Echoes of the Unseen: The Forgotten Man

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Echoes of the Unseen: The Forgotten Man

By: Its_ME_@ OngoingSci-Fi

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In an alarming crisis grips the coastal regions of the country as reports of infected fish emerge. What initially appears as a perplexing natural anomaly soon reveals a disturbing truth—a highly evolved zombie ant fungus, capable of not only spreading but also transforming organisms into grotesque creatures, lurks beneath the surface. As the possibility of this fungus infecting humans looms large, a team of dedicated scientists, driven by an urgent quest to decipher this horrifying enigma, sets forth on an arduous journey. Among the members of this daring scientific expedition is ,Ethan indirectly drawn into the mission that could alter the course of history. Together, they embark on a relentless pursuit of answers, ultimately leading them to an obscure 1900s laboratory shrouded in secrecy, where sinister experiments involving zombies and fungal transformations on humans were once conducted. Within the dimly lit and eerily silent confines of the laboratory, they confront an unforeseen experimental creation, a monstrous hybrid of science and horror, nearly claiming their lives in the process. Does Ethan survive the attack and can they all stop this grotesque creature to come out from obscure 1900s laboratory to destroy human race..... Experience the journey of Ethan on this legendary experience of life and mysteries...


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Echoes of the Unseen: The Forgotten ManI welcome you all to this journey of an incredible story of heavy emotion, morality, light romance, family confilict, sometime thrill and some time horror.This story follows the life of Ethan's personal problem, society conflict and some dark scientific experiment of old time.Characters:-1. Ethan:- main protagonist2. Liam:- Ethan's friend3. Dr. Benjamin:- A researcher and scientiest4. Dr. Jackson:- A researcher and scientiest5. Dr. John:- A researcher and scientiest6. Sophia:- Liam Girlfriend7. Steve:- Ethan's Brother8. Aviya:- Steve's wife9. Eve:- Fisherman10. Commander Caleb:- commander of military teammany more name and character will be added as the story moves forward ****NOTICE****this story is a revised version of old story in which character name and some places are changedold version of the story will be lately posted after thisthank youSynopis:- ....In an alarming crisis grips the
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PART [01]: "The Spreading"
Before we dive into the story, I'd like to kindly remind you to read beyond the initial part to fully grasp and connect with the narrative. The beginning might not be immediately captivating due to the need to establish the setting and circumstances. Your patience in this regard is greatly appreciated. Thank you.×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××"Day 12, 20__:In everyday life, people followed routines like clockwork. The sun rose, adults went to work, kids headed to school, and older folks took care of their homes. Meanwhile, fishermen set out to sea, casting their nets to make a living.As the sun went down, signaling the end of a productive day of fishing, the fishermen gathered to sort their catch. Among the fish, Eve noticed one fish that was strange - alive but rotten, giving off a terrible smell that warned of danger.Eve was disturbed by the sight and decided to handle the odd fish. He bundled up all the catch and got rid of the rotten fish carefully. He took it to
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PART [02]: "The Start Of Discussion"
Liam, Ethan's unwavering friend from childhood, stood as a steadfast presence. Despite Ethan's disorder driving others away, Liam remained a constant, nurturing their unbreakable bond.And now, in the present...Seated within the plane's cabin, Liam ignited a cigarette, tendrils of smoke curling upward. As the haze billowed, so did Ethan's irritation.Ethan expressed his frustration, stating, "You are irritating me. "Liam, seemingly unfazed, responded with a hint of amusement, "Wow, am I irritating you?" Ethan remained silent, leaving the question unanswered. Liam, reminding Ethan of their friendship, said, "I am your friend, bro." Ethan's reply was blunt, "For benefits."Liam then shifted the conversation to the task at hand, saying, "Alright, alright, let's get down to business. I've sorted out a swanky hotel for your stay and everything you need for the cases. But I'm curious, what's driving you to dive into this case?" Ethan initially remained silent once again, prompting Liam to
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PART [03]: "The Reconstruction Of Bonds"
Liam praised Ethan, saying, "Ethan, you're a legend. The way you kept your cool while speaking was amazing." Ethan, however, pointed out, "And you? Threatening him?" Liam dismissed his own actions, explaining, "Oh, that was just to rile him up. You, my friend, delivered a profound line."Ethan defended his words, clarifying, "It was in a positive context, buddy. He's old; we should wish him a long life." Liam agreed, saying, "True, I know."Lightening the mood, Ethan teased, "You're such a joker. What about the cheeseburger?" Liam assured him, "Oh, it's already in the car." Ethan, puzzled, questioned, "Then why are we walking?" Liam responded with humor, "Because, unfortunately, we can't fly." Ethan couldn't help but make a final request, "I want a double cheeseburger." Liam playfully replied, "Sure, from your pocket." Ethan reacted with an emoji, "😒."Ethan and Liam indulged in a playful exchange as they arrived at the car, their laughter punctuating the air. They drove to Ethan's h
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PART [04]: "The Truth of Spreading"
As Steve and Ethan revisited a familiar park, Steve asked, "Remember this park?"Ethan responded with nostalgia, "How can I forget it? I recall every little detail of this place - where we played cricket, and you were so small back then."Steve reminisced, "Yeah, I remember. You hit me on the head with a shot from the."Ethan, while apologizing, quipped, "Sorry, but it was your mistake to stand there."Steve questioned, "Sach mein?" (English: Really?)Ethan recalled another childhood memory, asking, "Do you remember that tree we used to climb and play 'ऊंच-नीच का पम्पड़ा' (Indian game)?"Steve lamented, "Yeah, I never got a chance to climb it."Ethan explained, "You were small at that time."Steve expressed his disappointment, saying, "Sad life..."Ethan, however, had an idea, suggesting, "By the way, the tree isn't that tall for us to climb."Steve, initially taken aback, responded with hesitation, "Yes."Ethan, excited, pushed him, saying, "What 'yes'? Let's climb it."Steve, feelin
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PART [05]: "The Dark Secret Of Spreading"
In a tense conversation, the Higher Official inquired, "Is there something we can do?"Dr. Benjamin, overwhelmed by the situation, admitted, "Probably nothing."The Higher Official, concerned about the implications, asked, "Is that a threat to the human race?"Dr. Benjamin, burdened by uncertainty, replied, "I don't know."Frustrated by the lack of answers, the Higher Official pressed, "Then what do you know?"Dr. Benjamin offered a piece of knowledge, saying, "I only know about that thing inside the fish."The discussion continued with Dr. John's curiosity, "What was that?"Dr. Benjamin revealed, "The thing inside the fish was a fungus, a zombie ant fungi."Dr. John, incredulous, asked, "You mean an Ophiocordyceps ?"Dr. Benjamin confirmed, "Yes."Dr. Jackson, another scientist, chimed in, "You're kidding, right? Those fungi can't infect fish."Dr. John clarified, "Yes, they primarily affect insects. Those fungi aren't compatible with more complex organisms and nor with their immune
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PART [06]: "The Horrify Idea"
Dr. Benjamin proposed a riskier plan, saying, "By going there."Dr. Jackson, taken aback, called him crazy, saying, "You're crazy, man."Ethan, supportive of Dr. Sameer's idea, interjected, "I think Dr. Benjamin is right."Dr. Jackson, frustrated, lashed out, saying, "Wait, who asked for your opinion?"He continued to berate Ethan, saying, "You're an outsider, here because of your company's force."Dr. Jackson, attempting to dismiss Ethan, said, "So shut your mouth and let us do our work, you f****** psychopath."Undeterred, Ethan persisted, saying, "Well, don't listen to me, but what Dr. Benjamin says isn't wrong."Ethan highlighted the potential consequences of ignoring the issue, saying, "You should know that if this matter continues, it could be a risky topic to debate against your party, not just by your people but also by the outside world."Dr. Jackson, still hostile, insulted Ethan, calling him a "f****** psychopath."The Higher Official steps in to defuse the situation.Recog
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PART [07]: "The Journey To Known"
Dr. Jackson, still agitated and seeking answers, persisted, demanding, "Will you tell me why the f*** He's here?"He continued to question Ethan's qualifications, stating, "He isn't a biologist or any military officer, then why?"The higher official, caught in a difficult situation, explained, "He's here because of his company. I received orders from higher authorities. I can't do anything."Dr. Jackson, deeply frustrated by the situation, vented his anger, declaring, "F*** your position. If you can't stop that jerk..."The higher official, sympathetic but powerless, shared his perspective, saying, "I also don't like him, but I can't do anything. We have work to do, man; otherwise, our positions will be in danger."Dr. Jackson, still seething with anger, expressed his frustration with the constraints of his position, stating, "Well, this position has tied my hands. If I get the chance today, it'll be his last f****** breath."Dr. Jackson and the higher official stopped their conversat
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PART [08]: "The Search Of Secret"
Ethan, understanding the seriousness of the situation, assured, "I understand, sir."Ethan, displaying dedication, added, "You can issue orders to shoot me if necessary."The higher official responded, "No, that won't be needed."Ethan, Dr. John, and Dr. Benjamin, get ready. Grab anything you need before the ship leaves the port.'The ship was preparing for the journey. Within 15 minutes, Ethan and Liam stepped out to buy gum. In the distance, Liam noticed someone.Liam exclaimed, 'Sophia!' and rushed towards her, while Ethan asked, 'What's going on?'Liam rushes to Sophia and hugs her.Liam expressed, 'I'm so glad you're here!' to which Sophia replied, 'How could I not be?' She then asked, 'Is that Ethan?' and Liam confirmed, 'Yes.'Ethan approaches them but keeps a distance.Ethan asked, "You're Sophia, right?" Sophia replied, "I've only heard about you, never seen you in real life." Liam inquired, "How did you get his number then?" Ethan explained, "Actually, you gave it to me. Las
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PART [09]: "The Secret Locker"
They launched 10 drones and implanted mapping sticks on the coast.Caleb gave orders, saying, "Copy S1, map the route." S1 acknowledged, "Copy that." S1 then relayed instructions, "Copy, team 1, follow the route on your display." Caleb affirmed, "Copy that." He then urged, "Move."The troop ran into the forest silently. After some distance,S1 reported, "Copy, team 1, drone 3 was hit by something." Caleb expressed frustration, saying, "Copy that, f***."Caleb used a mapping globe and threw it in the direction of Drone 3. The area started scanning, and then something was spotted. Caleb picked up his gun and looked at the map, then suddenly a baby animal came out. The troop breathed a sigh of relief.The soldier remarked, "How cute the baby looks."Caleb shot the baby on the spot, and the gunfire temporarily deafened the soldier, who regained his senses after some time.Caleb shouted, "Move!"They found an underground tunnel, and Caleb instructed his two colleagues to create a front barr
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