessories and notable celebrities in Wales city were to perform on that occasion.DJ’s were playing highlife music and later changed to Christiana Perri's ‘A thousand years song’, whilst everyone danced to the sound of the music.Tonight was the wedding ceremony between the third granddaughter of Marcus family and grandson of Grand's family.“Kid sis, I am giving you three hundred thousand dollars as a gift at your wedding!”“Sis, I am giving you a hundred thousand dollars as a wedding gift.”“Darling, accept this handbag made of Diamond as my gift at your wedding. It is worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.”“Son, accept this brand new 2023 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class for your wedding as my own gift.”One of the special guests of honor spoke up and said, “because of this wedding between the Marcus and the Grand, I, on behalf
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Chapter 02
Olivia who was watching from the side how Charles was dying in pains and insults from Jack could no longer bear it.She hurried forward and said, “Grandma, Charles has not been thinking straight ever since he learnt of Mr Rambo's condition, please forgive him and tell Jack to stop hitting him.” She then pulled her husband away agitatedly.The crowd was more startled at the appearance of Olivia Marcus and her reaction, the famous goddess of beauty in Wales City.They watched her with wrapped attention as she pleaded with lady Marcus to forgive Charles.“Was she actually pleading on his behalf? This is so unbelievable!” one of the guests chipped in.“What was she still doing with that trash? Wasn't she the prettiest girl in Wales?!” another guests asked the person who was sitting next to him.“She is.”“Why would she be married to such a loser even with her beauty.” He muttered with a high breath that evident worriedness.The once lively hall has become comoted with anger and rage from
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Chapter 03
When Charles arrived at Damson Hospital, he went straight to the ward where Mr Rambo was bedded but to his chagrin he was no longer there. Weird thoughts started flowing into his mind and he wept bitterly for not being able to reciprocate the goodwill done to him by his only brother in Wales district.While he was still crying and mourning, a fair nurse in her early twenties approached him, and he immediately recollected himself wiping out tears from his tearing eyes.“Where is he? Have you deposited him in the morgue?” He asked the nurse, looking so pale.“Stop crying! He is alive and fine!” the nurse told him with a sincere and confident tone. He has been transferred to the surgical theater and is currently undergoing surgical procedures. Doctor Christopher has assured he will be fine after the procedures are completed.Instantaneously, happiness and laughter spread on his face but he was still a bit confused as the doctor had earlier insisted that the procedures can only be done if
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Chapter 04
Olivia and her parents were living in an ordinary house. They were not staying in the Marcus family Villa.Since Olivia married Charles and after Lord Marcus died, they had since been kick out of the family Villa by lady Marcus.Rose Andrea's voice full of rage was everywhere shouting, “Olivia are you now satisfied with the way everyone treated us with disdain in the family Villa before the entire citizens of Wales district all because you're married to that loser husband of yours and yet you vehemently refused to divorce him!”Tell me, “what's interesting about that loser Charles Walker? If you divorce him now, your grandma might kick you out of Thompson petrochemical group.So, you must divorce him right now!”Olivia shook her head decidedly and said “No Mom, I have told you people that I will never divorce Charles. He is my husband and I don't want you or anybody else to persuade me or talk about this again.”“If Grandma wants to kick me from Thompson petrochemical group, fine then
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Chapter 05
Very early on Friday morning, Charles had woken up to prepare some breakfast for the house. He got the things which Olivia would be needing for her journey to London ready as well.Olivia had told him last night that she would be leaving to meet Lady Marcus at the Marcus family Villa by 6:00 am so that they can start off their journey.He had to wake up as early as 4:50 am to get things ready for her journey.Shortly after Olivia woke up, “come have your teacup and take some burger dear. I also made some snacks so you can use it for lunch in London.” “Wow! This is amazing” Olivia said in awe. “When did you get up to prepare all these that you're already through with them?”“However, put the snacks in my box while I take the tea before I get going.”“Alright dear!”“Have a great journey and don't panic as everything will turn out good”, he assured her.“Thanks dear!” replied Olivia though she was unable to understand how Charles suddenly became courageous overnight, yet she believed h
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Chapter 06
Charles woke up at 5.00 am, did his routine morning chores for his in-laws, and prepared breakfast for everyone in the house.He told Olivia that he was going to see Mr Rambo. Meanwhile, this was an excuse he used to leave the house for London in order to complete the procedures for Shell's takeover.Mr Tyler had given him the vice chairman's contact after pre-informing her that he would be coming today.On his arrival at Shell, he met Don Albert who just drove in and was parking his Lamborghini car at Shell's parking lot.He wanted to avoid him but Don Albert caught him with his fast paced movement and calls.“Hey Mr Walker, what are you doing here” asked Don Albert with a mocking tone.“What does it look like to you that I'm doing here?”“Does this place look to you like where you will come in at will? So kindly give a response to my question. Otherwise, I will call security on you outrightly.”“I am here to apply for a job, if you must know.”Don Albert sneered in disdain and said,
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Chapter 07
This was also Charles’ first time meeting Lindel in his life.He was equally mesmerized by Lindel's stunning and alluring looks. He admitted that the young lady sitting before him was very beautiful.She had slender yet plump body figure, captivating appearence, and a very mature and honorable manner.Sitting down in front of Lindel's desk, Charles started, “I will not be coming into the office regularly. So, I would like you continue looking over the companies's affairs on my behalf. Also I don't want my identity to go the public.”Lindel was aware that Mr. Walker, who was sitting in front of her now, came from the extraordinary Emperor Walker's Dynasty. For a royal family like theirs, Shell PLC was still a mediocre business couple with other engagement he would be having, So, it was normal for him not to manage it himself. Hence, she quickly said, “sure. Mr. Walker, just let me know if you need anything, and I will be at your service.”At this moment, Don Albert had recovered from
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Chapter 08
Meanwhile, inside Lindel's office, Charles looked gratified. He loved how speedy Miss Lindel executed his order.“Great job!” he said cheerful and you will receive fifty percent of your salary as reward for your Job and going further, your salary will be doubled because I can see that you're competent enough to handle the company for me.”Lindel gaped in astonishment. She told us and bowed respectively, “thank you, Mr. Walker.”Charles nodded and continued, “ Also, I want you to make two announcements.”“Firstly, announce the dismissal of Don Albert as the procurement manager and the cutting down of tears and collaboration with British Petroleum, London.”“Secondly, announce the Shell PLC's change of ownership and nomination of a new chairman but don't disclose my identity. Just announced that he's one Mr. Walker.”“I will leave you to continue your work now. I have other meetings to attend outside London.”****The announcement released by Shell PLC shocked the entire London and beyo
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Chapter 09
Chapter 09“Olivia, what do you take us for?” so, you kept us waiting all because of this useless piece of trash?” Jack snorted coldly in disdain."Why do you still allow this good-for-nothing b*tch to come into our Marcus family Villa?" Lily growled angrily. She was still angry that Charles spoilt her wedding night with his useless and greedy request. “Grandma, order him out, for he is so disgusting. Huh!”“You've no right to advise grandma to order me out of the Villa,” Charles said calmly.Luca Arthur stood up and growled angrily as soon as Charles challenged his fiance. “Hey! Mr. Walker, do you know you disgust me so much? You know we're all grandsons-in-law to the Marcus family, but the only thing you had got was bringing shame and disgrace to our in-laws and tarnishing my family's efforts. You see, because of you, British Petroleum, London, had stopped the partnership deal with our in-laws's family's business - the Thompson petrochemical group. That deal alone would have upscal
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Chapter 10
Seeing that his complaints about Charles was already pissing lady Marcus as was lost in deep thoughts of what to do next after hearing that Don Albert was already bankrupted and handicapped by the new but mysterious Chairman of Shell PLC, London, Mr Benjamin quickly retracted his stand and assuring Jack that he would surely deal with the useless and nobody like Charles Walker. After retracting his stand, he then asked lady Marcus, “Mom, what are we going to do now that there is a new turn of events towards Don Albert? Can't we reapproach Mr Stafford again and who knows, he might change his mind, compromise his initial stands and reconsider our Thompson group.”Jack joined the conversation immediately with the intention of making the old lady happy once again and maintaining his best grandson status before her.“Grandma, my Dad is right here because Stafford Theo wouldn't want to associate with Don Albert again knowing that he had gone bankrupt and fired from Shell PLC. This would also
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