The Unassuming Mason Wilde

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The Unassuming Mason Wilde

By: Jasmine Senpai Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Mason Wilde has been the Rodney family’s live-in son in law for five years since he married the family’s princess and heir, Scarlet Rodney. Everyone despises him and sees him as a good for nothing that feeds off the family’s resources. No one knows his real identity as the heir of the number one family in the world, the Wilde’s. Mason swore that one day, all those who treated him terribly would bow before him begging for mercy, and that day was finally here.

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104 chapters
Chapter 1
Bright lights and extravagant decorations lit up the magnificent Rodney mansion.It was noon and it was madam Rodney’s celebration of the company at 40. She had successfully chaired the company since she was 32 years old. The celebration doubled as a late birthday celebration for Madam Rodney, she was 72 years old today.She was the Rodney family’s monarch and brutally headed the company all these years.Her grandchildren, their spouses and both of her daughters each presented gifts worth ridiculous amounts in Mason’s opinion.“Gran, I was able to get my hands on this Tiffany diamond necklace, only one of its kind.” Jason Rodney, her grandson said, “Mom, here are some gold statues I got when I traveled to India. They’re worth at least 10 million dollars!”“Mom, I wasn’t sure what to get you since you already have everything, so I bought you shares from the Wilson’s.” Another said.Madam Rodney was elated, she cheered heartily and laughed immensely.“Party! Everyone party!” She yelled
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Chapter 2
“30 billion dollars?!” Mason exclaimed.Mason was astonished. He knew his grandfather was wealthy or so he had heard but he never really got to wrap his head around how wealthy he was. He had left home when he was just a little over ten years old and had thought that every child lived in a huge mansion with servants. Right now though, he understood just how rich Christian Wilde was.If Gerald spoke so casually about 30 billion dollars he wondered just how much money will leave him as speechless as he is right now.Mason felt moved, but at that same moment he remembered his parents and shook off the sentiments. “Young master, I understand your frustration. You are one of the few Wilde’s left. You know your uncles and aunt did not have children, they thought it pointless.” Gerald started.“If you come home, the entire inheritance is yours. No one else’s.”Mason wasn’t swayed just yet.Gerald sighed, “in other news, your grandfather just acquired Microloft group for 200 billion dollars
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Chapter 3
The next morning, Mason was up early as usual. He cleaned the house and prepared breakfast and headed to Microloft headquarters in his peugeot 207 which was extremely beat up.He pulled up to the Microloft parking lot but saw that a special access was required to park. At that moment, a white BMW zoomed past him and parked.He looked up and saw a couple step out of the BMW. Hand in hand, it was Jason and his fiancée, Emerald. Jason was dressed rather flashy in some designer Mason wasn’t sure what designer exactly. Emerald was dressed head to toe in Burberry’s signature print.Mason didn’t know why they were there. He knew his best bet would be to avoid them, but as he turned around, he heard his name.“Mason?!” Jason called outThey both approached him as he stepped out of his Peugeot. Emerald scrunched her nose in disgust.“Baby, did someone let a rat in here?” She asked, sizing Mason up and down.Mason ignored her remark.“Hi, Jason, Emerald.”“Why are you both here?” Mason asked.
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Chapter 4
It was also the first time Mason ever met Rita. He had heard of the charming young lady who took Microloft by storm, but it was the first time seeing her in person.She was a beautiful young lady with a petite stature. She wore an alluring smile and was super polite to him.As soon as he sat down, Mason said, “I will not be coming to the office regularly. I would like you to continue handling the affairs as you have been.”“However, I will be giving some orders now and then.” He added.Rita wasn’t surprised that that was his approach. She didn’t expect the heir of the great Wilde family to spend his precious time sitting and overseeing the company.“No problem, sir.”At that moment, her secretary walked in.“Ma’am, Emerald Wilson and Jason Rodney are here to see you.”“Oh yes, I was expecting Ms. Wilson.”“You do business with them?” Mason asked.“Yes sir. The Wilson’s are one of our minor shareholders. They handle our shipping. So we meet every now and then to discuss our issues.”“
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Chapter 5
Mason got home that day earlier than usual. He had told Scarlet in the morning that he was going job sourcing but did not disclose where exactly he was going to apply.“Did you hear the news? It’s the talk all over town!” “What news?”Mason feigned ignorance.“The change in chairman of Microloft! Rita Donovan released an official statement.”“Called him Mr Wilde. First name undisclosed.”“Oh! That’s really interesting!” Mason said.“Could you in any way be related to the Wilde’s? I know I’ve asked before and all.”“Not at all. Just pure coins except we bear the same last name.”“Oh, alright.”That moment, Scarlet got a call.“Okay, mom.” She said on the phone.“Grandma wants us all over for dinner.” She said to Mason.“Myself included?” He asked.“Of Course! Everyone knows I wouldn’t go if they didn’t include you!”Scarlet always defended him to her family. She was the perfect wife to him even though it was not a romantic relationship.They arrived at the Rodney’s mansion and all sat
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Chapter 6
Mason had Rita officially announce the opening of applications for the new building in two weeks time.So he used his now very free time to do something special for Scarlet.Besides offering her the contract which would grant her the position of COO, he wanted to ice her out.Although she was a Rodney, she left parent’s home shortly after her wedding to Mason because they all gave them an extremely difficult time.Because of her siding with her husband all the time, she was no longer a member of the board and she was pushed to the backboard.Scarlet didn’t complain though, the less time she spent with them, the better.She did the little she could to provide for her and Mason. Mason did odd jobs here and there to also provide the little he could.So he really wanted to do something for Scarlet so that day he sat at the computer, searching for jewelry companies in Beverly Hills.He came across a jewelry company ‘steffany’ which had a branch not too far from his home.That was his agen
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Chapter 7
Mason got home later that day after dropping by at Microloft’s HQ to tell Rita Donovan to specifically keep the building contract for Scarlet Rodney.In the living room where he and Scarlet usually talked, Scarlet said, “it’s the talk of town! This anonymous Mr Wilde!”“A three million dollar pearl necklace?! I had no idea pearls were even that expensive!”“Did they get any photos of him?” Mason asked.“None at all! Somehow he managed to evade all the cameras. No one even saw him exit the building!”“If this is how big the chairman of Microloft is, do you really think it’s a good idea to apply?”Scarlet was not feeling confident about going to Microloft’s HQ the next week. She was rather comfortable living below her means. Plus getting rejected would not do her family any good.“The Rodneys were among the many high shooters who tried for a contract with Microloft and got rejected.”“Not a very good look huh?” She asked Mason.That moment, at their front door, Vivian was knocking hyst
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Chapter 8
Scarlet left home early to see if she could take out a loan to pay off the mortgage.She knew Mason had said he would cover it but honestly she didn’t see how.She did notice that he had become more self confident but she didn’t think much off it.She saw it as a bluff.That morning however, Mason placed a call to Rita after Scarlet had left the house to pay off the house’s mortgage and pay their debt to Vivian.The total money was just over two hundred thousand dollars. Pocket change to Mason now.He could have done the transfer himself but it would show that the money came from him which would raise suspicion.Mason spent the rest of the morning looking up wedding venues.He picked up his phone and dialed Gerald.“Hi Gerald, good day.”Mason said over the phone.“Good morning Master, to what do I owe this pleasure?” Gerald asked.“I’m looking at this venue on wall street. A subsidiary of Microloft? Peka gardens I believe.”“Oh yes! A beautiful place truly!”“Do you have something pl
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Chapter 9
Mr Charlie was still kneeling down, along with the other two guards.“Please, Mr Charlie. Do not sully yourself. Stand.”Mr Charlie stood up and dusted his knees.“I’m terribly sorry sir! Please have mercy!”“That is enough,” Mason dismissed.“I’m here concerning the artificial garden. Walk with me please, this place is quite rowdy.”“Of Course sir!” Mr Charlie said as he jogged after Mason.“You mentioned the artificial garden sir.”“Yes. I’m thinking of using it as my proposal venue.”“Oh that is wonderful sir! Good news! We have never let anyone rent the space before so it would definitely be a statement!”“Perfect,” Mason thought.“One more thing, ensure no word gets out that I am Mr Wilde. Lie if you have to.”“Not a problem sir!”“That will be all.”Mason left Peka gardens and went home.At home, he found Scarlet sitting at the couch trying to write out a contract.If only she knew she didn’t have to work so hard and that the contract was already hers.“Hi,” Mason said as he app
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Chapter 10
The next week rolled over like a breeze and it was the day of Scarlet going to Microloft.She dreaded it but Mason gave her a little pep talk.She took her car and drove to Microloft’s HQ and to her surprise, Jason was waiting in the lobby also.Jason saw her and pointed, “what are you doing here little sister?”“I think for the same reason why you’re here,” she said. She scanned around for any vacant seats but all were occupied except for the one right next to Jason.“I guess everyone’s feeling lucky today.” She said and took a very reluctant seat next to Jason.“You really let loser Mason convince you?!”Scarlet didn’t respond to his question; rather , she said, “You don’t want to cause a scene, Jason. Elites from all over the country are here seeking the same thing we want.”Jason continued taunting her.Scarlet decided to ignore him, hoping he would take a hint and shut up. She didn’t want to engage him and draw any attention to herself.Jason scoffed, “ignoring me? I feel sorry
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