Invasion: the apocalypse

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Invasion: the apocalypse

By: Shinigami CompletedSci-Fi

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In the year 2501, humanity was visited by the first extraterrestrial life form, at first we were all excited for the possibilities that could be achieved if we can share and learn from them. But they did not come to make friends, we are merely pests they have to clean up to claim the earth their new home. My name is Astra and I am one of the only six survivors from Chrome city, we are currently hiding in the inner bunker under the chrome shelter, we are slowly depleting out our food and water supplies and we wont last another month down here. If you are hearing this, please move to the nearest shelter and lock the gates, the monsters are everywhere, they come in like a flood and kill everything in their path. Staying in a bunker may sound like the wrong thing to do, but it is your best chance of survival because all that is left on the surface was our greatest nightmare, horror and death". Now face to face with the aliens attacking and destroying us, how will humanity react when we find out that our alien invaders are in fact humans? Follow the story to find out

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  • Yaseer


    wonderful concept. cant wait for the plot to unfold. good job

    2022-07-08 18:08:19
  • Mohammed Aishat


    I like this story

    2022-04-04 04:19:22
  • Scoco


    this story is amazing, I like the genesis of the invasion, it's one of a lind

    2022-04-04 03:04:46
  • Erwin


    i am new to Scifi genre bit this book is amazing. good work author

    2022-03-29 19:21:29
  • Yahya


    this is one of the best heroin apocalyse novels i have read

    2022-03-29 15:06:23
  • Kira


    Fantastic story. i love the weapons concepts and how realistic the technology is.

    2022-05-29 16:37:52
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182 chapters
DATE: 27TH AUGUST 2501. INSIDE THE UNDERGROUND SHELTER ON THE OUTSKIRTS OUTSIDE CHROME CITY. FIVE DAYS AFTER IMPACT. “We have all thought about how the world will end, some believe that it will be caused by a deadly virus, others believe it will be a zombie apocalypse, a meteor impact. Most believe it will be a nuclear war that will end the world, or the earth swallowed by the sun when it goes supernova. But we were all wrong. The world’s ending happened in a less eventful way, it didn’t involve a meteor impact or any of the above. When it happened, we all knew it was coming, but there was nothing we could do to stop it, we could not fight it, we were unable to stop it. We could only let it strike us, and it took only seven hours for the world as we know it to end. Humanity could no longer roam the earth as we used to, and we were taken from the top of the food chain and placed at the very bottom. We were turned from the apex predators to the
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EPISODE TWO Jada swerved the car to the right, now heading away from the entrance of the shelter. “we need to pick Rhoda and the rest of your colleagues that we left on the mountain tell me your plans and make it as simple as I can understand” she said knowing that Astra usually comes up with ideas that require time to fully be understood by others, and time is one thing that they don’t have. With gleaming eyes, Astra could not hide her excitement. “the plan is quite simple, the skin may be though but its face is not.  Specifically its eyes. I have been trying to shoot it in the face but it keeps dodging my shots even at the cost of slowing it down. It doesn’t bother to dodge any of our shots because it knows that the bullets won’t hurt it. My belief is that it is dodging only the shots that can hurt it. So to cut the plan short, I intend to use one of Tim’s stun bombs and use the ceremonial javelin, strapped with chrome chains and stab
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Astra stood up covered in dust with her elbows and knees bruised, as soon as she raised her head towards the cliff, she saw the figure of professor Jada lying down, covered in dust and bruises. Without wasting a single second to think or consider the situation, she dashed towards the old woman. Professor Jada has not always been her  mentor alone, she was also the only family she has. After her parent’s tragic demise in the failed mission to Mars years ago, she was dumped in an orphanage in the outskirts of Chrome City, the orphanage was struggling to feed the children that were there, Astra spent her early days looking for food scraps to eat and there didn’t seem to be any hope for her, until Jada showed up one day looking for help. She was on a trip to one of her research units situated in the desert when the battery of her travel rover exploded and strand her in the outskirt near the orphanage, she was old but even when A
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EPISODE FIVE“I told you they will not abandon us, Professor Jada and Astra aren’t like that so unless if they had no other choice but to flee, Astra never leaves anyone behind”, Jamie said, looking at professor Jada with a facial expression that exposes his reverence for her, especially having just saved his life.“No you didn’t say that!” Rhoda objected.“what do we do now?” Astra asked Jada, walking around the dark area surrounding the small light that the screens on the door showing the entrance to the shelter behind he door.Jada picked out a pen torch from the breast pocket on her shirt and turned it on, shooting a small stream of light through what they all realize is now a large open area that sits in the cover of the darkness.Jada walked to the left of the gate, using her pen torch to light her way through the darkness, followed from behind by all of the students.&ld
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Led by two men and woman, all dressed in blue overalls and white helmets, Astra’s colleagues Tim and Khan walk behind with guns in their hands, pointing them at the three leading the way with fingers on the trigger, ready to fire at them if they make any wrong move.Tim and Khan are not new to gun handling, neither is Astra, Rhoda, any of the students from Chrome city that is over the age of fifteen, including professor Jada of course.Since the end of world war three, a hundred and fifty years ago. The Global human federation has mandated for every able person of fifteen years old and above to undergo special military training, which included survival training, gun handling and combat training.Almost months ago, after the bizarre massage broadcast by the aliens when they arrived, guns were distributed throughout the world in an attempt to arm civilians should the worse case scenario come to be. Among such guns are th
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EPISODE SIX Jada looks at Khan, then turned to the side and look at the three sitting on the bare floor, in their blue overalls with each of their hands cuffed.“Take off their cuffs, they are also victims of circumstances.” She said.Immediately, Khan pulled out a key from his pocket and freed their hands from the cuffs, walking back to where the rest of his teammates were gathered together with the three in the overalls.Jada turned her attention to them and then asked.“what are your names?”Two of them turned their heads immediately they were asked to look at the third and more mature looking man among them, he nodded his head and they all turned back to look at Jada.“I am Tom, this is Pete and she is Kate.” He said.“Please forgive me for not trusting the three of you at first sight, but I am sure you will understand why I had the three of you cuffed. This is a delic
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 “What have you realized, Carter? We are in desperate need of information about these creatures so share it with us!” one of the military Generals seated said in a shout.Currently, there are forty-seven people seated in the meeting hall, among which are the president of the global human federation, his direct deputy and all the important political and military faces on the planet.It is no new thing for Carson to hijack an entire presentation in the meeting hall and turn it into a lecture that everyone will be happy with at the end of the day. This is because he knows exactly what he is talking about. He raised his head to look in the direction of the president, who sits in a large P-cube, one of Carter’s inventions that provides an absolute defense against almost all kinds of attacks, it combines layers of different types of bulletproof and shockproof glasses in a cube, with his own oxygen tank inside, once he locks himself inside, his
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(BACK AT THE CHROME SHELTER) Astra has been at the guard watch duty, her assigned role after Jada had finished coordinating them to clean up the inner shelter had been to keep watch of the entrance and she has been sitting and watching all the live feeds from the hidden cameras outside the gate of the Chrome shelter. It has been a day since they arrived. At night Mila could see nothing on the screen because it was dark and there was no lighting outside to avoid drawing the attention of the alien crawlers. The next day at the break of dawn, while she was monitoring the outside of the gate, she noticed something peculiar. There was noise being picked up by the microphones of the hidden cameras outside the gate. She called Jada’s attention, and the two of them watched a cloud of dust gather and dissipate as a hovering bus arrived at the gates of the shelter. There are about twenty people inside. “These must be from the neighboring cities we were talking about yesterday,” Astra thought
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The crawlers moved quickly and scattered around the large parking space of the shelter. The group started shooting at them as they jump up and down, dashing around at unbelievable speed. ‘something about them is different. They weren't as fast as this, so why are they suddenly so fast? Astra thought. Nevertheless, I must stop them from crossing into another part of the shelter. There are helpless people that cannot protect themselves. She reminded herself and changed her assault rifle firing mode to single shots. She stood for a few seconds and tried to read the movements of the crawlers; she realized they were trying to avoid being shot on the head by jumping around; they became faster than just an hour ago, so it must either be the effect of the larger one that awakened them with a growl or the fact that they have just eaten. Maybe it is because they ate human flesh, she thought, but realized that it would be best to just fight at the moment, then figure out what is strengthening
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Astra walked around the inner bunker and examined it, two-fifth of it is a food storage that is filled with protein bars and drinking water while the rest of the bunker contains the general area where she figured they will be used for sleeping. It also contains a bathroom with taps and a heater. ‘The entire area is made for two people, but there are currently five of us. The general area has a long couch. She walked to it and sat on it. Slowly, the reality that Jada has died came back to her and a sudden feeling of sadness and loss hit her like a brick wall. She sat I the couch, put her head against her knee and started shedding tears profusely. ‘I have lost her. After all the years of caring for me like I was her own child, training me so that I can one day be able to protect myself, I could do nothing to save her; when she died, I was there, but I was not strong enough, she thought. “I am not strong enough to help you.” She said out loud and started crying. Khan stood from where
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