Reincarnation Gone Wrong

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Reincarnation Gone Wrong

By: Abigeal OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Being the only survivor of a terrible accident, Scarlett falls into depression, locking her consciousness in her mind space. Her mourning session is cut short when five souls invade her mind space. [Beep] [Initating System Setup] [Notification: Due to some accident at the reincarnation center, your body has temporarly been used for multiple reincarnation. As compensation you have been given a reincarnation system, forgive our intrusion and enjoy] Read as six souls try to exist in one body.


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53 chapters
"Oh yeah I was right all along I'm alive again" a voice suddenly sounded in Scarlett's mind space.Surprised, Scarlett raised her head to see who it was but what she saw was a ghost dancing in slow motion. It was a male ghost that looked pretty young and maybe because of his funny dancing, she did not even feel scared."Who are you and how did you come inside me" Scarlett failed to notice that her question was a bit weird but the ghost caught it and gave her a weird expression."Wow how can a young girl like you say that with a straight face even I would feel embarrassed" the ghost clicked his tongue and shook his head.Scarlett's lips twitched, she was confused what exactly did she say that was embarrassing."Uh you guys are so disgusting, anyway why are you here?" another ghost appeared startling Scarlett and the first ghost."I should be asking you that" the first ghost said with a raised brow and folded arms.Scarlett was getting confused, three more ghosts appeared and she wonder
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[Status][Name: Scarlett Lekrosh][Race: Human][EXP: 0/50][Level: 1][H.P: 150/150] —Health Points[S.P: 100] —Stat points[SOP: 500] —Soul points[STR: 12] —Strength[AGI: 10] —Agility[VIT: 10] —Vitality[STA: 12] —Stamina[CHA: 15] —CharmScarlett observed her stats with open eyes. Her sight hovered around the soul points stat that showed 500."What the hell is soul point?" she understood what the others meant but this concept was new to her.[Soul point refers to the strength of your consciousness] the system answered in its robotic voice."So my mind space have nothing to do with it?" Scarlett asked again trying to get a better understand of things.[The strength of your mind space depends on your consciousness, that is why host is about able to accommodate five souls in her mind space]Scarlett nodded in understanding. The system's explanation was clear and simple, easy to understand."Can't you change your voice to become more normal?" Scott's voice sounded at the side. He wa
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Daily Quest
School was to start the next day so after eating, she went back to her room to prepare her things.Done with that she laid on her bed and decided to check out her new system."System menu" she called out and the system screen appeared in front of her.[Menu]— Status— Quests— Shop— Skills— InfoShe clicked on quests only to see letters in red making her sit up.[4 HOURS REMAINING]Under it, the first option,which was daily quests was written in red.[Daily Quests][Other Quests]She then clicked on daily quests.[Run 10000 meters: 0/10000m][Reward: +5 stamina, +10 exp][Punishment: -5 Stamina]Scarlett eyes opened wide on seeing the quest. 'It's almost eight o'clock how the hell am I supposed to complete this quest' she thought speechless at the thoughtlessness of the system."System, why was there no notification?" Scarlett inquired.[Notification is turned off host]"Well turn it back on"[Yes host]Scarlett waited a bit and a notification sounded.[Host has 4 hours remaining t
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Back to School
Scarlett woke up very early, she did not want to miss her transport.The hover bus would only stay at the station for two minutes whether it was early or not.This was Deep D where she and her family had lived since she was born. Although is sounded cool, it actually meant Deep Dump, it was a name given to them by the fancy people living up in the sky castle.The NG city was a hovering large piece of land. The expansion had gone pretty far throughout the years. You could never see the end even by standing at the middle.NG city had many cities within. As the powerful families couldn't live together, they formed their cities and marked it as their territory. Surprisingly, it was a peaceful separation with the government not doing much. Still these family had to pay taxes. Taxes that could milk anyone.So over the years, some families were forced out their territory as they couldn't meet up.There were academies in different cities, Deep D also had academies but it was Deep D after all.
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Class Resume
"Settle down class" Mr Alfred's voice sounded from the door before he walked to the desk."Scarlett, I heard what happened and I'm deeply sorry for your loss" Mr Alfred said giving Scarlett an intense stare. He was dropping his condolences and at the same time warning her not to disrupt his class.Scarlett nodded, by this time she had already taken back control of her body."You were so cool back there, where did you learn to make a comeback like that?" Maple whispered, she was staring at Scarlett with stars in her eyes.Scarlett couldn't tell her the truth nor could she leave her hanging, so she just evaded the question."Well one learn those kinds of stuff after leaving in Deep D their entire life"Maple was seriously considering moving when Scarlett flicked her forehead."Don't even think about it, you would definitely not fit in" Scarlett knew Maple well enough to know what the girl was thinking.Unlike other people, Maple was pretty simple minded and straight forward. She spoke f
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Combat Class 1
"Good job Scarlett you see that is what happens when you cultivate a healthy mind space" Mr Alfred was all smiles praising Scarlett to the heavens.Scarlett should have been happy that Me Alfred now saw her in a new light but a situation like this, the cons far outweighed the pros.Scarlett stayed absent mind throughout the class, biology was never her strong suit and had always been boring for her, this so called enhanced biology was even worse she only raised her head once when she heard Me Alfred speak about 'mana baptism' his explanation was pretty vague only mentioning how one gets baptized in our last year, which was actually two years more.When someone graduates from SSA they are invited to high ranking families, unless you already belong to one. People from Deep D like Scarlett are given three choices, they either join high ranking families which includes leaving your family even if you have one. Or you choose to become a part of NGO (New Generation Organization) and being se
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Combat Class 2
"Its something I just said without thinking who knew it would actually make sense, haha" Scarlett awkwardly chuckled."Yeah that lie was awful yesh" Scott appeared shaking his head.Scarlett just glared at him not saying anything, she wouldn't be able to explain whom she was talking to."Scarlett?" Maple called seeing Scarlett staring into void."You okay?" she looked a bit worried wondering if it was her fault."Yeah I'm fine, sorry I'm just not myself today" Scarlett muttered. Scott was driving her crazy with the annoying faces he was making."Its okay I understand, I knew you wouldn't have gotten through it that easily. You were just pretending to be fine so I wouldn't worry, I understand everything, you didn't have to do this" Maple smiled placing her hand on Scarlett's shoulder.Scarlett blinked, amazed at how Maple misunderstood the whole thing. It was a miracle, now she did not have to keep making things up, she shot Scott a glare one last time before turning away.The combat h
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First Fight
There was no exchange of words, James just lunged forward at full speed throwing out a punch.Scarlett was stunned for a second but quickly gathered her thought and dodger the punch, but it was already in front of her. She leaned to the side missing the punch by a hair's width. After successfully dodging, she increased the distance between them.She cleared her mind off unnecessary thoughts and focused solely on her opponent. He was fast, faster than her by a large margin, she knew she barely dogded the punch just now.'What do I have, I'm not as fast as him, running away will do me no good...think'James left her no time to think, he attacked again this time sending out a kick. Scarlett this time did not dodge and instead stretched out her hand wanting to catch the kick. She was trying to determine if he also had more strength or if she could contend with him in that aspect.The kick came and the impact made her feet slide back a bit but in all she achieved her purpose. Though her ha
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Two Seconds
COUNT DOWN3, 2, 1STARTA screen showing the fight appeared in the white space.'So that's how they watched the fight, is this normal though. Seems like we're the only ones who know that's Aviva, the others must think its me"Scarlett was finally able to put her mind at ease when suddenlyWINNER SCARLETTShe thought she was seeing things until Aviva appeared."OMG what happened, how did... that was Ryder, as in RYDER, how the hell did you eliminate him so quickly you..." a notification interrupted her.[Quest Progress: 2/10 opponents]Scarlett gasped at the notification."I can bypass the system?" Scarlett was so elated that she failed to remember the fight was being watched not just by them. She wore a large grin thinking of how easy it would be to complete quests in the future."Aviva, you're the best, can you do me a solid and win eight more opponents?" she had her hand clasped together begging Aviva and for the first time Aviva smiled before nodding.Then wasting no time she rand
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"I'm strong" Aviva's words were so unexpected that Scott stumbled, Scarlett facepalmed while the teachers had an expression that screamed 'whaaaaat?'"Stronger than them" it was a last minute save but it was better than 'I'm strong' she said before."Ryder lasted only two seconds and you did not even make a move, it was the same with your other battles, except the first one" teacher Cain banged his fists on the desk but Aviva did not even bat an eyelid."I am not obligated to share my techniques"Scarlett's face paled listening to Aviva's words. She inwardly gave her a thumb up for acting cool but disrespecting the teachers could bring trouble."Normally no, but this situation calls for it" teacher Cain was surprisingly patient."What is in it for me" if not because Scarlett was scared the teachers might notice something odd, she would have swapped back with Aviva by now. The other souls stood awaiting the worst outcome.The teachers were not so pleasantly surprised. Any student would
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