Forsaken Martial Spirit: The Ascension of Roberto

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Forsaken Martial Spirit: The Ascension of Roberto

By: Isolde DuPre OngoingSystem

Language: English

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In the mysterious and unpredictable continent of Martial Souls, a seemingly useless young martial soul, Roberto, unexpectedly awakens the legendary twin taboo ancestral soul. His destiny is reversed from then on, embarking on a journey that shocks the world. This is a story of courage, growth, and rising against adversity. Roberto, this name will become a legend, his power will surpass limits, and his story will inspire countless people. Follow in Roberto's footsteps, witness how a discarded martial soul rises against the current, challenges fate, and achieves supreme glory. Every evolution is a challenge to the old world; every breakthrough is a transcendence of self-limitation. Get ready to join Roberto and experience an unprecedented adventure!

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22 chapters
sounds in the dark
In the hospital room, the melodious cries of beautiful women filled the air. My name is Roberto, and I'm experiencing a minor health issue. Nothing serious, just on the verge of dying. Yet, at this critical moment, some despicable person decided to call all my girlfriends. Are they trying to hasten my demise? It's outrageous! Now, I find my head resting on the smooth, fair thighs of a charming maiden, her tears flowing like pear blossoms in the rain. Beside my sickbed, a seductive, voluptuous woman with shapely curves kneels on the floor, fervently pleading for me not to die. "I want to live!""I'm still young, I don't want to die!" Roberto's innermost desire to survive is fiercely erupting. Suddenly, the door to the hospital room swings open. "Roberto, Roberto!" Four more stunning beauties rush in, their eyes red with tears. In an instant, the room seems brighter, but my heart grows darker. "Two could still be manageable.""But six?""Oh... forget it, it's better to die than su
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Thunder Judgment
"Hiss—" "You, with your thick eyebrows and big eyes, are you trying to set me up with a beast-human romance?" *Boom!* Before Roberto could finish his sarcasm, he transformed into a streak of golden lightning, disappearing into the dark void... Soul Martial Continent. "Roar—" A dragon's roar shook the heavens as a terrifyingly grotesque three-headed demon dragon spewed forth its destructive dragon breath. Its purplish-black wings spread out like mountains, emanating a bloodthirsty aura. A figure was swept away by the dragon breath and plummeted to the ground. "Isabella, obediently become this king's demon concubine, and I'll spare your life." "Dream on!" The figure rose, emitting a delicate snort. She was a stunning beauty, unparalleled in elegance. Her blue eyes were as icy as a millennium-old glacier, while a white fox fur draped over her voluptuous figure. Nine snow-white fox tails swayed behind her, her slender legs perfect and flawless. Bare feet, as white as snow, touc
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the beginning of a new life
"No!""No, don't!"The demonic dragon trembled in fear, terror thunder crashing down upon its head. Its expression twisted into a grimace as it instantly tossed the beauty into the air and dodged to the side. But it was too late. The thunder, majestic and terrifying like a five-clawed golden dragon, descended from the sky with overwhelming divine power, unstoppable and unavoidable. "Boom!" "Why does it have to be like this?!" The beauty struggled against the golden lightning, reduced to ash beneath its fury, while the demonic dragon let out a defiant roar before disintegrating. Isabella's eyes widened in disbelief at everything before her. "This..." As the dazzling golden light dissipated, only a deep crater remained on the ground. The power of the thunder left Isabella trembling; as a shape-shifting soul beast, she feared nothing more than heavenly tribulations. She cautiously approached the crater, her pupils shrinking. Floating within were two crystal-clear miniature skeletons
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time flies
Isabella's anger manifested in a resounding smack on the young lad's backside. "Such shame." Roberto's embarrassed soul rolled on the ground. --- Time flew by, sixteen years later. In the Canglong Empire, in the province of Dachuan, in Yun Village. "Isabella, I'm back." A tall and handsome young man, dressed simply, returned to the village courtyard carrying a brown wild boar on his shoulders. Inside the courtyard, a voluptuous beauty with alluring curves was bending over to arrange dishes on the wooden table: four dishes and a soup, a well-balanced meal. With her perky buttocks and slender waist, she exuded a seductive charm. Upon hearing his voice, the cool face of the beauty lit up with a radiant smile. "Roberto, go freshen up. We have a new dish today, see if it suits your taste." Roberto's mouth twitched; no doubt, another round of food testing awaited him. Formerly an empress, when would she have deigned to cook for others, let alone for someone worthy? Do you know ho
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The embarrassment of youth
Roberto's mind raced as he pondered the rewards. A transparent panel appeared before him.【Reward One: Top-notch Insight! Sorry, photographic memory? Just basic stuff.】【Reward Two: Innate Luck! Ever experienced falling into a valley and picking up treasures, casually helping a beggar, and becoming a peerless expert?】【Reward Three: Maximum Charisma!! Do you know what it means to be a walking heartthrob? You remain calm, while everyone else is screaming.】【Reward Four: Heavenly Grace and Beauty, Peerless Divine Countenance!!! Your looks are lethal, captivating countless souls, ensnaring fairies and witches without them even realizing.】Hiss—After reviewing the rewards, Roberto's eyes gleamed brightly, fierce, too fierce.What did the system mean by this? Was it implying that he should become a playboy driving fancy cars?Pah, was he the kind of person who would do whatever he wanted just because he had a little luck, good looks, and some charm?A bad system shouldn't try to corrupt i
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mysterious power
What you fear often comes to pass.The resonating roar of the fortune-bearing golden dragon was imperceptible to ordinary folks, but within a thousand miles, powerful soul masters all sensed its presence. In the dense jungles, a hundred miles from Cloud Village, a gracefully adorned noblewoman was guiding a young maiden on an expedition. Suddenly, a feeling stirred in her heart, and she gazed into the distance with her phoenix-like eyes."What's the matter, Teacher Pontiff?" the young maiden inquired.The noblewoman's elegant brows furrowed. "I sensed a peculiar force, but it quickly dissipated.""Shall we investigate?" The young maiden's face lit up with excitement and curiosity. Her teacher, a prominent female pontiff, surely found the source intriguing."You are the Saintess, yet you only think about having fun," the noblewoman rebuked coldly."Fine..." The young maiden pouted, her small mouth drooping, and she shrank her neck.The noblewoman left the young maiden behind and strode
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The warmth of breakfast
The next morning."Knock, knock, knock!" Isabella called from the door. "Breakfast is ready, dear husband!"Rubbing his eyes, Roberto stumbled out of bed and saw a steaming bowl of white rice porridge, a plate of fried eggs, and two dishes of pickled vegetables already laid out on the table. A warm sense of happiness washed over him.Roberto took a sip of the hot porridge. "Ah, this feels good."Having the empress herself prepare breakfast for him—Roberto doubted even the emperors of the Azure Dragon Empire would dare to dream of such a luxury."Snort!" Leaning her elbow on the table, Isabella rested her chin on her hand and suddenly chuckled. "Little man, what's with the panda eyes?""Blame it all on you," Roberto grumbled, still holding a grudge from last night when he was shut out after chasing her."If I had opened the door, would you have pounced on me and cleaned me up?" Isabella retorted, sticking her tongue out.Roberto took a bite of the fried egg, its aroma filling the room,
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The beginning of awakening
"Now, it's time to wear black silk, but you wouldn't want your wife to be seen in black silk by others, would you?" Isabella blinked."Alright, tonight then."..."This is outrageous! What's wrong with your village? How can someone be late for awakening their martial soul?" Isabella scolded, while the temple steward, Long Tao, berated Village Chief Lu Ren at the village square.Hundreds of villagers around the square dared not make a sound, while a dozen young men and women participating in the awakening of their martial souls stood at the forefront, trembling with fear.Village Chief Lu, with his aged and hunched body, sweated profusely, not daring to say half a word more.Though it was still half an hour before the appointed time, he couldn't argue with the important figures from the temple. All he could do was apologize repeatedly."I apologize, Steward Long. It was my oversight. But the child who hasn't arrived yet is exceptionally gifted. I believe the martial soul awakened by hi
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Golden light rises
"Hmph, unsure about talent, but quite the attitude," Long Tao shook his head repeatedly, casting a sidelong glance at Roberto within the formation, then looking at the village chief and the villagers, sneering disdainfully."Allow me to tell you a harsh truth.""Every commoner child who fails to awaken fancies themselves extraordinary, filled with hope, oblivious to the fact that commoners lack strong ancestors, their bloodlines inadequate. No matter how hard they try, they can never awaken powerful martial souls.""However, the children of the empire's nobility and major sects, even the most mediocre among them, can awaken martial souls of third grade or higher.""If it weren't for the supreme kindness of the Temple's Empress, you commoners would likely never have the chance to awaken your martial souls, condemned to a lifetime of servitude."The children who failed to awaken and their parents felt as though their hearts had been struck by a heavy blow, a weight so heavy they could h
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climax of awakening
Longtao's eyes narrowed, his gaze piercing as he stared at Roberto. The villagers watched in astonishment, even Isabella sucked in a sharp breath. What kind of potential did this young man possess?The radiant awakening continued to soar upwards.To the extreme of the mortal world—golden light nine zhang nine chi nine cun!!!"Ahh!"A thunderous dragon roar echoed, shaking hearts, as Roberto's phantom silhouette expanded to dozens of meters, revealing a true dragon's shadow.While others were merely shocked, Longtao's blood trembled, his martial soul in a state of collapse within the dragon's roar. The lizard dragon martial soul separated from him, both unable to control the trembling."A dragon!""How could it be a dragon-type martial soul!"Longtao's scalp tingled, his words incoherent: "How high is the status of this martial soul? It's making my lizard dragon martial soul so fearful."Isabella's mind shook, her lips slightly parted. She had guessed that her man wouldn't be weak, but
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