The Legendary Sun Archer

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The Legendary Sun Archer

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'Life is never fair for everyone' Lee Seung Tsu works part-time in an internet café and is responsible for taking care of his little sister and grandmother. Lee Seung Tsu was born into a poor family, so he has to work hard for his family. Nevertheless, Lee Seung Tsu never abandoned life and always tried for his family. He simply wanted to ensure that his younger sister could attend school without worrying about their financial situation. The opportunity presented itself with the launch of a game that uses virtual reality called Authority. A game which is called a new era of fusion of the real world with the digital world. Through virtual reality technology, the gaming authority provides absolute richness for players who can master the game. Through the game Authority, Lee Seung Tsu tries to make his dream of being the best in the game come true. Lee Seung Tsu wants to raise a lot of money from the Authority game to support his family's needs.

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  • Chidera Na c


    Nice storyline

    2023-12-12 13:30:52
  • sri hartuti


    The story has enough potential to follow.

    2023-01-26 07:32:30
  • GafaFayya


    I am the author of this work. Please those who like can be pleased to read.

    2022-12-04 09:08:54
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Newest Game Released
"Tlingtang..." "Welcome. Do you want to use a capsule or use a computer ?" Lee Seung Tsu offered to a customer who had just entered the internet cafe where he worked. "Ahh..." "Tonight you are working late again, Mr. Lee" The customer greeted Lee Seung Tsu. "Of course. I have to work or earn a lot of money for my sister's studies." "Give me a game capsule for 2 hours" "All Right, please wait" ********* Lee Seung Tsu is a part-time worker at an internet cafe. He is in charge of preparing equipment such as capsules or computers if there are customers who want to use them. In Korea, the use of capsules as media for playing games has been popular since a year ago. Several large companies are starting to switch from conventional games that require hardware with certain specifications to virtual reality games. Most game companies in Korea have now released virtual reality versions of their games. The company's reason for doing this is that the technology business is increasingly ad
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New Game will start
Lee Seung Tsu felt attracted to the Authority game. This is because, there is a possibility that, Authority can make its players make money. Players are said to be able to make money from the game by carrying out quests and selling the items they acquire. The owner of the internet cafe realized that, Lee Seung Tsu wanted to try playing Authority, because for Lee Seung it was an opportunity to help his family's finances. "Come in. I'll be guarding this place henceforth. If you have any objections to this opportunity, just pretend you're working and surveying the game." "You are one of my trusted employees, play to your heart's content, gather more information in my favor. Authority is a game that will be releasing and making it big in the near future. I ask you to play along to help my business grow and follow the development of the game." Uncle Dong explained that by playing Lee Seung Tsu it would be profitable for his business. Uncle Dong tries to convince Lee Seung that his busin
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New Game Will Start (2)
Lee Seung Tsu muttered full of admiration in his heart regarding the system developed by the Royal Company as the developer of Authority. "So, Aurora. Can you explain the function of personal AI and some of its effects on the development of a player?" Lee Seung Tsu asked about the relationship between the role of Personal AI and the development of players in Game Authority. "You are quite thorough, Mr. Lee. As someone new to Virtual Reality games you ask questions that are not commonly asked by other players." "Are the other players not asking for an explanation regarding that? Or is it really not allowed to be asked by the system?" Lee Seung Tsu was quite worried if the question turned out to be outside the system's coding. "Don't worry Mr. Lee, your question doesn't violate our system. It's just that based on the data I received from the center, you are the first person to ask that question to the system from hundreds of millions of Authority players." "I'll explain it to you.
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Kingdoms Of Staibraburg
Lee Seung tsu asked Aurora as his personal Artificial Intelligence. He wanted to make sure he had as much information as he could before starting an Authority game."Okay Mr. Lee, I will explain to you the differences between each race in Authority."Aurora then explained to Lee Seung Tsu the differences each race has when he chooses that race.Lee Seung Tsu then listened carefully to the explanation that would be delivered by Aurora."The first race is Orcs, as you know that the Orc tribe is a character created as a monster in every game. It is also not much different from Authority. If you choose to be part of the Orc race then you will be born into a tribe of orcsYou will start your adventure from a random tribe of Orcs throughout the territory mapped out by the Authority system. The most basic thing about the orc race with other races is in terms of the quest that you will play later.""Because Orcs are one of the monsters in the Authority game, most of the quests you get are sub
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Ground Training For Beginners
Lee Seung Tsu realized that he was being watched and decided to stop what he was doing.Even though Lee Seung Tsu tried to care about the small details in the game of Authority, the differences really caught his attention. Lee Seung Tsu felt that all his senses were functioning properly.Lee Seung Tsu couldn't believe his eyes, and looked back around. There was a crowd of people (NPCs) who were haggling and chatting, all these voices sounded lovely to his ears.The scene unfolding before his eyes was exactly like the real world, with people busy coming and going. After being satisfied to make sure everything was done, Lee Seung Tsu tried to call Aurora to ask for an explanation, continue regarding what he should do next."Aurora, where should I start this game?" Lee Seung Tsu asked Aurora."I suggest to master to head to the Training Ground first for now.""Training Ground? Why should I go there? Do all beginners do that?" Lee Seung Tsu asked about him having to go to the Training Gro
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Build a Foundation of Attributes
Lee Seung Tsu then walked into the training location, he wanted to go to area 1 first to increase his stamina and strength.“Young adventurer, I believe you just arrived in the Staibraburg Kingdom?.” An instructor came to Lee Seung Tsu when he was about to enter the training ground area 1."That's right, sir. I just arrived in Staibraburg Kingdom.""A little advice from me, make the most of the opportunity here. Beginners often neglect basic training which actually means a lot to them to raise their level faster. Use the scarecrow and the wooden sword to increase your stamina and strength. Also, use the children The arrows are according to your wish. The guards will keep reloading the arrows so, you can practice well""Thank you, sir. That's enough. I will remember your message. I will use all available facilities to the maximum to improve my abilities.""Good luck." the instructor then left Lee Seung Tsu who was heading to Area 1 to practice stamina and strength.Lee Seung Tsu then g
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Lee Seung Tsu's life
Lee Seung Tsu opened his game capsule and took off all the virtual reality equipment he was using at the time. He then packed up his and the other capsules.Lee Seung Tsu then performs maintenance on every game capsule in the internet cafe. The people who were playing Authority had mostly left the game capsule and had finished playing.After carrying out maintenance on several game capsules, Lee Seung Tsu returned to the operator's desk and replaced Uncle Dong to guard that night."How is Lee? Have you studied every game in there?" Uncle Dong asked Lee Seung Tsu about the Authority game he just played."Don't worry, Uncle Dong. I've learned a few things about the game. I can guide some newbies to play and make your place even more lively." Lee Seung Tsu assures Uncle Dong that his internet cafe will be bustling with Authority game players."Hahaha....""Okay, I'll leave it to you. I'll go home first, as usual you close if it's past 12 at night." Uncle Dong left Lee Seung Tsu.Lee Seun
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Lee Seung Tsu First Quest
"Hiyah..." "Hiyah..." Lee Seung Tsu was currently practicing in area 2 for that week. Lee Seung Tsu has been training for 4 weeks and splits 2 weeks each in each area. At that time, Lee Seung Tsu was practicing his speed in releasing arrows. A few moments later a notification appears from the Authority system. [Ding!!!] [Agility Has Increased +1] [Attack Speed ​​Has Increased +1] [Accuracy has increased +2] 'Finally I finished all the training at the training ground.' Lee Seung Tsu rested on the edge of area 2. He was resting after a full month of training in area 1 and area 2. Lee Seung Tsu checked his status attributes during the training. "Open state" =================================== Username: Lee Seung Tsu Jobs: None Title: None Level: 1 HP: 100 MP: 100 Attack : 10 Defence : 5 Stamina : 26 Strength: 38 Vitality: 26 Agility : 51 Wisdom : 10 Fame: 0 Luck: 10 Charisma : 0 Magic Resistence : Fire : 0 Ice : 0 Poison : 0 Black Magic : 0 Skil
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Lee Seung Tsu First Quest (2)
"Are there archers as good as that? Besides, why is it called the Sun Archer?" Lee Seung Tsu asked the instructor about giving him the nickname "The Sun Archer". "It seems you are also curious about that. How about you help me confirm that? I need some information about the person who is called "The Sun Archer" and about that nickname." The instructor asked Lee Seung Tsu to help investigate the information. Archer is one of the jobs available in Authority. Archery was the job that in the past month could be said to be the job that had the least interest in Authority. Most of the Authority players chose to become a Wizard or a Warrior. Archers are said to be an inefficient job in the game of Authority. this is because the sensory response contained in Authority is designed to approach the reality of the real world. These settings make a person must have certain skills if choosing a job. Someone who chooses a job as an archer must at least understand the basics of archery. If someon
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First Quest Completion
Apart from the level of difficulty in choosing a competent merchant, there are also other problems. Errors in choosing a merchant will affect the work provided by the merchant.Because of this, some players chose to acquire their jobs in Shrines. Players who use the leveling path to get their first job, often choose merchants that have been provided by the system in every existing temple.Meanwhile, another way to get a job is with certain quests. Authority provides jobs in general and hidden categories. Jobs provided by merchants are public jobs that have been explained by the Authority system.Some of these jobs are Hunters, Warriors, Priests, Thieves, or other jobs. Meanwhile, hidden jobs explained by the system are special jobs that have a certain level. One of the jobs that the system had revealed was Knight and Magician. These two jobs can only be obtained by doing quests in the places provided by the system.Player jobs can only be obtained by players if they take part in the
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