No Name

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No Name

By: Yuno OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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"A man, a creature of the wild... An animal that can't be tamed, an entity that can strike with precision, an entity capable of anything, a creature that dares to push your life to the edge... A solitary figure who desires only one thing in his entire existence... Revenge..."

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8 chapters
Welcome To My Hell
As a man lay sleeping in bed, someone suddenly grabbed his hand and pressed it onto the induction heat. Startled, he jolted awake, feeling shocked and scared. Taking a deep, calming breath, he reassured himself it was just a dream. However, as he glanced at the clock, it read 7:45. It was a nightmare in broad daylight."As he lay staring at the ceiling, his mind conjured elusive figures and images-a nostalgia of the past haunting him. Memories of someone kicking his ass, someone slapping him, played on repeat in his mind.His thoughts were in disarray, leaving him confused and frustrated, unable to piece together what had happened the night before. He instinctively placed his hand on his head, only to catch sight of something that made his chin drop-a burn on his palm. And with that sight, everything flooded back to him-all of it.Staring at the ceiling, he whispered, "My name is... Well, there's no real name, just a nickname... Death Keeper. People call me DK without understanding it
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The Death Keeper
Dunter was at school with his friend Leav when he mentioned, "Leav, Diana keeps insisting that I stay in a relationship with her."Leav responded, "Then that's a great news."Suddenly, Diana appeared and took Dunter somewhere. She pulled out a ring from her pocket and said, "Can you put this ring on me? It'll be a sign of our relationship."Dunter took the ring and placed it on her finger. Diana smiled and started jumping with joy. Then they hugged each other.He opened his eyes and felt pain in his hand. The pain gradually increased, then suddenly he woke up in his bed. He realized his surroundings had changed; he was in a room with four walls. It was just a dream. He felt a burning sensation in his hand, which was red and burned. He remembered the night and filled a bowl with water to soothe his hand. It was so painful; he didn't even have a freezer for ice or a fan. He submerged his hand in the bowl and felt some relief.He noticed his piggy bank was broken, and Tinni had taken all
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Diana and her group were reunited at Haikyu's place. Simp, Boston, and Tommy were sitting on the couch. Rose occupied a chair, while Haikyu sat at the edge of the couch. Tinni stood leaning against the wall, while Diana stood in the middle of them, her hair wild and fuzzy like a witch's."Diana shouted at Rose and Haikyu, "Why did you invite him to dinner? Fucking ass."Tommy said coolly, "Darling, why did you invite all of us in the first place?"Diana moved closer, curling her lips, "Did I invite you? Ass."Tommy glanced at Rose, who responded, "What?"Haikyu stood up and said, "Today, her fiance invited me and her whole group to dinner. So, who wants to go?"Tinni remarked, "Just that?"Haikyu looked at Tinni and said, "Why? Because you were busy beating other asses? Running on those streets with a knife in hand."Tinni smiled and replied, "At least I don't beat other fiancee's ass."Haikyu said to Tinni, "Here, you're not that street Tinni who listens to his words and works. Here,
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Awakening Of The Serpents
Dunter stood at the edge of the school roof, contemplating suicide, but as memories of his life flashed before him, he realized he had a duty to fulfill. He knew he had to save his mother from her current condition. It was for her sake that he stepped back from the brink, withdrew from education, and distanced himself from everything.He was retreating from everything and everyone, with only one motive to keep him going—the need to save his mother.Now, he understood that everyone must step back in order to rise again.From that day forward, he faded from everyone's mind like a dream forgotten in the light of day."As Dunter fell back from the edge of the roof, he began shouting into the vastness of the black, dark night, with only the moon as a silent witness to his tears. He sat down, folding his palms, overcome with emotion. He had many dreams to fulfill in his life, and perhaps tomorrow he would find peace.Amidst his tears, he whispered, "It feels overwhelming to hold so many dre
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Rise Up
While DK was gone, everyone was at the restroom. Diana noticed DK leaving and let down her hair, reaching for Haikyu's hand. However, Haikyu, angered by her behavior, pulled away from her grasp and walked aside.Tinni blurted out teasing, "Did you really spike her drink?" glancing at Tommy. Diana retorted, "Do you honestly believe I would stoop so low as to drug you two trash?"Tinni approached her angrily, "You filthy bitch..." but Haikyu stepped in, saying, "Oh, this isn't your dump street to rule. This is a palace where princesses reside."Behind Haikyu, Diana smirked at Tinni, reaching out to touch Haikyu and call him.As Haikyu turned to light a cigarette, Diana snatched it from his mouth and began smoking. Suddenly, Simp started shouting, "What did you do to Tommy?"Diana sighed in frustration, "How many times do I have to tell you? And one more thing, I didn't invite her to dinner." Simp sat on the floor, and Diana raised her foot towards Simp, saying softly, "Don't forget who
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Sacrifice As A Start Of A War
Slinggggg~The sound of fencing blades clashing filled the air as the clock struck 6 pm. Through the large front window, the warm hues of the sunset cast a golden glow on the two silhouetted figures engaged in their match. The entire room was bathed in shades of orange and red.Slinggggg~The figures were DK and Halen, who had met at DK's restaurant. A gentle breeze caused the curtains to billow gracefully around them.DK and Halen continued their fierce battle. DK aimed for Halen's head, but Halen deftly parried his attack with his own foil and swiftly countered by sweeping DK's legs out from under him. With DK on the ground, Halen advanced his foil towards DK's head, securing victory in the duel.Before at the dinner, Diana and her group were gathered in the living hall, with DK absent. Diana took the opportunity to address them sternly, saying, "If any of you dare to interfere with DK and me, I'll make sure you regret it, just like I did back in high school. I believe everyone here
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"Machination and Deception"
Before the fencing battle between DK and Halen, DK was driving to Halen's location. However, on the highway, he stopped his car beside a public restroom. Exiting the vehicle, DK began to contemplate, his mind drifting as he analyzed the surroundings."At night, Diana and I go to the club," he mused.As DK walked, his gaze fixed on the restroom, his thoughts continued. "Because of overdrinking, she might end up here while heading home. It'll be filthy and dark at night, and then... she will vanish."Suddenly, five or six men clad in black suits emerged from the restroom. DK and the men made eye contact, but their attention was drawn to DK's burned palm, piquing their curiosity. They approached him.One of the men in black suits addressed DK, "Wait, you resemble Aryan."DK smiled and responded, "Do I look like him?"-"No, we were just curious," the man replied.DK replied, "No, I'm not. It seems he used to be your main person."-"You don't need to know that," another man interjected. "H
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We Are Same
#Blood sensor DK entered the funeral room with his black attire and a black hat. There was no one inside except for a large photo surrounded by flowers and burning candles- the CEO of King's Company. As DK laid down his bouquet, a group of men in black suits entered the room. They lined up on either side, while one man walked in middle, smoking a cigarette, stood watching the CEO's portrait. He suddenly flicked his cigarette towards the table, the ashes landing on the table of CEO. Quickly realizing his mistake, he apologized with his trembling hand, "Ohhhh, I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have smoked near you... I hope our company will continue as it always has. I promise to avenge your death."Infront DK, curious turns around, interrupted him, "Who are you to him?"The man, recognizing DK, exclaimed, "Aren't you the one I met in the restroom?"Surprised, DK replied, "Oh, yeah. What a coincidence."The man asked, "Why are you here? Who are you to him?"DK calmly responded, "It's so sa
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