Million Dollar

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Million Dollar

By: Shreevansh OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Blurb Grimstone is a broken middle aged man, his father got arrested due to some false accusation, his mother passed away and he got betrayed by the girl he loved and trusted the most. Just when he was about to lose hope he suddenly got the message from an unknown person which changed his whole life.

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Chapter 01 - Valentine’s Day
It was raining that night in Memphis, USA. It was midnight at 00:05 on February 14th, 2022. I was doing my night job at Earnestine & Hazel's restaurant, getting orders from customers and cleaning the table while thinking about my girlfriend.I had to leave my girlfriend because of this gig because the pay was good. I decided that I’ll take her on a date at noon or evening and will give her a beautiful present as an apology.A couple was sitting beside the wall. The wall was made up of mirrors so both sides could see through it.“Excuse me! Can you get our order please?” The boy requestedI went straight to them to get the orders. They were checking on the menu again to make sure what they wanted to order.“Bring us Grit Stixs for appetizers, and then bring 1 Chili con carne, 1 Willie T's Shrimp Pasta for me and.” The boy said.“1 stoned soul picnic for me.” The girl, sitting in front of the man, ordered.“Ok! Let me recheck, you need Grit stixs then 1 chili con carne, 1 Willie T’s Shr
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Chapter 02 - Confusion
When I opened my eyes, I found myself lying on a hospital bed all alone. No one was found. My head was aching so much because of the injury, and I got a plaster on my left leg too. After some time, a female nurse came to check on me. As soon as she saw me conscious, she called the doctor, and he checked my injuries. “You will be fit like before in the next couple of months, so rest up and take it easy.” Doctor said, I wasn’t able to talk, so I was just staring at him, hoping that he'd tell me who dropped me here. “Oh yes, a girl left you here. She said she found you on the road unconscious with this major injury, so she admitted you here. She has paid for the treatment, so don’t worry about it.” He said I was wondering if the girl was my ex-girlfriend, and afterwards I went to sleep. ** After one month, I was discharged from the hospital though my injuries weren’t healed completely but my plaster was removed. The doctor said that the girl paid for the treatment, but she didn’t
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Chapter 03 - The Meeting
After that call, I enjoyed the whole week. I’ve already decided that whatever that mysterious girl will demand from me, I will give it to her. Even if she asks me to die, I'll do it. I stopped fearing because I had nothing to lose at that time, and thanks to her, I got to see the world I had never seen before. 7 days had passed... I drank a little more than usual that night, and I went to bed as soon as I got home. The same night, at 12 o'clock, someone knocked on the door. I was sleeping deeply on my bed. That stranger unlocked the door and came into my room. He splashed water on my mouth. I suddenly woke up. I saw a man in a black suit standing beside me. Without thinking about anything, I shouted, “Wh--who are you?" And how did you enter my room?” I tried to grab my phone, which was on the table near my bed. The man grabbed my hand and said, Don't worry, sir! I’m here to pick you up.” “Wha--What are you talking about?” I asked. I was a bit drunk, so I totally forgot about the day
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Chapter 04 - The Deal
I glared at him. "Tsk! I guess it's none of my business." Looking away from Charlie, I addressed the girl directly, "Who are you? Why did you call me here? And why the one million dollars?""So you've come to your senses, have you?" The girl said with a sly smile. "I called you here to propose a deal. That million dollars is just a taste of what you'll gain if you accept." She returned to her seat, her composure unsettling. “As for Who I am. My name is Lisa Greynight, my occupation… you’ll know it soon enough.”"If it involves killing someone, count me out," I said, my voice hard as I met the gaze of her right-hand man."Don't worry," she said, her voice smooth as silk, "if I need someone killed, my boys here can handle it in a blink. As for you, I have a different proposition. I want you to be my dealer and become my... personal faithful dog." The last words were laced with a hint of amusement, sending a shiver down your spine.Fear coiled in your gut, but a sliver of curiosity fl
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Chapter 05 - Delivery Job
It took me 2 hours to make a deal with them. Never in a million years had I ever imagined that a beautiful lady like Lisa was going to be my boss. Though, the way she killed that guy within a second gave me chills. I sighed, "I wonder what is going to happen to me in the future. Also come to think of it, is she really a mafia? I used to think that mafias keep their identity hidden that not even their own family members know about them. Jeez! I guess it's a concern for later." I thought about it and went to bed. The next day, I received a job proposal letter. It looked like a normal part-time delivery job at first. There was a contact number of the owner, "Well, since I have to keep my identity hidden I must need to do something so that no-one will get suspicious about me." I thought and called the number.The call was picked up by a man with a gruff voice. "Hello sir, how can I help you?""Is this the Bluffcakes restaurant? I received a job proposal letter from you today," I said."A
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Chapter 06 - Know Your Place
Lisa's sweet voice sent shivers down my spine. "Welcome back, Blurb Grimstone," she purred, "or should I say, Jimmy Watson?""You!" I blurted, my voice laced with accusation. "Why'd you give him my fake name? Where'd you even get fake documents?"Drake, a smug grin plastered on his face, took over. "The name's not fake. This here's the real Jimmy Watson. We borrowed his documents and, well, let's just say we updated his picture."Disbelief washed over me. "What? This guy isn't a bad guy?" My voice trembled as I looked at the innocent man on the floor."Of course not!" Drake scoffed. "He just has a similar personality to you, that's all. We offered him a job, some easy money, but he refused. So, well..." he trailed off, his grin widening into a cruel smirk.Seeing red, I lunged towards Lisa, a roar erupting from my throat. "How could you do this? This is messed up!"Before I could reach her, Charlie materialized in front of me, his fist connecting with my gut with a sickening thud. T
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Chapter 07 - Drug Dealing
When I arrived, I noticed four youngsters, approximately aged 15-17, consuming alcohol and drugs. One of them lay unconscious on the ground, two were drinking wine against the wall, and the last one, apparently the customer, greeted me, saying, "Hello sir, thank you for the delivery." He spoke with a drunken slur, "Here's the tip for ya, enjoy your life, buddy!"Surprisingly, he handed me a thousand dollars as a tip. Although it wasn't my concern, I couldn't help but wonder why intoxicated individuals would want to order food in such a place. It was all new to me. Regardless, I declined the money and began heading back to the restaurant. Suddenly, an old man intercepted me."You bastard! You're the one who ruined my child's life," he exclaimed.Perplexed, I responded, "What do you mean, sir? I just came here to deliver the meal.""Meal, you say?" The old man approached me, shouting, "So those cocaine are now a meal for you!" He punched me in the face.Stammering, I tried to explain, "
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Chapter 08 - End Up Being A Dog
As I approached the man, I realized it was none other than Drake himself who had come to take me with him. I wondered why he had come alone to escort me to Lisa. Nonetheless, I got into the car. Inside, we didn't exchange any words; Drake drove while I silently admired the passing scenery, though I couldn't shake off the nervousness brewing within me. Having met Lisa twice already, and witnessing someone die each time because of me, left me uneasy.We arrived at our destination, which wasn't a shady abandoned place or a club this time. Instead, it was a normal restaurant named "Chez Philippe." Drake instructed me to come inside; we were ten minutes early, and Lisa had yet to arrive. I noticed there was no one else, besides the staff, in the restaurant. I queried Drake about it, and he informed me that Lisa had reserved the entire place for herself. He then ordered drinks for both of us.Curious about his methods for concealing his identity, I asked, "So, what do you do to hide your id
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Chapter 09 - The Beginning Of The End
After returning to my room, I lay on the bed without bothering to change. With my hands on my head, I stared straight at the ceiling, contemplating how I could fix everything. Was there any way left for me to regain her trust? No matter how erratic she might be, she wielded the power I needed to save my father and exact revenge on the man who took Jane away from me. Eventually, exhaustion overtook me, and I fell asleep without reaching any conclusion.The next day, I went to work at the usual time. Christopher was busy packing parcels for me to deliver."Hey, Christopher..." I approached him and began, "Isn't there any other way to do this?""What do you mean, bro?" Christopher replied, giving me a curious look. "Once you enter this occupation, there's no way out, you know that, right?""I didn't mean that... What I meant was that I want to progress," I explained, averting my gaze. "I'm tired of being just a delivery boy. It's leading me nowhere. I want to move up, is there any way fo
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Chapter 10 - Another Chance
I spent the entire night in the prison cell, my mind filled with thoughts of what awaited me. When morning came, to my surprise, Lisa appeared at the station with her bodyguards in tow. As she entered, her demeanor was serious, yet there was an undeniable aura of authority surrounding her. She seemed more like a celebrity than a mafia boss.The police officer quickly stood up upon noticing Lisa's arrival, attempting to put on a fake smile. "What brings you here, ma'am?" he asked. "You could have sent one of your assistants to deal with the problem or called me so I could have come to you directly."Ignoring the officer's attempts at pleasantries, Lisa walked over to me. I stood a bit away from her, uncertain of what to expect. She gestured for me to come closer, and I hesitantly obeyed. As she placed her hand on my cheek, a wave of confusion washed over me. "What is this woman thinking now?" I wondered.After a moment, Lisa returned to the officer, the warmth from her touch still ling
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