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'Game on' was quietly launched all over the world, infiltrating all virtual game servers. The game transported humans to a bright new exciting virtual world full of cultivation, mystery, and power. But what people didn't realize was that this game was a training ground,  for the Apocalypse, and not a virtual one, as humans would soon be teleported to this cruel new world, and when that happened, humans would only have one life, unlike in the game, resulting in a situation in which countless humans died because they couldn't stand up to the monstrosities in this new world. Vanya, who had led a sad and feeble existence during the Apocalypse, was sent back in time with all of her memories intact. Follow Vanya's exploits as she uses what she knows about the future to save her brother and other humans from the Apocalypse, as well as to discover why weak humans from Earth were transported to this horrible world known as Pangu world.

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  • Basha B


    how are you dear

    2024-03-21 10:12:08
  • Drasppp


    I like the story very much and the grama is better now. But the mc is a women but still often written as he. Very annoying

    2023-01-30 07:25:50
  • Drasppp


    i like the story very much and the grandma is better now after the first few chapters. But the mc as a woman but describe often as he. Very anion.

    2023-01-30 07:15:24
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196 chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1Trasmigration and Time travel."Hurray!!"A group of boys, whistled and giggled as they made fun of and harassed a ashen faced girl as she walked by.One of the boys made made a gesture with his hands commanding the girl to move closer to them.The girl turned back, as she saw the lust covered faces of the boys, she burst out in tears and began running towards her class, one of the boys who was infront of her, hit one of her legs and she tripped and fell.The boys once again laughed this time louder than they had did before,The girls body hit the floor, and sobs of tears could be heard from her after the fall."Bitch, were you thinking about running away," a tall young man, stood in front of her, laughing with a Lusty smile covered in his face."You should have been happy that this young master, has deemed you worthy yo play with""Don't break her, if she cries all the time this wouldn't be fun anymore" one of the boys at the back said laughing.The girl quietly sobed, she
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Chapter 2
Ruso's ShopVanya walked very carefree on her way to Ruso's shop, Ruso's was the biggest departmental shop around this parts, they had everything from groceries down to the best gaming devices.As soon as she entered the store, a middle aged man's gaze landed on her,"Hi Vanya, what brought you in Today""Hi, Uncle James, I came here to get the most expensive and recently released VR set you have"The man was confused as he had not ever known Vanya to play games, she was always busy in the restaurant serving as a waiter."Kid, what has come over you, I know you love your brother very much, but you spoil him like this using almost all your savings for a virtual set??"She smiled, and didn't explain, but instead insisted on buying it, if she told the man she was the one who was going to use it, he would probably freak out and start lecturing her about how gaming was bad and all that.The man once again tried to convince her, offering other virtual sets that were cheaper than the one she
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Chapter 3
Garden Of EdenBrian looked at his sister amazed, she was completely acting weird, he tried to think about what she had experienced ouside that had made her this different.Vanya was working hard in the kitchen to prepare a meal for the two of them using their single-burner stove, and Brian couldn't help but sneak a glimpse at her every so often."Brian, why are you still standing there, come over this is a very special dish, with alot of nutrients. Am sure you would like this"Brian was still suprised, from what he was seeing, his sister was preparing something so delicious that he was almost salivating,His sister hardly cooked in the house,instead she always brought food from the restaurant, he had tasted all the recipes in the restaurant, and was sure that whatever his sizter was cookibg was nothing from thereBrian walked towards her "Sister you haven't been in the restaurant for days now, where did you get all this food,"Vanya only smiled and once again beckoned him to sit down
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chapter 4
Novice TownIn the garden of Eden, Vanya took a deep breath, opened her mouth wide, and exclaimed, "I am back!".The moment she finished her recompense a farmiliar mechanical voice entered her head.She was not the least bit startled by the unexpected sound of a voice coming from her head, as she remembered it very well."Welcome Player."An old mechanical voice, entered her ears, though the voice seemed mechanical, you could still feel that it was coming from a living being, just that the being was too strong, that it looked down on beings like Vanya.Vanya, on the other hand, was aware that the only reason she was able to hear this voice was because, she was a new player and this being had been put here to introduce the new players to the game."Welcome to the wonderfull world of pangu or you can also call it 'Game on', first and foremost does the user agree to partake in adventures on 'Game On' "Alot of players, would not understand why this world was called Pangu and then Game on
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5Making plansVanya walked out of the Adventurers guild with the emblem that she attached to the shoulder of her cloth, this emblem signified that she was now an mercenary, and one of the good parts of being a first level mercenary was that she was awarded 100 gold coins, to get some equipment, if that amount was removed from the 1000 she owed the Adventurers guild you could say she only owed then 900 gold coins.In the game that is being played right now, players are still bargaining over copper coins, but he has already hained 100 gold coins, later in the game players would find out about this loop hole, and this would be the reason why alot of players would go to the Adventurers guild signing thesame Oat she did.The monetary denomination was not very difficult to understand and was reasonably uncomplicated. One coin made of copper was equivalent to a 100 coin made of silver, and one coin made of silver was equivalent to a 100 coin made of gold.Gold was the most valuable
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Authors note
Hi readers its your author here, sarki , due to my not very good english, the chapters from here, might be a bit unreable for some people, but do not worry, i have started plans to hire an editor. I had a contract with an editor before starting the but at the moment he is indisposed, am doi g my very best to get a reasonable editor, as you all know, hiring an editor isnt cheap. When i get a new editor, the chapters starting from chapter 6, will be re edited, so please bear with me Thank you and God bless you.
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6"Hey! Who on earth could she possibly be?"Is she making an effort to draw attention to herself by assuming these peculiar poses?"Dude, the yoga studio is a couple blocks and a couple of streets down from here. It would be beneficial for you to go there and work on your cow and cat positions.""How embarrassing could that possibly be? It is highly recommended that you delete the game from your PC right this second.""What a spineless brat you are! Take a look at how clean and soft her skin is; it's stunning! She might be someone's bottom, but I'm ready to guess that she is."Vanya, on the other hand, was totally unaware of the taunts that were directed at her and what she was doing; in fact, she did not even hear them. She was completely focused on what she was doing.The first and most fundamental level consisted of just eliminating the poisons and waste produced by the body through the utilization of medicinal herbs and animal essences.Before one could call their body "c
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7The trainer got up suddenly as soon as the three players reached the locker room, which caused the players to pause in their movements as they entered the room.They turned around to keep a tight check on the behavior of the instructor because the middle-aged man had stayed stationary the entire time, doing nothing more than leaning back in his chair and staring down at all of the new players."In light of the events that are taking on right now, what are your thoughts?" The inquiry was posed by Vlad as he watched the teacher walk towards the far corner of the training area where the 'joker' was practicing his dancing routines."Could it be possible that we are at the start of some kind of journey right now?" Zee made the proposal.Rukia continued, "Or maybe the teacher couldn't put up with the ugliness any longer and took steps to personally kick her out," and he did this while maintaining a straight face the entire time he was talking about it.The man approached Vanya, ca
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Chapter 8
Chapters 8"It is an honor to act as a means of revenge on your behalf, senior," I said to the other person. Vanya's mouth split into a broad grin, and she quickly lowered her head and accepted the mission in the manner in which it was delivered to her.She did not wait any longer and immediately opened the small vial, poured the contents into her mouth, and then proceeded to consume the entirety of it in a single swift motion. She did not wait any longer.Shila!When suddenly, a great gust of wind started up, and loud whooshing sounds reverberated across the region, everyone who was on the training ground was practically frightened. Some of the players were so terrified that they started to run away from the arena.If one had the ability, they would have been able to see that what appeared to be swirling winds engulfing Vanya's entire body from head to toe were, in fact, waves of mana surrounding her in a cocoon-like fashion.The tiny droplets of liquid that were contained within the
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9"There are many different paths that are suitable for a young lady who is as brave and wonderful as you are, but regardless of which path you choose, you will be required to put in a lot of effort and be persistent. There are many different roads that are appropriate for a young lady who is as courageous and wonderful as you are. To begin, there is the way that fighters have always traveled..."In contrast to the manner in which she had forcefully interrupted the fairy at the beginning of the game, Vanya did not behave in a carefree manner when she was with the middle-aged man. The instructor's voice became monotonous as he went on and on explaining the rules of the game.She maintained her silence as she listened to the man's words as they made their way through the training hall in the direction of the room that would be utilized for the aptitude test.Even though every player had complete freedom to choose any class they wanted, the game system continued to make suggestio
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