My Wicked Schemes System

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My Wicked Schemes System

By: Benjamin Obeng OngoingSystem

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[kill four vampires for 4000 Wicked Points... [Failure to do so will wipe out all life forces on Earth.. Prepare for an adventure like no other! Born again with memories of his past, Benjamin Reeds is on a quest for revenge, justice, and self-discovery. After striking a deal with the enigmatic Vanessa, he uncovers the dark secrets of the government's sinister involvement in his mother's untimely demise, and sets his sights on righting the wrongs of the world. As Benjamin trains and gains allies on his journey, he discovers a supernatural power known as The Wicked Schemes System, a gift that he must master to defend against wicked-minded people. His battles against the Qilin and other powerful supernatural creatures, such as Dragons and kraken, will leave you on the edge of your seat! With each skirmish, Benjamin develops his skills and learns more about his place in a strange new world. In a final clash of epic proportions, the king of all supernatural creatures, the Qilin, will meet his match in Benjamin Reed. But this is only the beginning, as countless other supernatural beings wait in the shadows, ready to challenge him further. Join Benjamin Reed and his allies as they take on the world in a thrilling, action-packed ride that will leave you breathless!

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  • Santhosh


    Nice book, got me hooked right from the start, keep up the good work ...

    2023-10-07 18:46:22
  • Darkvirus_18


    The story is quite interesting and completing. The way the author describes the events and how they happen is really what makes this book such a great read. I'm happy to give this work a five-star review.

    2023-07-22 05:37:44
  • Drew Blackson


    This novel never has a dull moment always on the move and really fast pace. it always keeps you asking for more.

    2023-07-16 00:00:41
  • Benjamin Obeng


    What are you waiting for? read this piece of amazingly story. It deserves 5 starts because I believe Wicked schemes is not just your ordinary cliché System novel, it's fun and adventures. Be warned that, this a "wicked Schemes" novel, so expect thrilling content. Happy reading....

    2023-06-29 19:47:49
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80 chapters
chapter 1
In every story, the main characters always have goals, but not in Benjamin's case. All of Benjamin's goals died on the day he lost his mother. That day was etched in history when Humans and Mermaids declared war on each other. The Humans feared the Mermaids would use their powers someday in the future and for that reason only, They attacked.All human inventions were used that day. Humans died like bugs, blood and carnage was everywhere. Lives were lost, many parents didn't return home that day, many humans and mermaids died. Benjamin Reed's heart froze after seeing his mother lying in a pool of blood with a fist-size hole in her heart."No, no! You can't die" he cried. "Mother. Please don't let me regret knowing you are a mermaid. Tell me, mother, why ain't you swimming? Please don't leave me alone in this world, I won't have anything to do with my life if you go, who is going to read me bedtime stories and kiss me goodnight?" The cries fell on deaf ears.His mother just died. It h
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Chapter 2. Turn of events
Vanessa was ecstatic as she headed to the club, eagerly anticipating her mother's promised love story. However, as she approached the building, she noticed an eerie silence. Once inside, she was aghast at the sight of lifeless bodies, strewn about the club. Blood coated the floors and walls, and the air was thick with the pungent smell of death. Vision blurred by tears, Vanessa searched for her mother among the carnage. Fear gripped her as she considered the possibility that her mother might be among the dead.She searched for a while, not sure whether her mom was part of them or not. Blood leaked everywhere in the room. Her heart trembled but the urge kept her searching. Even though it seemed like a terrible idea for searching for her mother amongst the dead, she still went on with it.Questions raced through Vanessa's mind: Who could have done this?' In the midst of her grief and confusion a terrible sight of a female lying dead met her gaze. She was even worse than the men. Her fle
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Turning of events part two. The villian I never was
Angrily, Vanessa sent Benjamin outside the cold breeze of the ocean and with the help of her people, she started forming ropes around the beast that took her mother on a rock. Vanessa slammed the heavy ropes tight around Benjamin's wrists, her face contorted in fury. He had brought himself to this state, he had invoked the deadliest predators of the sea. Vanessa watched with glee as her army of Sirens surged forth, encircling around them with their powerful tails.*****The first thing Benjamin saw as he woke from the blackness was the smiling, yet agonizing face of Vanessa. His eyes flickered open again to the hushed murmurings of the sea. His head ached as he registered the sight around him. At once beautiful and terrifying, their dark tails were adorned in scales that shone like polished daggers. Enormous creatures towered above him, their long tails coiled as they bowed in supplication to the menacing Vanessa.He looks at the rest of them, confused whether they were actually real
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Chapter 4 Monologue....[ I know, I know. You were expecting me to just jump into the story where Benjamin magically wakes up with a system, like all the other system novels... MC receives a system, MC starts kicking butts, starts getting girlfriends, MC becomes famous and then what? ORMC reincarnates mysteriously with a weird set of abilities that surepass everyone else's for no reason then he starts getting special treatment in the military school or wherever the story settles.It's like, really? Nobody else in the universe has ever thought of this??? MC is always the "chosen one" without having a clear reason why he was the only one who could get the system activated in the first place. Every single day main characters were weaklings and then they receive a system in death situations like this and then what? They start Leveling up with the "only I level up" theory leaving the real origins of the system behind. How was it created? Who made it? who was the first host?.... All the
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Finding my prey
"Dad!!, Mother!!, there is something inside the bushes'' Clara gasped for air as she rushed inside the tent. Every muscle in her body was tense as she whispered in a panicked voice, "monster" She ventured down. She gasped out before continuing, "Dad, there is a green monster in the trees." She finished speaking.Ricky couldn't help but laugh at Clara's panicked outburst, and their parents soon followed suit. "Clara, calm down," her mother said, trying to soothe her daughter. "What is it you said you saw in the bushes?" Clara took a deep breath and gathered her thoughts before speaking, "I saw a monster. He jumped from tree to tree and then. And then. And then. He launched himself in my direction."Clara only realized that they were all laughing hard. Even her father was laughing too. "Come on Clara, are you sure it wasn't a monkey. Because I believe there's a lot of monkeys in this jungle." Mr Grayson finished returning to his reading. "I know what I saw and I am not playing around!
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Monster Party
CHAPTER 6 [10:05. Somewhere in the jungle]"I told you not to send her out why didn't you listen!" Mrs Gray proclaimed to her husband while she snatched the book he was reading away. "Clara had been taken because of You!""What?" Mr Grayson removed his glasses. "What are you trying to tell me?" He asked."I am not joking, husband, a monster took Clara right in front of me" She replied."Don't Piss me off wife, you know monkeys don't bite and there are no bears at this part of the jungle. And as far as am concerned, monsters don't exist!" He argued."This matter is not up for debate. My only daughter maybe out there alone with that beast. And you are here telling me bullshit" Mrs Gray gazed outside the window. "I can't believe she was telling the truth all along and we didn't believe her." She added. "She is not your daughter. She was just ADOPTED!!" He corrected her.Guilt choke her when she remembers that pain in Clara's eyes while she was going out, it was as if she was waiting for
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You are naked
"You are naked!" Clara Screamed unsure whether it was an actual human or not. She then moved forward to see him clearly. Clara came to know that it was just a boy sleeping in the nude. Another thing caught her attention. It was that slimy transparent oil that drools over his skin. And it looked thick and slippery just as a legendary creature with mucus all over its body. Benjamin lied on the ground panting.Clara stood there deciding what to do with him. ' He is naked. If I take him to our tent, my father will finally believe that I am pregnant. Staying here with him is also dangerous. He is a boy and nak*d who knows what might happen.' 'Who knows? Maybe the green beast might attack him too.' Clara couldn't think straight; it must have been her previous encounter with the monster. ' Should I take him to the tent?' She realized that she was almost close to their tent, she even heard her mother speaking. She attempted to leave then returned to him again. "I have to help him" If s
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08. kidnapped
"I am serious Fredrick!" Clara spelled and also she only calls him 'Fredrick' when things are getting too serious.After some thinking, Fredrick finally recalled what happened at the night. He eventually hugged her. Clara was even surprised by his sudden emotional outburst."Mom said you got kidnapped by a monster." He raised his head looking at her. "Was that true?" RICKY asked. "Yes, I got abducted by a monster but I was Lucky it didn't harm me" She told him. Upon Ricky's reaction she felt guilty for thinking the rest of her family hated her. "Did mom and dad go looking for me?" She questioned."I don't know, I slept off so I don't really know what happened after that." Fredrick told her." Really? We need to find them." She tried not to think about their parents being attacked. Pictures of the creature ripping them apart came to her. She quickly shut her eyes and decided to find peace with herself, However on the corner of the tent were; all their items parked. Then they saw a whi
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09. Monster
This morning, Criss Fenty received another mission directly from his boss stating that he must bring two more test subjects for their organization. They had run out of hostages and none of their subjects have survived the evolving process in their tubes except for few. And Fenty was one.Fenty had searched everywhere and didn't find the required people for the procedure. His boss just told him that the Mayor of San Diego and his family were camping in the jungle so he had to assassinate them.According to his boss, he wanted specifically Clara and Ricky because he believes they had the blood type [-O]The blood type believed to be capable of adapting to critical conditions. Like stress, danger and torment. All they needed was for the subject to survive the evolving process so their genes would be activated into Transhumans. **Fenty quickly reduced his phone volume and pretend as if that didn't happened. Then he brought the phone a little closer to his mouth. "I am not sure. But I go
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10. Beast vs Monster
Benjamin's bleeding was intense, the current pain at his chest and his broken leg forced him to give in to the awakening beast that was urging to come out.Clara and Ricky had been taken and there was nothing he could do about it. Guilt was eating him up, knowing he had become helpless to even save his new friends, maybe perhaps there was something left he hadn't done?Benjamin struggled with himself preventing his demon from coming out but to no avail, he died. So we all thought, his eyes flicked open, the pain in his legs was long gone, his blood started boiling from within, his heart accelerated twice its rate then his limbs stretched alongside his muscles. Benjamin tore through his clothes. He has become Beast!!!There was this anger that was burning from within as if he had been raged to do something wicked.Using his thermal vision, Benjamin was able to see the jeep that was moving in the distance but his vision soon failed as the car took a sudden turn.Then as he looked at th
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