My Hockey Alpha

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My Hockey Alpha

By: Eve Above Story Updated just nowWerewolf

Language: English

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When Nina's bf banged a cheerleader in her bedroom on her 18th birthday partyTo get revenge on him, she slept with his hockey team captain.Everyone knows Captain never have a second sex with the same girl. But he wants Nina every night...and everyone knows that too...

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  • Daniela


    I absolutely love it!!! I just wish the story was complete. Just waiting for the rest to come out

    2024-01-28 08:39:40
  • NeNa B


    Best read I’ve had in years!! I binged 60 chapters in one night. Absolutely hooked

    2023-07-07 22:22:29
  • Andrea Callinan


    I love what I have read. I just started it, but I might have to let it go, it will cost too much money!...

    2023-06-27 08:35:12
  • Robin Graham


    so far it's been interesting waiting for a great ending of Nina who maybe a paranormal being. is she hyidebrid, witch can't wait for the next chapters

    2023-03-29 06:04:23
  • CessO027


    the story is great don't get me wrong. this book is two parts as we speak, the first is when Nina and Enzo met and they get their happily ever after. the Book two is their life after marriage. let me just say "The story plot is getting redundant". the conflict presented is just repeating...

    2024-04-13 23:02:48
  • Emily


    Is this book ongoing? I made it all the way to chapter 755 and i need more!!...

    2024-04-05 02:46:57
  • Judith Williams


    I was reading the book and it said Enzo wanted a divorce! Then it said the book was serialized. what does that mean?

    2024-03-28 14:23:27
  • shaiblack98


    Definitely wish I had more!!!

    2024-03-21 04:34:29
  • Evelyn


    What happened? All my unlocked chapters locked again

    2024-03-19 14:11:08
  • Debbie Colson Haeffner


    When will the rest of the story be added? Waiting for the rest of a story is awful. Don’t think I will read another if it. Is like this

    2024-03-16 06:45:49
  • patricia san


    The story just drags after a while

    2024-03-10 16:05:49
  • Patricia


    I love this book. But I wish there was more

    2024-02-19 03:38:48
  • Sophie


    Is there anywhere we can follow to see when new chapters come out?! Dying to read the rest!! Here’s hoping there’s a happy ending for Enzo and Nina!

    2024-02-15 07:51:37
  • Kassie


    Dying to read more

    2024-02-09 09:26:38
  • Georgina


    Need more episodes ......

    2024-02-06 02:13:27
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Latest Chapter
795 chapters
Chapter 0001
Nina It was the night of my coming-of-age party. I was most of all excited for one thing: tonight, Justin would finally announce that he was my boyfriend. Justin and I had been seeing each other for a couple of months now, but we had kept things under wraps so far. Frankly, I would have preferred
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Chapter 0002
Nina Enzo must have noticed the expression on my face when I finally recognized him, because he smirked and held out a napkin for me. “Your makeup is smudged.” I blushed and grabbed the napkin from his hand, using it to wipe away my makeup while Enzo continued to stare at me. “Rough night?” he s
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Chapter 0003
Nina It was almost four o’clock in the morning by the time I finally returned to my dorm. Jessica and Lori were already asleep in their rooms judging from how dark and quiet everything was. The suite was a mess from the party and we would no doubt be spending the next day cleaning, but I was too hu
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Chapter 0004
Nina We entered the arena, which was already packed full with excited students. Half of the arena was reserved for our university, while the other half was reserved for the other university. Our school colors were burgundy and gold -- the other university was blue and black. “Let’s find a good sea
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Chapter 0005
Nina Just as I thought, Jessica came home an hour later with a frown on her face. “Where did you go?” she said. I looked up from my book as I sat on the couch. Thankfully, I had prepared an excuse beforehand. “My stomach started to hurt,” I replied. “Probably from all the alcohol last night. I c
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Chapter 0006
Nina Me? Why me? Why would the star hockey player, every girl’s dream guy, the adonis Enzo Rivers, want to be with me? My mind flashed back to our one night stand… I could almost still feel his hands on my body, and when he brushed my hair out of my face right now, my body shivered at his touch.
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Chapter 0007
As I ran toward the fire, I looked over my shoulder toward Enzo, who was still out of sight. Just then, I bumped into something solid and fell to the ground -- well, I nearly fell to the ground, but a pair of strong arms caught me. Enzo. I looked up to see Enzo holding me, looking down at me with
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Chapter 0008
Enzo When I saw the human girl with the two black braids at the bar on Friday night, I honestly didn’t think twice. She was just another average human girl -- pretty, with a nice body, but ultimately useless for me. You see, I’m a werewolf. I was never meant to have anything to do with humans. In
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Chapter 0009
Nina I walked back to the party, trying to ignore the strange interactions I had just had with Enzo and Lisa. Jessica was dancing with the group, while Lori was still sitting on the steps of one of the cabins and smoking. I didn’t feel like dancing right now, so I went to sit with Lori. Lori hande
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Chapter 0010
“Who is she?” I heard one girl whisper. “I have no idea,” another replied. “But I’ll tell you what… if Lisa finds out, this nerdy girl is gonna be dead meat.” I frowned. Hearing Lisa’s name made me sick to my stomach. “Well?” Enzo said. “I have a spare helmet.” “No thanks,” I replied. “I’m takin
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