My Werewolf System

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My Werewolf System

By: JKSManga OngoingSystem

Language: English

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🏆 ["Bronze Medal" in "The Most Popular Novel" of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"] 🏆 Gary Dem is a person with a secret. He does everything he can to keep this from the people he cares about. For his path is one that led him to become part of the underworld. It was only meant to be a side job, he was never meant to dig in too deep, but on a mission for his gang, something went wrong, something changed him. [You have 5 days until the next full moon] [Your bloodlust is increasing] The lone wolf... is about to go on a hunt!

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  • Akuto Ten


    great story, same with the other ones by this author.

    2023-10-17 07:38:12
  • Norren


    finally I found it... after what lightreader did. here I found it again .........

    2023-03-05 17:34:09
  • Drew Archeron


    for a first book, solid work

    2023-02-20 00:52:52
  • katrine.maki


    Always waiting for the next chapter

    2022-12-18 06:14:13
  • Dyoxily


    So coooooool...️

    2022-06-01 22:37:21
  • eddie


    So far a pretty good book.

    2022-05-12 10:57:48
  • Andrew


    Love this book

    2022-03-28 11:49:34


    amazing just amazing great pacing great plot and intriguing fight scenes just everything pulls you in props to JKS Manga for making such a good novel

    2022-03-19 06:29:06
  • Happyreading


    really enjoy

    2022-03-15 19:12:02
  • Ezekiel Senelorm


    Update keeps too long...

    2023-11-06 01:12:22
  • blaisedaniel7260


    can't wait for the next update

    2023-07-23 17:09:23
  • Blaise Daniel


    great story please work on your update time thanks

    2023-07-22 22:33:42
  • Ubongabasi Innocent


    Seriously love this book. It's one of the best I read 24 hours round the clock...️ People just keep asking me what I do read. But Quinn has become my closet friend. Not to talk of all he went through right from the military school till he became a celestial. Very wonderful novel, hope everyone reads...

    2023-05-21 01:59:15
  • Dillon Fordyce


    This is the only book I read on goodnovel now. I can't wait for more. I love this and the vampire system book as well, please keep it up! Can't wait to see how Gary proceeds from here!

    2023-03-22 21:10:02
  • DemonTJ


    This book has me hooked. I’m always awaiting the next chapters to drop or trying to save bonus to read it. It is the only book I’m reading on GoodNovel so I can read every chapter when comes out without paying. ...

    2023-02-27 07:59:27
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855 chapters
Chapter 1: An Obsession
  “Hey Gary, get your butt over here and check out the highlights from yesterday’s Altered fight!” A boy yelled from his class seat.   The sound of the school bell rang out through the halls, signaling it was time for lunch. Immediately opening his drawer from under his desk, the boy pulled out an object. However, it wasn’t a packed lunch like one would expect, instead the boy had taken out a tablet and put it on the table, propping it up, tilting it so he could comfortably watch the video.   The immediate destination, PouTube, the number one video sharing platform. Soon there was a crowd of classmates around him. All with their eyes glued to the screen.   “If you’re not here in five seconds, I’m starting the video without you,” Tom warned. Looking over at his friend he saw Gary focused on playing with something under his desk.    He could see Gary was moving his knees up and down,
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Chapter 2: The Game Of Rugby
A loud piercing sound entered the ears of the students as the whistle was blown. It served as a reminder to everyone out on the school field that it was time for their daily warm-up, meaning they had to run two big laps around the school field.School lessons may have ended, but that didn’t mean it was the end of the school day. Staring off into the distance, Gary watched
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Chapter 3: The Underdogs
Over the summer holidays, it had been an eventful time for Gary. It was not just because he had chosen to dye his hair and get a new look, but because he had come to the decision to join a gang. Something that he had kept hidden from his friend, his mother and even sister didn't know about."Had you been late I was thinking of chopping one of your toes off, so you didn't forge
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Chapter 4: The System
The explanation from Damion continued about today’s special task. There were five briefcases in front of them, and there were five of them. Each person was to deliver the suitcase in front of them to the correct location safely, and naturally they had all been given different locations. Damion continued to mention some other details, but Gary was not paying too much attention to that, still focused on the briefcase in front of him, waiting for it to move again. Gary was smart enough to figure out the reason for there being five of them. A few of them had to be dummies, mixed in to confuse whoever might plan to steal t
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Chapter 5: What am I?
Gary’s eyes started to flutter open slowly as he was regaining consciousness. The first thing he saw were some very tall trees above him. The sky was gray, making it hard to tell if it was just about to turn to night or whether it would soon be day again. As he lifted up his body, he noticed the sound of ruffling, which turned out to come from the many leaves underneath him.‘Am I in the woods?’ Gary thought. He looked around and could see nothing but trees, yet no sign of a pathway or road. ‘Why did I come here? Wa
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Chapter 6: Werewolf
Werewolf. Gary had seen the concept of the mythological creature being used in books and movies, but he had never really been the type to pay too close attention to these things. Thinking back to the few films he had watched with such being, a certain thought came to his mind.‘Am I now an Altered?’Read more
Chapter 7: White Rose
“Sir, the police have arrived so we had to stop our investigation,” a man in a suit reported on the phone.“Damn it! Do you have any idea how important that thing inside the suitcase was? ‘Course you don’t!! Screw this, just bring that kid here and find out who the hell betrayed us!!!” ***It
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Chapter 8: Fight back!
Today, Gary was walking to school a lot slower than he usually would. He was constantly looking around his surroundings, checking if there wasn’t anybody following him. He had recognised the three deceased gang members on TV as the same ones who had been after him at the construction site.‘The Underdogs must have tried to get their package back. Whatever was inside must have been important enough for them to have killed the gang members! If they killed them that easily, then what are they going to do to me? The unknown blood, it has to be mine from the stab wound.’ Gary thought. Then he thought back to the system and the news report, of how it was an Altered’s doin
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Chapter 9: My Heart Beat
When Gary slid the door open to enter his classroom, he was surprised to see that not everyone was there yet. His eyes peaked in the direction of the school clock and could still see there was a good fifteen minutes before class started. ‘What, how? I was walking so slow, and got caught up in that..incident.’ Gary thought to himself. Read more
Chapter 10: How to make Money? (Part 1)
Given that whatever had been in the suitcase had been able to change Gary into an Altered, or at least an Altered-like being, the Underdogs should be desperately looking for him by now. However, judging by the fact that Gary didn’t see any of the gang’s members waiting for him by the school entrance, he could only assume Kai hadn’t informed them yet, for whatever reason.It was the end of the day, so Gary knew where Kai would be. Everyone at their school was required
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