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By: Aiden OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Choi Saeran is just a final-year student who is having trouble deciding on his future when he suddenly meets a strange man who gives him a mission to stalk a teenage high school girl. Saeran, who accepts the mission, eventually gets a terror that makes his life chaotic, and without realizing it, he has kidnapped the girl to save his own life.

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01. Step Taking
Maybe I've forgotten how to eat. The food that goes into my mouth doesn't even taste like anything anymore. The last time I ate, it was probably when I let that piece of raw meat into my mouth."You should eat. Haven't you noticed that your body is getting thinner?" The girl thrust a brown piece of meat into my mouth.I closed my mouth tightly, looking at her with a look of dislike on my face. "How can you even think of eating at a time like this?"The girl raised her eyebrows. "We're fed; we should eat. What's so hard about filling your stomach? You barely even ate for three days. I wonder what's keeping you going this far?" The girl's words even sounded like an insult to me.If the person I was facing right now wasn't a girl, I would have kicked her.***"If your sins can't be paid, then pay with your money." Those words rang in my ears. The man in the distinctive judge's robe looked at me with pity. Getting a look like that made me feel uncomfortable. I felt looked down upon, even
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02. Intention
I never really intended to live my life well. For my entire life, I did what the people around me wanted me to do. I never really got what I wanted. I honestly felt empty. Even knowing where my own emotions were, I struggled. Too many difficulties and vague fears filled my head. I wondered where it all came from. Have they been with me since I was born? It was a bit scary if that were true."I don't know," I replied in a low voice.The man in the black suit gave me a strange look. "You're very strange. Normally people would say yes as soon as they're offered this much money." He pulled out his teacup and sipped slowly.I looked down at his words. "Money isn't everything. Even if you believe there is an afterlife, I'm not sure you can take that money with you. Either buy luxurious things in heaven or bribe the demons in hell to reduce your punishment.""Are you seriously telling me that?" the man said with a strange smile.I raised my face. "Is there something strange about my words?"
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03. Fear
Last night's nightmare kept me on edge until the next morning. I spread butter on my toast so many times that I almost ran out of butter. This compulsive behavior emerges when anxiety strikes.The girl's laughter was ringing in my ears. I felt like I was going crazy. The harder I tried to forget her, the more often she appeared. Is she a demon? Could this be karma for my lazy churchgoing?Over an anxiety-filled breakfast, I searched for job openings on my smartphone. Even though I had agreed to the crazy offer from that strange man, I still wanted a normal job with a normal income rather than the strange job he was offering.***There were some files that I still had to take care of at the college before I graduated. So I decided to go to campus this morning. Staying at home stresses me out anyway.On my way to campus, I saw a girl in a school uniform passing in front of me. At first, I was indifferent to her. Until I saw her face and remembered the photo that the strange man had give
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04. Obake
"Don't you look more like a pervert?" Suddenly, I heard a girl's voice not far from me.I tried to find the origin of the voice until I felt my foot being stepped on by something. The pain radiated, and I was surprised to find a young girl standing in front of me with a sharp gaze.Not understanding the girl's intentions, I just tried to avoid her. She's just a strange girl who likes to stir up trouble, I guess."Are you ignoring me?" "Perverts always act like they don't know their manners!" she cursed.Hearing her curse made my ears burn. It was obvious that she was the one looking for trouble. I wondered in my heart if it was true that this girl was drunk."Are you drunk? Wait a minute; you even still look like a minor. How can you possibly drink liquor?" I gave the girl a sharp look.The girl clucked in annoyance. She kicked my leg, but I quickly dodged her. I didn't understand her violent behavior."You threatened me with that?" She didn't seem scared at all and challenged him bac
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05. Memory
"You should have realized your gender by refusing to look feminine like this!" The old woman looked angrily at the person in front of her. "I'm disappointed; how could anyone let you join the research team here?"The person being humiliated bowed his head. The old woman was one of his superiors. He couldn't fight back. Even though he always received this kind of humiliation without being able to defend himself, Many people disliked her, including her team members."It's useless to scold her. He won't listen to you. Strange people like this are naturally ostracized, so there's no point in giving advice. It's a waste of energy," commented a young man with distinctive coconut shell-style hair."If you all object to my presence here, Why don't you just propose my dismissal? I won't mind even if I can't work here anymore," said the feminine-looking man, defending himself."Expel you? Yikes! Everyone, of course, wants you out. But you are the only person who can continue this research. Like
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06. Hassel and Graiss
I still remember when his body was burned. The smell of roasting meat It was horrifying to see the people closest to me burned alive.It was as if the people I had a close relationship with would end up in the heat of the fire. Blistered and burned, leaving only the ashes of memories. It was all horrible. In the past, I saw my father burn alive, and now I saw my best friend burn alive in front of my own eyes.***"Rain, stop messing around!" The young woman looked sharply at the person in front of her. In her hand was a pistol with the trigger ready to be pulled.The person named Rain smiled wryly. He pointed at his head. "Just shoot. I don't mind even if you kill me." He didn't look scared at all.The young woman growled. Seeing Rain's overly calm reaction made her uneasy. She suspected that Rain had prepared something behind her back.Karen's hands shook violently, and she hesitated to kill her lover. She never thought that Rain, whom she had trusted, was a monster."You can't do it
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07. Hotteok
Last night's nightmare came back to haunt me. I met someone so unfamiliar. But strangely, on the one hand, I felt familiar with her. Especially when she showed me her beautiful face. A beautiful, mature woman, radiating a graceful, elegant aura. I felt like I had met her before.Forget about that silly dream; what's more important is the breakfast menu this morning. Instant noodles or white bread again? I'm already bored with both. So I decided to go out for breakfast.After cleaning myself up, I got ready to go out for breakfast. Also to meet that strange girl named Nakamori.That strange girl with a beautiful oriental face was making me a little annoyed. But strangely, I felt like I had a sense of attraction to her that was hard to explain in words. Even stranger, that girl has an aura exactly like a debt collector. I felt like if I got close to her, I'd be like a debtor being chased by a creditor.Thirty pieces of Gimpap Chamci had been stuffed into my stomach. But still, I felt hu
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08. Ramen at Night
DORI saw you die before my eyes. Every night, I was plagued by these nightmares. I thought I was going crazy. But... I just went further and further, to the point that I didn't realize that I had changed.But it's still just a dream, right? I don't need to fall into it. It's just that my weak and overly sensitive heart can't just forget it. I, who should have been filled with a new hope by you, fell into a black hole.I now have trouble distinguishing between right and wrong. In my eyes, everything looks the same.Restless, I couldn't sleep peacefully. I picked up a children's storybook. I opened it and read the book seriously. Usually, when I have trouble sleeping, I read children's storybooks.The story is so good. I have an interesting idea to do something in the future.***"Enough you two, stop fighting!" I broke up with Nakamori and Hassel, who were continuing to argue.Nakamori sneered, looking unhappy. "This little savage is acting too much like he doesn't know his manners!"
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09. Threats
Once upon a time, there lived a pair of twins who depended on each other. They both lived in a small hut in the forest. Both lived in simplicity. But one day, a man who made dolls came to their little cottage. The man was lost, and he happened to find a small cottage in the forest. So the man decided to stop by the little cottage.Milo The twin boy was very happy with the man's presence, as was his sister Mila. Feeling comfortable being welcomed by Milo and Mila, the man asked permission to stay overnight in the twins' small hut. Milo and Mila gave permission, and the man stayed there overnight. During the night, the man was engrossed in telling all the stories of his life to the twins. And the twins themselves listened enthusiastically to the man's story.Feeling that he was being listened to, the man was secretly happy. For the first time in his life, someone else was willing to listen to him enthusiastically. Especially since the story was listened to very sincerely. The man cried
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10. Regen
"Just take it easy. No one will get hurt if you follow me quietly," the person said."What do you want from me?" Mr. Lotto was still trying to extricate himself.The person smiled a little. "I'll tell you if you follow me," he said."Alright, I'll go with you."The man then let go of Mr. Lotto. "Follow me, I will take you to a place."Mr. Lotto followed the person with an uneasy feeling.***"Although I don't know you very well. But I know, you impressed me with your extraordinary way of giving a second life." The person looked out the window. He observed a bird feeding its young."What do you want to talk about? I didn't follow you here just to hear your pleasantries."The man smiled a little, walked closer to Mr. Lotto, and then brought his face closer to Mr. Lotto. "Tell me what your biggest secret is to me. For example, just like those twins you created."Mr. Lotto's eyes instantly rounded perfectly. "Stop this nonsense!" snapped Mr. Lotto in disgust.The man laughed. "I can give
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