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Science has failed to explain the deep nature of reality. Although it surprises us every day with new amazing discoveries, which make life more pleasant, it ignores the real basis of our existence. Reductionist commitment to materialism has never been able to specify the nature of the spirit or justify its decisive nature in the great transformations that the world is undergoing. Why does the ambition of an enlightened person provoke a war that ends millions of lives or does the word of a prophet radically change the future of a society? Nor has he found the material mechanisms of Physics. Existence is guided by mathematical equations that act as laws that must be complied with by Nature, but no one knows why they are obeyed. We do not know how information can travel through the universe faster than light, or what energy is or how it is transformed. Even the Big Bang is uncertain because it breaks the law of energy conservation and our inability to create life in the laboratory remains surprising. A group of researchers, led by Dr Hermann Weber, are carrying out a project on human reality. The project takes them to a holographic matrix of base 666. In this base diversity is manifested, but there is also a form of connection with unity, that is, with the projection point. 666 Project, is an experiment of the creative demiurge. Ends the sidereal cycle

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There were times when Hermann Weber was surprised by his job. Under the light cone of his desk lamp lay a certified mystery. A had been found week before in the high desert near Chaco Canyon at northern New Mexico and now, after three days extensive research, he was convinced that the artifact was not from Earth.Weber had already collected notes on the unusual artifact. The main characteristic, according to the students who found it, was that induced hallucinogenic images when held or touched. But regardless No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't induce anything resembling a hallucination. Such Maybe, he thought, the two students had been under the influence of drugs. That would explain the hallucinogenic property. However, no one could deny that the artifact projected an exotic, otherworldly presence.It was two in the morning and Weber's eyes were deprived of sleep. After compare the hieroglyphic markings of the Chaco Canyon object with similar markings of Linear B and Sumerian w
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“Well, let's say it's ET, but not the ET's we send greeting cards to at Christmas, and these ETs visited us in our distant past. Let's suppose they were cartographers and decided to make a map of their settlement on Earth. Then they got bored of New Mexico - something easy to do - and no longer needed the map, so they left it there.”“This artifact was found above ground,” Weber reminded him. "Someone or something put it there and they did it recently, otherwise it would have been buried.”“Maybe it dug itself up,” Albert said quietly.Weber stepped back, suddenly feeling exhausted. He collapsed in a chair, ran his hands through his hair, and stretched, sighing deeply. Rubbing his neck, he said, “Maybe they have a sense of humor.”“Or they like to torture their victims with hints,” Albert proposed. "Remember our experience with the ALFAs?”“This is completely different. The linguistic structure of this breed is so dimensional that must lack telepathic abilities. Then why would they bu
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The elevator doors opened before he could perceive the state of the elevator. It was time, but he knew he would be underground all day tomorrow. Furthermore, the weather wasn't exactly volatile in Southern California.The top location of the ACIO was 45 meters, or 12 stories above the executive offices and laboratories of the ACIO. The upper place was also a facade completely different: a single long story, built with stucco with projections similar to antennas and satellite dishes on the roof. The ACIO was, for those who might ask, a government climate center responsible for developing sophisticated instruments to assist the military United States and intelligence communities, to better predict, and even to control weather conditions around the globe. This was part of the mission of the ACIO. But only part of their budget and project plan were to these objectives.Of its 226 scientists, eleven specialized in the development of technologies related to climate. Most of them were relat
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Weber always got a little nervous when he had to make a presentation to the Directors, especially when he was late. The laboratory results had taken longer than expected, as always. Damn data retort, he thought. However, he was pleased with the results and could hardly wait to present his findings. Albert was right: this shit was incredible. His stomach was both hungry and queasy. He took a drink of water from the fountain in the hallway outside the laboratory and headed to Quince's office. He reminded himself that he was a member of the Labyrinth Group, just like them. They weren't smarter than him; In fact, in terms of language, he was the world authority, even though no one except the ACIO knew it.The Labyrinth Group was a secret subgroup of the ACIO. When Quince took control of the ACIO in 1967, he felt that the National Security Agency (NSA – National Security Agency) was trivializing the ACIO agenda. He wanted to take advantage of the technologies that resulted from the PTT wit
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“How large is the area this map refers to?” asked Ortmann.“Approximately 20 square kilometers.”“Why would an alien race abandon such an object and include a map if not to identify a specific reference point? It seems unlikely, no?" Ortmann crossed his arms and leaned further in his chair as if to emphasize his frustration at wasting his time on speculation.“Not if the object were both a map and a guidance device,” Quince replied. “Perhaps the map is designed to guide you to the general area that activates the guide device. From that point, the device supplants the function of the map.”“If we can't test the object, what evidence do we have that it is a guiding device?” Ortmann pointed to the blackboard where the word EVIDENCE was alone like an island.“We don't really have any hard evidence,” Weber replied, “that students who found this…”“If you are going to mention the hallucinatory state of these students, as evidence that this object is a tracking device, then you may be a litt
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Weber chuckled at Albert's theatrical gesture. Despite his unconventional demeanor, Albert was a reliable and skilled member of the team. "Alright, alright, let's go join the others then," Weber said, zipping up the tent flap behind him.Outside, the night air was crisp and clear, with the faint glow of stars illuminating the desert landscape. Weber spotted Emma and Sara chatting by the campfire, their figures outlined against the darkness."Looks like they've got the coffee ready," Albert remarked, nodding towards the campfire.Weber nodded in agreement and approached the two women. "Thanks for making the coffee, ladies," he said, flashing them a grateful smile.Sara smiled back shyly, while Emma grinned mischievously. "No problem, boss. We figured you could use a pick-me-up after all that planning," Emma said, pouring coffee into a couple of mugs.As Weber took a sip of the steaming brew, he couldn't help but feel a sense of camaraderie with his team. Despite the challenges ahead, h
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Weber settled into his sleeping bag, the events of the evening swirling through his mind like a sandstorm. The desert outside seemed to hold its breath, waiting for the dawn to break and reveal the secrets hidden within its vast expanse.As he lay there, Weber couldn't shake the feeling of unease that lingered after their encounter with the mysterious artifact. It was as if a shadow had been cast over their expedition, casting doubt on their mission and its purpose.He glanced over at Albert, his trusted colleague and friend, still lost in the realm of sleep. Despite his unconventional demeanor, Albert was a valuable member of the team, his insights often proving invaluable in their endeavors.Weber sighed and closed his eyes, willing himself to find some semblance of peace amidst the uncertainty. Tomorrow would bring new challenges and discoveries, and he needed to be ready to face them head-on.As he drifted into a fitful sleep, Weber's dreams were filled with visions of ancient rui
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Weber, lacking infrared equipment, relied on his compass as he ventured out into the desert. Despite the early hour, nearing 11:00 p.m., he packed some supplies into a backpack, donned a standard jacket with insignia from the Center of DoD Climatological Research, and set off eastward.Careful to avoid detection by Albert, Weber took an alternate route around the camp, mindful of the implanted tracking devices all ACIO personnel were required to have. These implants, the size of a grain of rice, transmitted a unique body frequency, ensuring the organization could monitor their movements.A mournful howl interrupted Weber's trek, prompting a momentary pause. Continuing through the scattered trees and under the faint glow of the moon, he felt a sense of security as he distanced himself from the camp. Lighting his lamp, Weber pressed on toward the sandstone formation he had spotted earlier.At the top of a hill, Weber surveyed the landscape with binoculars, pinpointing the location of th
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The massive rock wall loomed ahead, casting a shadow that cloaked the desert landscape in mystery and surreal beauty. Despite the fresh air in the wall's shadow, the absolute calm made the atmosphere unbearable even without a jacket. Rocks, fallen over thousands of years, littered the area, some as large as small houses. It was easy to imagine the thunderous crash they must have made upon landing. Sara focused on her task of preparing for a Reproduction, preferring to work alone. All she needed was a set of data, typically search coordinates and a time frame. Strangely, though, the more she knew about the search parameters, the less accurate her Reproductions tended to be. Branson had termed this phenomenon "Spectral Knotting," suggesting that excessive knowledge hindered the flow of psychic energy. As she donned her Brain Shell—a device affectionately named—she noticed its unusual quietness. Had its mission concluded the previous night, or was something amiss? With cautious reverenc
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Strange Visitor, Year 800 After Christ
Strange Visitor entered the steep canyon shrouded in a dreamy mist, drawn by the towering rock structure that seemed to pierce the heavens. Never before had anyone from her tribe ventured so deeply into the mountains. She hailed from the Takaore tribe, descendants of the Mayans who would later be known as the Anasazi Indians of Northern New Mexico. Her slender frame was adorned with ritual tattoos, marking her as the leader of the Self-Knowers.The Self-Knowers dedicated themselves to the spiritual growth of the Takaore tribe. They devised various rituals, rites of passage, and meditation chambers known as kivas, and were tasked with preserving the tribe's origins, history, and beliefs.At 34 years old, Traveler from Heaven donned a deer skin garment that draped below her knees, adorned with turquoise necklaces around her neck and ankles. An impression of her right hand, inked in violet with small white beads symbolizing the starry sky, adorned her chest. Her straight black hair casca
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