My Demonic System

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My Demonic System

By: Anton Hansen Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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SYNOPSIS Shawn Kaleb was the son of humanity's strongest humans. A meteor had once fallen on the world (2060) its radiation mutated half the human race, thus giving birth to those known as 'Variants'. Variants had one power or ability while Warlocks had two or more stronger powers. After his parents perished for the sake of humanity, he was sent to the government facility so they could keep an eye on his powers when they awakened. Unfortunately, even after five years, his powers didn't awaken, the government gave up on him and allowed the scientists to use him as an experimental subject for their painful tests on the human bodies. He died during the first test. He saw the smile on the scientist's face even as he took his last breath. Was it truly the end? But what happens when the boy who was presumed to be useless and dead awakens a demonic and devilish system whose sole purpose was 'world domination'? What happens when the boy who has now awakened several abilities at once starts seeking vengeance? Can the protectors of humanity face the wrath of this man-made demon? Can they stop the person who kills without blinking? Or are they destined to be swallowed by the darkness they created? Join Shawn on his journey of Vengeance as he wields the Demonic System with utmost perfection.

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  • Mydas


    The synopsis is intriguing.... I wonder why the likes is low

    2024-04-14 09:00:02
  • Ozilla Gold


    Such an amazing novel deserves a five star rating which is what I'm giving. This novel has got me hooked like speed drug. Anton Hansen, thank you for a wonderful novel. keep up the good work.

    2024-03-24 14:18:43
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105 chapters
Chapter 1 : The boy who failed
“Negative. The boy doesn't have any powers.”Sigh!Several sighs filled the room as the people with serious expressions plastered on their faces shook their heads in disappointment.“He is already fifteen years old now, and if he still has not developed any atom of affinity with any element, then I am sure we all know there's no chance it will ever happen as he has passed the age of awakening. I honestly had great expectations from this subject.” one of them said.Sigh!“Such a shame! The kid whose father was the strongest warlock and mother— the strongest sorcerer, happened to be useless? He's not even a variant, let alone being as great as his parents?” A middle-aged man in the group spoke we he looked at the boy lying on the patient table.There was an expression on the man's face that depicted nothing but disappointment.“It looks like we wasted our time with him for nothing. How pathetic!”Three scientists were talking amongst themselves outside the glass room, while inside, a yo
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Chapter 2 : System Activate
Although Doctor Roach didn't act close to Shawn in the last five years, he didn't openly despise him either as there was a possibility of Shawn developing his powers. His actions towards Shawn seemed only professional till now. He was neither too friendly nor too harsh but only kept an average attitude towards the child. But now Shawn was already fifteen years old and a failure, there was no reason for him to act cordial anymore.Shawn's face paled as he heard the answer from Doctor Roach. It felt like his world came crashing down, and every word of that sentence hit his heart like a bullet.Tears lurked, making his eyes glittery, his vision blurred as he tried to fight back the heartbreak and emotional pain he was feeling. He gritted his teeth and refused to cry out his pain.“But you can still help humanity. So you're not completely useless. Come with us.” Doctor Roach further said in a villainous tone as his eyes shone like a vulture under thick gold-framed glasses.Shawn stood up
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Chapter 3 : Demonic System
Shawn slowly opened his eyes but saw only darkness. He was wrapped in a black zipped body bag which was preventing him from seeing the light. After some initial struggle, he managed to come out of the zip-locking bag.As he came out, he found himself in the middle of a dump yard. There were trash and useless things as far as his eyes could see. There was a rotten odour everywhere, which made him want to puke as he stood up.“I'm... I'm still alive?” he muttered in confusion as he looked at his hands and legs to check if everything was fine. There was no problem that he could see with the naked eye. He tried to move and then tried to walk. He faced no problem. Everything seemed normal.“Did they throw me here because they thought that I was dead?” he guessed as he chose a random direction and started walking. Hundreds of questions gathered inside his head as he moved forward.There was an old wooden table along the way that had a nail sticking out of it. As Shawn wasn't paying attentio
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Chapter 4 : Warlock
The screen dissolved and Shawn returned to his present moment. He stared at the knife for quite some time before coming to a decision.“Father once said that true healing could make a person immortal, even the cut-off limbs can be healed. Is my healing the same?” He wondered as a crazy idea popped up in his head but he still hesitated.“I already died once. Why should I be scared of losing a limb? Black Heart won't be scared.” he muttered as he decided to go through with his test.He took the knife and cut off one of his fingers. Even though he felt some pain, it was nothing compared to the pain he felt when he died. It felt rather soothing and bearable for him.His severed finger was still lying on the ground but another finger had grown up in its place, which was just like the old one. It only took a minute for it to happen.“This is so amazing,” he commented as his ocean eyes sparkled.“It had to be, for me to still be alive. This should be the reason I'm still living.”«Tsk! Host
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Chapter 5 : Ruthlessness
Shawn continued walking for over seven hours before he saw the nearest town. His stomach had started growling long ago; now that a town was here, it growled more. It was as if it was telling Shawn to eat.He entered the town. There was still the lab's patient robe on his body which looked even dirtier as if he was a beggar. He tried to look for a place to get something to eat.Seeing a small restaurant after searching for a long time, he decided to enter the place.As soon as he stepped inside the restaurant, he attracted the attention of the waiter.“What do you need, boy? This is not a place for kids to enter. If you don't have money, then scram out of here!” the waiter of the small restaurant told Shawn as he walked towards him.Due to malnutrition and lack of sleep, Shawn looked so scrawny and a bit small, unlike kids his age.“I need food,” Shawn said to the waiter, but the guy refused even to listen.“Can a beggar like you even have money? Scram out before I cut your legs!” the
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Chapter 6 : Dark Variant
The ash fell on the ground and covered the floor. If the people here hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that the ash lying in Shawn's feet happened to be a young living man until a minute ago.«Havoc point 1 obtained»Ignoring the people, Shawn gazed at his hand as he muttered“Strengthening?”He could feel that his body had more strength than he had before he died. Not only was he able to toss the waiter like he was a toy, but what happened after that also proved the same thing. He realized that his strength was much higher than the man's since he couldn't even feel any resistance from the man.He hadn't tested it before, but now he realized something. This power of strength, wasn't it something his father had before? If so, why wasn't it recorded in his Stats?“Azazel! My stats window.”«Ding!DEMONIC SYSTEMName: Shawn Zach KalebAge: fifteen Race: InhumanStatus: WarlockHavoc points: 2Strength: 250 Speed: 200 Control: 200 Skill: Immortality, A
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Chapter 7 : Carnage
The ones who hadn't noticed his wounds heal also saw him stand up suddenly. Their laughter was replaced with dread.“Wh.. what? Can he even heal from that? It's impossible!” someone spoke on behalf of everyone as the table turned yet again.Once again, the fear chained the hearts of people as they realized that the man they faced wasn't a normal Variant, but something else entirely. They had never heard of a Variant who could heal himself.Just what was he exactly? How could he heal himself? Was he even a human?Questions piled up inside their minds, making their thoughts go haywire, but they couldn't find any possible answers to satisfy their piqued curiosity.Shawn looked at the man who had fired the shot and began striding towards him.Big Joe was stunned to see Shawn alive and moving as if nothing happened. Before that, he didn't feel scared, but now? He wasn't only feeling scared, he was feeling a chill run down his spine as his feet froze in place. But he was too stubborn to giv
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Chapter 8 : System's Origin
Everyone was dead except one person. Only a single person remained in the restaurant, which was filled with dead bodies and ashes. The slaughter Shawn had committed was frightening, but he didn't feel even the slightest remorse. He had just killed a lot of people but he didn't regret it in the least. He didn't feel anything. His heart was utterly emotionless now, and his face showed the same. He looked exactly how the Vengeance god Black Heart looks when he kills; Ruthless and Domineering.His blank stare scanned the place and stopped right at the last person who remained.“Stop! I have already called the Anti-Rogue Variant! The ARV will be here to catch you soon; you should escape while you still can. If you waste time on killing me, you won't be able to escape in time!” the man spoke, trembling, but his warning didn't stop Shawn.Seeing Shawn not stopping, the man became even more nervous. He couldn't find anything else that could protect him, but he thought of giving it one last sh
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Chapter 9. Home Bound.
System welcomes Host back to the present world.»Shawn still couldn't comprehend what he had just witnessed. Vengeance god Black Heart had been betrayed by his allies, he was stabbed in the back and tossed down to his death, but before that, he had sent the system to someone else; Him.“Truly there is none I can trust. Be it humans, variants and gods.” Shawn said with a stoic expression.His gaze roamed around the entire interior of the restaurant. As far as he could see, there were only ashes and dead bodies left. Only red and grey could be seen all around him. He lowered his head and noticed the robe he was wearing. It was the same one he had received in the facility. The only difference was that the mostly white robe was now covered with holes and bloodstains.Gazing at all the bodies lying all around the room, Shawn's eyes were filled with the same blank, emotionless expression. Not even an ounce of regret flashed through them as he maintained a stoic expression.Even after sweepi
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Chapter 10 : More information
Shawn left from the South exit of the town in the direction of Jacksonville Florida without looking back. He was determined to find his home even if it meant searching the whole city.He was unaware that a few minutes after he left, three helicopters infiltrated the sky, flying in from the north. The helicopters stopped near the restaurant and remained stable in the air, fifteen feet above the ground.The helicopter's doors swung open as around twenty people jumped out without any harnesses, sticking to a flawless landing. The way they did it showed that it was a daily routine for them to jump out like that. One of them stood a few steps ahead of the others, facing the restaurant. From the aura he emitted, it signified him as the leader.The man seemed to be in his late twenties. His head was full of short flaming red wavy hair that scattered around his forehead. They made him stand out amongst the crowd because of his unique colour.Wearing a long black coat on top of his black pants
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