Reclaiming my Rich-kid Status

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Reclaiming my Rich-kid Status

By: Am Dcpreit Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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After his billionaire father is framed by his business rivals, Kagern McHegan spends 3 years in poverty, enduring mockery and humiliation. Even his girlfriend decides to cheat on him, calling him a good-for-nothing boyfriend. At that instant, Kagern's father is found guilty and reclaims his title as the richest man in Cereal City. It's time for Kagern to reclaim his status as a rich kid, too. They will soon regret it.

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  • Am Dcpreit


    Hello! I'm happy that you've stumbled upon my book. I'll try my best to make it a worthy read. However, I'm in need of your guidance and support to create something both you and I can call a unique masterpiece. Something we can all enjoy. Feel free to comment your suggestions!

    2024-02-28 13:22:11
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52 chapters
Chapter 1: Humiliation
"Please! Please! Give me a few seconds and don't hurt him, okay? I'm going to send the money right away," Kagern pleaded as he pushed his way into his best friend's apartment. One could see panic on his face as he put the phone into his pockets. Before he could do what had brought him here, though, the panic on his face turned into a frown when he saw a girl in a red revealing nightgown. His mind could not register what his girlfriend could be doing at David's place... plus, what kind of outfit was that? "Erie?! What are you doing here?" Startled, Erica opened her mouth to reply, but another voice spoke from the side. "Can't she visit her boyfriend?" Kagern shifted his gaze to the source of the voice and saw David who was walking towards Erica with two glasses of red wine. He could not believe both his eyes and ears. Erica was his girlfriend. What was David trying to imply by that? "Bro, she's my girlfriend. What are you talking about?" After asking this, Kagern shifted his g
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Chapter 2: A Surprise Call
With Kagern's bulky build, David, who was a colony of women and alcohol, could not protect himself from him if he truly wanted beat him up. However, Kagern was here to ask for some money. That's why he just clenched his hands, trying hard to contain his anger. Erica pulled David back when she saw Kagern clenching his hands into fists. "Darling, don't give this dog a chance to bite you. Give him some time to register what has just happened to him. It's not easy for a broke *ss like him to lose a beauty like me, after all."Hearing this, Kagern couldn't help but laugh. "Ha! Ha!""Give me some time to register? A sucker like you? Who told you you're that beautiful?"His words made the smile on Erica's face freeze. "What did you say? That I'm not that beautiful? A sucker, eh? Davey, did you hear that? How dare a loser like him call me..."Kagern cut her off by saying, "I'm not here to argue with you." Shifting his gaze to David, he added, "I'm here for my money."David furrowed his ey
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Chapter 3: 10 Million Dollars?
Kagern was tired of the disgusting testimonies accusing his father. Thus, at some point, he stopped going to the internet to read the updates about his father's trials. He already knew what he would find there, anyways. Lots of memes mocking his father, lots of pictures extracted from a viral album where his father was naked, seemingly being intimate with a minor...And lots of videos from a terrorist group that had kidnapped 100 school girls, demanding the release of Kagern's father while claiming that he was its sponsor.He was tired of that.About going to the court, Kagern would never dream of such a thing. A few times he did 3 years ago, people threw tomatoes and eggs at him, lots of insults escorting them. As if that wasn't enough, there were these men in black suits hunting him with guns, bullets being shot at him with hidden snipers. He was not safe. The government promised him protection, the protection which made him become like a prisoner, instead. That's why he faked h
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Chapter 4: More Money
After the convoy came to a stop, the body guards opened the door for Kagern, then rushed him toward the private jet. He was about to board when his phone rang. Maybe it was Eric. Stepping into the jet, Kagern pulled his phone out of his pockets and looked at its screen. "Dad?!"He had thought that maybe Eric wanted to thank him for saving him or what, but it was… his father? Didn't they just talk? Wasn't he on the way home to talk to him?Kagern was curious."Uh... son, I'm sorry!"One could feel sorrow in the man's tone."Sorry for what, dad?""The media is now watching my every move," explained his father. "I don't want them to find out that you're still alive. I want the Williams Family to pay for what they did to us tenfold. You being dead will be my strong weapon to have public opinion on my side."To be honest, except for his father, Kagern had no other person waiting for him in Cereal City. He would like to stay here in Surreal City where he had made many friends and enemi
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Chapter 5: A Disrespectful Receptionist
Because both the staff and the security team knew Kagern, no one disturbed him at the entrance. He had been a part time waiter here for a whole year, after all."Hello miss!" he greeted as he approached the counter. He knew the name of the girl at the reception, but didn't call it because they were not that close. "Hello, dear customer!" Jennifer replied in a friendly tone while shifting her gaze from her phone to him."How can we..." she paused a little when she saw who it was, then continued after blinking twice to confirm. " you?" she finished her sentence, this time with an unfriendly tone and contemptuous look. 'Isn't this a waiter?''What's he 'helloing' me for then?'She internally asked herself. "I'm here to book a suite.”Jennifer couldn't help but burst out laughing when she heard this?"Ha! Ha!"Who was Kagern? A pauper who even took home some leftovers from the hotel restaurant just to save the money he would be spending on meals now wanted to book… a suite?"Ha
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Chapter 6: Bingle Spears
Before Kagern could answer the lobby manager's question, Jennifer hurried to say, "Miss Spears, this is Jayden."Jayden was what Kagern called himself after his fake death. Now, everyone knew him as Jayden McDenials."He's a waiter!" continued Jennifer. "He was trying to flirt with me during working hours and tried to cause a commotion when I gave him a cold shoulder."'Flirt with her? This girl must be crazy! When did I say anything flirty?'Kagern was dumbfounded. That's why he asked, "What are you talking about? I said I'm here to book a suite. Who said I have time to flirt with a girl like you?"Miss Spears was about to say something when Jeniffer burst out laughing. "Ha! Ha! Miss Spears, can you believe it? Here to book a suite. A pauper like him."She then turned to Kagern. "A girl like me? What are you trying to mean by that?""Besides not being my type," Kagern replied with a serious expression on his face. He was not a person who would weigh levels before making friends, ho
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Chapter 7: Belinda Torou
Kagern's words stung Jennifer like a scorpion. She remembered saying them. How arrogant and overconfident her tone was when she said she would lick his shoes if he could pay.'Let me just apologize!'With her head lowered, she said, "Sir, I'm so sorry! I was just... joking!"When a few seconds passed without receiving any reply, she decided to raise her gaze only to see Kagern staring at her with a mockery smirk on his face, his gaze unwavering.'Is he really going to make me lick his shoes?'She shuddered at the thought of it but summoned her courage to say, "Sir, you cannot tell me to lick your shoes. It was a joke!"Both Kagern and Bingle were quite but Jennifer's guilty conscious pushed her to keep talking."Miss Spears, I'm the hotel's receptionist. Doing as he suggests can bring disrespect to the hotel."When Bingle heard her name being mentioned, she snorted and said, "So, was it an honor when you disrespected him?""No! But...""No buts! Do what you said you would do and don't
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Chapter 8: Think Twice
"How dare you remain seated while I'm talking to you? Didn't your parents teach you how to respect the elders?"The man's voice was so high as if he was telling the whole city. All eyes in the restaurant shifted to their table, making Belinda nervous. She was going to stand up but Kagern touched her hand and signed for her not to.Seeing their hands touching one another's enraged Mr. Hako even more. "Stand up, you bitch! This is not where you get to sexualize each other."Kagern would have said something but Belinda had a reply ready. "Mr. Hako, are you blind or something? What's so sexual about holding hands?"The people around nodded in understanding, making Mr. Hako feel embarrassed. He was not the type that accepts defeat, though. He said, "Do whatever you want but not in my hotel!"This time, Kagern couldn't contain himself anymore. "Your hotel?""Of course! My hotel!"Mr. Hako was one of David's distant relatives who became bosses in Golden Heart Hotel after the Hako family
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Chapter 9: Another Fool
This piece of news stirred the crowd as if a snake was released among them."Miss Spears loves Jayden," said one of the waitresses who once saw Bingle staring at Jayden contemptuously. "That's why she's doing all this. How else can a waiter pay 10 million dollars?"More people joined the gossip, giving Mr. Hako a chance to speak. "He just paid for membership? Ha! What's bullshit! Miss Spears, be wise and step back if you still love your job. Don't confuse this to one of those leftover situations where you got to speak for him.""Don't be ridiculous Mr. Hako!" Bingle replied as she took a few steps toward him. "How can I lie about such things?"While replying, Mr. Hako glanced at Kagern. "He's young with blue eyes and a nice physique. You are aroused when you see him so you're compelled to lie for him."Every waiter and waitress broke into laughter mostly because of how familiar Mr. Hako's answer was.They had heard it countless times and they knew that it was the other way around. H
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Chapter 10: In Trouble
Bingle didn't want another prolonged conflict so she said, "She's with a V-VIP client."The man wandered his eyes around but didn't see any VIP client. Just Bingle, a waiter and a waitress... plus a few gorgeous women in black. Thus, he felt like asking but Kagern raised his VIP card before the man could open his mouth. He too was tired of dealing with the Hako fools.First, it was David Hako cheating on him with his girlfriend and refusing to give him his money, then Mr. Hako from the hotel restaurant and lastly, this fool in charge of the Golden Pathway. He was tired of seeing their similar faces and listening to their similar arrogant voices.As for the man, he stepped back and bowed to Kagern when he saw the golden card in his hand. It had been 5 months since he saw another one of those cards. Many people bought membership of a million dollars but not even a dozen had bought the 10 million dollar one since the establishment of this hotel. So, though he knew Kagern to be a waite
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