My Trillionaire System(wealth activate)

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My Trillionaire System(wealth activate)

By: Crystal Corner OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Kyle Dawn is a poor young man, disregarded by society. He was nothing but an illegitimate child of an ultra rich family. Being left with nothing, without a family and trying to get an education in one famous university in the city by working odd jobs as pay. Kyle tries daily to earn money in arrears. The cost of his flat house was also so much that he had to pay it off immediately. some students who knew about it, of course mocked and insulted him, giving him many challenges with the lure they would pay for his tuition fees but they were lying. Even his college girlfriend cheated on him and left him heartbroken. One day, he got into an accident staged by his enemies only to wake up with a "Trillionaire system". [Host detected......Introducing the Trillionaire Wealth System]. And with that Kyle life slowly started to change and it's time to get my revenge....but one day unexpectedly [Spend not less than a million dollars everyday or everything you have earned so far will crumble].

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Chapter 1: Kyle's Trouble's
"Hey Kyle come over here and pick up this dirt! " A boy shouted down the hallway.Kyle carried on walking down the school corridor. It was not the first time he has received this kind of embarrassment, he has experienced a lot more worst than this type of embarrassment, he has been in situations that he wouldn't want to experience a second time. Harassment has become a daily occurrence for him just as much every day and he couldn't help but not do anything about it. He wasn't that stupid to retaliate, at least he still wanted to be in school that was what gave him the morale to stand strong. "No condition is permanent" he thought.Kyle stopped and pushed his glasses back up as they had slipped from his face. He needed a new one and just from looking at them one could tell that they where heavily worn out, he couldn't do anything about it, not that he didn't have the money to get a new one but they where other bills that need to be paid."Hey didn't you hear your name or has poverty bl
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Chapter 2: Heartbreak
"Ohhh" I forgot to introduce him.....Kyle Dawn is an illegitimate child of a very wealthy family who was tossed out after his adoptive father died, the memories of those times where still fresh in his memories but that will be a story for another day.Despite his handsome appearance, Kyle's clothes could tell from a first glance that he was poor not just poor, extremely poor. The truth was that the 24yr old student was an average student, juggling various jobs to meet ends meet, of course he would have to do that in order to survive. At times, he would run errands for wealthier students just to earn a few extra bucks, and this made him one of the most looked down student on campus. He had lost his pride a long time ago, "fuck pride" Kyle would always say, he didn't give a damn fucking care to his ego not in this condition he is now, he will just do anything to survive.Kyle walked slowly to his dorm, he opened the door and walked inside."Gosh, these my roommate can't they even take
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Chapter 3: Rejected
As Kyle turned to leave, he could still hear the voices of students laughing and cursing at him. He turned one last time and looked at them with a teary eye, he then looked at Derrick then lastly Silver who raised her hand signalling him to get lost, at that moment Kyle was unable to hold back his tears that he has been fighting to keep, his heart felt heavy as he unleashed the tears from his eyes. The girl he had loved all his life, the girl he cherished, the girl he was ready to sacrifice his all for, just cheated and embarrassed him in public, this was just to much for Kyle to bear.Kyle was down casted by what just happened, he couldn't even move as he managed to drag his foot so that he could get out of there as fast as possible.As he left, he felt his blood pumping excessively as they boiled like crazy, as his emotions where both filled with anger, pain and regret, "I will make sure everyone pay for what they did to me, I will make everyone grovel at my feet, I will make lot of
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Chapter 4: The system
While kyle was slowly drifting away, he thought of how his life was so miserable, he hadn't accomplished anything in his life, he had no money, no job, no girlfriend, he just lived a boring life and here he was dying a miserable and unfortunate death. But his strong will won't allow him to die."No"Not when he hasn't exerted his revenge on those who made him suffer, not when he avenged the people who killed his mum and made him an orphan, while Kyle was still barely hanging, he heard a sound projected loudly and clearly in his head, he saw a greenish holographic screen in front of him, he was a little bit perplexed.[DING!][The system has found you worthy, and you have been granted with the Trillionaire wealth system......]"Hahaha" Kyle laughed. "Even at this point in time am hallucinating, I can't believe it, Trillionaire what!" Kyle laughed sarcastically. Well I guess death has granted me my wish, i had always wanted to play video games but I didn't have the money and time now I
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Chapter 5: I now have a system
"Kyle are you sure of what you about to do" Ezra asked looking worried. "I mean where did you get the money from that you are asking us to tag along with you so that you can buy us dinner.""Come on, don't be an asshole, I mean it, I got it from my savings, I was actually planning to give this up to Silver, but after what happened I decided it will be best if I spend it on people who deserves it. After all it's not like we are going to eat in a hotel like King's the land or Golden etardel, it's just Santa Maria for crying out loud" Kyle said already impatient.[Reminder:Two hours remaining before tasks is completed][Failure: ? ? ?]Kyle, Ezra and Maverick walked down to Santa Maria to go and enjoy themselves, Kyle now had a system, at least, he knew that if the system was not playing with him he would soon be the richest man in the world, not only that he would take his revenge on those who made him suffer, so he had to put his hope and trust the system."So, here we are" Kyle said t
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Chapter 6: More than a coincidence
Kyle was quite happy and nervous at the same time. At least he now knew he has potentials to grow above all those that bullied him and become the richest man in the world, but for know he was still considered poor compared to the others. He couldn't just become a big shot overnight he had to work harder and prove to everyone that he wasn't useless, that been poor wasn't a sin nor was it a crime.As Kyle was preparing for school, he couldn't help but think about his situation. "I wonder how today is going to be like in school, I already know that am trending right now that's why am nervous and scared. The mockery I will receive is just going to increase with the way things turned out to be".He quickly stood up from the ground as he went to have a nice and cool bath, he was very happy about the daily tasks given by the system, if he continues with this it will only be a matter of time before he becomes strong even if they where strenuous.Kyle had finished preparing for school but real
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