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In the bustling heart of Paradies City, the mere mention of the name 'Justus Wallace' reverberated through the air, for he was the son of the city's wealthiest family. Yet, beneath the veneer of opulence and privilege, a secret of haunting magnitude shrouded Justus. In the cycle of rebirths, Justus has perpetually assumed the role of the antagonist, locked in a relentless struggle against the woman as the story's genuine hero. Numerous defeats have left him weary and disheartened. However, this time, a fortuitous discovery leads him to a system presenting two choices: He must either conquer or eliminate the female lead successfully. Upon achieving either of these objectives, the seemingly endless loop will finally come to an end. [Reminder: Harem is not allowed. Once you choose a female lead as the target, other female leads' storylines cannot proceed until the use of the save function. Only the newly chosen heroine can be pursued while locking the storylines of others.]

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Again and again
“Young master, it's time to rise," A soft voice rang in the quiet room. Lilyana, Justus’ young maid, watched him with a worried look. "School is waiting, young master. You need to be up.”His protest came muffled, "Don't want to," while he tried to disappear beneath his blanket. "Young master, lounging in bed all day isn't an option. Master won't be pleased if he hears you've ditched school," she reasoned, trying to coax him out of bed. "Doesn't matter," came Justus's muffled response. "If you insist on ignoring school, Master might consider cutting your allowance," she added, in a last-ditch attempt to convince him. After enduring many lifetimes of relentless pursuit, Justus Wallace found himself trapped in an inexplicable loop of failure. Every time he reincarnated, he awoke on the first day of high school with his memories intact, burdened by a singular purpose: to end Azaria Maddox's life.Battle after battle, he employed every tactic, exhausted every resource, and suffered c
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Azaria Maddox's dramatic story unfolded amidst the prestigious Paradise Academy. Despite being born into wealth, her family's sudden misfortune thrust her into an independent journey. However, Azaria's unwavering determination allowed her to secure a coveted spot at the exclusive institution. At Paradise Academy, renowned for its affluent student body, Azaria captivated the attention of the school's four most sought-after boys. Amidst the admirers, Justus stood out as a troublemaker, constantly devising schemes that, ironically, only served to bring Azaria closer to her suitors. His stride faltered as he instinctively glanced down at his wristwatch."Why have you stopped, Justus?" Lilyana noticed Justus halting and paused as well, her voice laced with confusion as she questioned his abrupt stop.Justus motioned towards the path ahead, "Proceed a few steps forward."Although Lilyana was perplexed, she complied and stepped forward. Suddenly, a boy on a skateboard materialized out of
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The timing seemed off, considering that Azaria had left before them and should have already reached her designated classroom.Yet, there she was, standing before them, missing her anticipated encounter with Emmett Rutledge.Justus's mind was filled with confusion, but he chose to keep his thoughts to himself, trailing behind Lilyana as they ascended the stairs."Justus, are you interested in that girl just now?" Lilyana couldn't help asking, Justus's gaze on Azaria was too focused, the more focused he was, the more scared Lilyana became.In the past, Justus had shown outright hostility towards pretty girls, often creating a ruckus with no consequences. Even the parents of his victims had to apologize to him.Given his history, Lilyana couldn't help but worry for Azaria. After all, being on Justus's radar didn't usually bode well.Lilyana's reminder also made him realize that his gaze had exposed too much information, Justus lightly laughed, and made a perfunctory explanation, "After al
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"Alright, let's go back to our seats." Justus had a smile on his face, even more grateful to Lilyana for the drama he had presented.Lilyana immediately nodded and walked quickly towards her own seat. Fear was still visible in her eyes, like a rabbit being hunted by a wolf, she was trembling non-stop."Fear not, I am by your side," Justus's comforting words only served to intensify Lilyana's trembling. It was Justus himself who instilled this fear within her, making her all the more bewildered by his unexpected gentleness.Taking a seat beside Lilyana, Justus positioned himself near the open window, allowing the cool breeze to cascade into the classroom. His gaze wandered beyond the academy gate, as he contemplated the events that lay ahead.The classroom began to fill with students, leaving the outside world eerily quiet and deserted. Soon enough, Azaria returned to her seat, which happened to be directly in front of Justus. Their eyes met, and without hesitation, Azaria extended her
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He was already miserable enough in his role as the villain, but a mere exchange of glances between the two resulted in their affinity skyrocketing. The more Justus pondered over it, the more his anger grew. He had to establish a friendship with Azaria before her affinity with others reached new heights."Justus, we should head to the assembly hall," Lilyana reminded him cautiously.Justus instinctively looked ahead and spotted Raiden Dominguez standing by the door, his gaze fixed on Azaria, as if he desired to accompany her. Azaria seemed to sense his gaze but remained seated, likely due to the ongoing cold war between them. Regardless of the reason behind their discord, it presented an opportunity for Justus to increase his affinity.He gently patted Azaria's shoulder, and Azaria turned her head, her face full of doubt."Let's go together." Justus took the initiative to speak."Okay." Azaria hesitated slightly but eventually agreed, taking out a somewhat old book from her bag.This b
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In that moment, Justus's mind flooded with memories. He discreetly pinched his thigh, adjusting his expression to ensure no flaws were visible to Azaria.Lilyana continued to trail behind them, glancing at Justus and Azaria, sensing that something might be amiss between them. However, she refrained from saying anything and simply followed along obediently. Suddenly, someone bumped into her from the side.Appearing frail, Lilyana lost her balance and fell forward with a soft cry. Unlike the previous incidents, this time she hit the ground harder.Hearing Lilyana's call from behind, Justus instinctively turned and saw her on the ground.The person who accidentally collided with her was a girl from their class.Justus furrowed his brows slightly, then quickly rushed to check on Lilyana's condition."Lilyana, are you alright?""I'm fine, I'm fine," Lilyana responded with a slight tremor, avoiding the intense gazes of the two girls and not wanting to cause any trouble for Justus.Azaria st
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How could he possibly tell Lilyana that in the previous reincarnations, he had attempted various professions to kill Azaria? Not just in medicine, finance, and even as a police officer. However, no matter how exceptional he was, he couldn't compete with something called the protagonist's halo."Aw!" Lilyana winced in pain, taking a sharp breath. This sound finally brought Justus back to reality. He immediately softened his actions, apologizing with regret, "I'm sorry for hurting you.""Starting today, you will learn self-defense," Justus declared.Lilyana was taken aback and asked, "Why?"Justus explained, "I won't always be by your side, and you need to know how to protect yourself." He couldn't help but ponder Lilyana's role in the plot.He believed that if Lilyana had the ability to defend herself, she might not have faced danger when she tried to save Azaria. This could have prevented Azaria's descent into darkness and ultimately changed her fate. Justus felt that it would relieve
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Evidently, Raiden Dominguez had no fondness for anyone approaching Azaria.Whenever someone dared to approach Azaria, Raiden Dominguez wasted no time in giving them a warning. But that warning was only the beginning; it often led to confrontations.Without Justus's extensive knowledge of Azaria's interactions with the four male leads, it might be challenging to believe that Raiden Dominguez had turned into a delinquent solely because of his attachment to Azaria.Although Justus had managed to handle Raiden Dominguez, he had also experienced the consequences of dealing with Azaria, who was already corrupt and darkened.Recalling Azaria's eyes from that time sent a shiver down Justus's spine. Nevertheless, he was determined to ensure that this version of Azaria wouldn't turn dark, allowing him to lead a peaceful life for the next ten years.Justus discreetly accessed the data and came across Raiden Dominguez's profile.Name: Raiden DominguezOccupation: Student/DelinquentBackground: Ill
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Daisy Bradford
The nurse was taken aback by their dishevelled appearance, but her eyes couldn't help but brighten when she saw the three beautifully wrapped lunch boxes Justus was holding."Is the special lunch box from the south cafeteria really that special?" Azaria asked, initially sceptical about the hype, but surprised by the nurse’s enthusiasm."Oh, it's absolutely delicious. But it's quite impressive that you two, being first years, already know about it. Many students in their later years are unaware of this culinary legend," the nurse said with a smile, secretly admiring Justus's impeccable timing and execution.Turning his head, Justus saw Lilyana standing there."Are you up already?" Justus asked, holding back a smile as he noticed Lilyana's hesitant expression.Lilyana seemed to be a real person, which made it impossible for Justus to treat her as an NPC."Yes, I woke up when I heard your voice," Lilyana's voice became even softer, her fear of Justus evident as a reflex when she heard him
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Upon returning home, Lilyana swiftly donned her maid uniform, diving headfirst into her duties. Meanwhile, Justus lounged on the sofa, raptly absorbing the butler's meticulous rundown of the day's events. "Young master, we've successfully cleared the clutter, but several sections in this suite have been contaminated, requiring wall repainting. It’s unlikely you can move in before the week's end," the butler meticulously reported his progress. Undaunted, Justus pressed on, "Let's skip the repainting and just replace the everyday furnishings. You have three days; I must be inhabiting by then." With another uncompromising directive issued, the butler, though somewhat helpless, nodded and promptly departed to execute Justus's orders. After dinner, Justus summoned the self-defense instructor they had enlisted to assess their ability to teach Lilyana. The butler had been confident in his choice, little expecting that, within a mere ten moves, Justus remained unscathed while the instructo
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