Philosopher's Stone

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Philosopher's Stone

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Leo thinks his life is over after dying because of an old truck, but gets a shock when he wakes up in another world, filled with magic beast people and is overflowing with Mana. In this world, surely, things will be better for him right? The Philosopher's Stone, the greatest channel of Mana sought after by the most powerful forces, seeking to dominate the world. It is said to grant it's user extraordinary power. Leo comes in contact with it, and swallows it whole...he shouldn't have done that. "What is this sudden surge of power?! I feel like I can split mountains!" "I'm going to conquer this world and build my own harem!" However, there is one tiny setback. "Why can I only store Mana?!" "Who is this brat?!" "Hey! That's my magic, don't pose with it kid!" Now as the new CHANNEL of Mana, Leo has to find a host to transfer his overwhelming power to, or else he's gonna die.

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*City N*"Remember everyone there's going to be a huge storm later today, so please don't forget to stay indoors and wait it out." The cheerful voice over the radio sang, disrupting the humming of the truck driver, who had on a black baseball cap.Not that his humming had a rhythm, to begin with. The young man with black hair and brown eyes diverted his attention from the car to the sky over his head, pulling his cap over his sheltered eyes. "A storm huh? Wonder if I can make it in time and take out the trash." He spewed out, waiting for the red light to transition into a green one. Leo Greyman. An ordinary beer deliveryman with ordinary problems such as avoiding a storm to take out his long overdue trash. He pinched his temples, suddenly remembering the can of beer he forgot to put in the fridge."Aish, you can't play games without a cold beer." Leo lamented, shaking his head from side to side. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed the red light turn yellow, he slumped his shou
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Leo earnestly thought that if he closed his eyes and opened them, the raging beast in front of him would disappear and he would wake up in a hospital bed. In that faith he clenched his eyelids shut, but the result remained the same, the fish-like bird kept cawing at them, its voice resonating in his ears."Are you all in position?""You there! Guard the treasure!" The brown-beared man charged, pointing at a confused Leo who was miraculously still standing. At the sound of such an easy job, Leo couldn't have been happier, save for the fact that he had no frickin clue where this treasure was kept. And he knew asking would get him thrown off. Taking chances, he sets in the direction of the cabins, "logically speaking, that's the only place to look." He tells himself, dashing through the open door, running down the stairs, seeking safety. "What is that smell?" He asks while navigating through the hallway, pinching his nose at the stench of something foul. It seemed to be coming from
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The men lifted their jars over their heads in response to his toast, all letting out vigorous cheers, clanking their jars against each other. Even the minor was drinking himself to a stupor, showing off how well he handled his liquor. Leo was not impressed."Excuse me for a moment, but did you just say you predicted this would happen?" He chimed in, placing a damper on their light spirits. The crew's natural reaction was to ignore him and overshadow his voice by intensifying their cheers, however, a dissatisfied Leo raised his voice, making sure he was heard. "What kind of captain willingly plunges his crew into danger? All for some stupid stone!" The heavy words spilled out, finally placing a lid on the celebration. Seeing the foul mood the boy created, Warwick the captain heaved a heavy sigh, examining his half-full jar of liquor, he slumped his shoulders, relaxing his tensed nerves."Watch yer mouth in fron of dee kaptain." The dark-skinned hefty man warned in a stern tone, at
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On getting on deck, the first thing Leo noticed was half of the crew he saw last night, laying on their backs unable to move a muscle. As an invisible force pulled them down, he could vividly see the pained expression on their faces, as though they couldn't breathe!Whilst they remained like that, more light green balls firepower continued assaulting the ship, making larger holes in place that would cause the vessel to capsize!"Let's go help them!" Leo selflessly cried, rushing over to the rest of the crew to snap them out of whatever it was that was causing this. Forgetting these were the same people who couldn't give a ratass if he died in his sleep. In a panic, he ran over an invisible field he couldn't see, and ultimately fell over on his back, a heavy weight pressed down on his chest. "What is..." He couldn't even speak when almost immediately he realized why the crew had such pained expressions on their faces. There was no air inside the field!"Damn it!" He gritted his tee
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Leatrix huffed, "did he just fucking swallow the Philosopher's Stone?!" The momentum of the fight drastically dropped, as the fighters as well as Warwick had no clue on what line of action to take next. It took some moments for Leatrix to get it together, "Kael!" She called out, sending a straight line kick to Warwick's face, manipulating her magic to make her foot ten times heavier. The white-haired boy looked in her direction in recognition of his name, "grab the boy and board the ship!" She cried out, placing one foot on the back of Warwick's head, keeping him pinned to the ground. "Bitch." The captain cursed under his breath, struggling to move against the strong pull emanating from her single foot."Understood," Kael responded, turning towards Leo, who was swarmed with pirates and invaders. "No, you don't!""You think we'd let you pass us by kid?!"The two pirates who had earlier led Leo to the battleground, emerged from the shadows, raising swords over their heads, wanting
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On the ship, Leatrix heaved a sigh of relief once she saw Kael reach their vessel, she lifted her leg from Warwick's head, only to twist her lips into a frown."He's already dead." She mused, the weight of her foot had long since mashed the captain's skull and forcefully popped his one eyeball out of its socket. The once proud captain had been decreased to nothing but a mutilated corpse, and his burial ground would at best be the dark seabed.With a discontent look in her eyes, Leatrix turned to leave, wiping her golden stiletto against her green kilt, which draped over tight-fitted knee-length white socks. However, a heavy jump broke through the main deck halting her steps, she flung her head back and locked eyes with the same beast man from before crouched down on the deck, his captain in his arms."That's payback for that punch earlier." She proclaimed, half expecting him to lunge forward in a revenge assault. But rather he picked up the captain's eyeball, plopped it back into i
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"If this idea doesn't work, I'll rip out your guts and take out the stone." Leo blinked twice, too afraid to gulp, he could sense the kid's bloodlust and knew he wasn't just throwing his words around. "Good, now get in!" Without warning, Kael kicked Leo forward with no added strength, yet that was enough to send the young man landing in the middle of the pentacle, staggering to stand on his feet."Watch where you swing that foot, what if I turned into a statue of Ice?" He chided, dusting off the invisible spec from his clothes.Kael simply ignored him and stood inside the circle as well, again repeating his incantation, his lips moving faster than before. "Wait!" Leo cried out disrupting the spell, Kael who felt that he was experiencing some discomfort stopped the spell and tossed his gaze to him. "If this spell works, what are you gonna do about the pirates?" He asked while looking at both halves of the ship, sinking at an alarmingly fast rate. Kael hissed, "the sea will take ca
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The ship gradually began to bend to the right side, which had more portals connected to the seabed, tipping the balance that kept the vessel afloat. And with more portals surfacing, Kael had a bad feeling that something sinister would happen if he didn't intervene.The question now was, how would he? Stepping anywhere near Leo's orbit was suicide, thankfully the water that rose to his chest didn't cause him much difficulty, because of his magic. However, the ship couldn't take more of this insane pressure, as even more water and junk laying to waste channeled into the ship. Kael knew that the only person who could stop this madness was Leo. But then, the near-capsizing ship wasn't his only concern. "Tch. What's taking them so long?" The teen hissed, letting out frosty smoke from his nostrils turning the water into ice. The ice weighed a tonne and hastened the ship's demise, constituting a greater problem than the seawater, which was still pouring in!"This is bad, I have to go see
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