Return of Overthinker

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Return of Overthinker

By: Sunshine Updated just nowFantasy

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When the demon finally harnessed human sins and negative emotions to harvest negative energy, it opened a spatial gate to the planets that were already ravaged by monsters and teeming with dark creatures. The beasts and monsters passed through the gate, unleashing havoc upon Earth. These monstrous creatures caused destruction on a massive scale, pushing the earth toward an apocalyptic catastrophe. In this dark time, The Creator granted certain humans the ability, marked by symbols on their right hands, to wield the power of gods and angels to combat these dark creatures. My ability was 'Overthinking,' the weakest, but with hard work, I persisted for 60 years to become the most powerful and the savior of the world. However, in my final moments, I was betrayed by a friend who was born rich and noble, who forced me to die to obtain everything I had worked so hard for. Nevertheless, before my demise, I sent my memories back to my younger years. This time, I will obtain everything: the best items, the finest women, and the most potent abilities. All will be mine!

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    i love this book.........

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84 chapters
Chapter 1
Inside a sprawling, modern tent filled with futuristic equipment, a wise old man sat motionless in his maglev wheelchair. The antiseptic smell filled the inside of the tent.Two soldiers hastily approached the elderly man, their voices echoing with urgency. "General Alex," they said, "the President requires your presence for a crucial address about our world's future. The people already await you." With respectful care, they began to push the old man's floating wheelchair out of the tent.General Alex, his body rigid and unresponsive, seemed trapped in his own form, a prisoner of paralysis, unable to react or move on his own.Emerging from the tent, they were greeted by a tumultuous roar under the bright sun and scorching heat. Shouts of "Alex, Alex, Alex..." filled the air. The scene unfolded in a colossal stadium, reminiscent of a grand football arena, now swarming with an ecstatic crowd, each member vociferously chanting the old man's name. Numerous banners adorned the stadium, all
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Chapter 2
"So where should I begin?" I pondered while casually walking past the high school building on my way to the cafeteria. The air carried a hint of late afternoon coolness, marking the shift from day to evening. In this mountainous village area, the nights were notably chilly.People in military uniforms oversaw this high school. Although it was a high school, students had already canceled their studies since the monster outbreak, and this high school building was repurposed for teaching people with abilities. Individuals of all ages were present here, as long as they bore a symbol on their hand indicating them as ability users. They were gathered here, and their families were also taken to the nearest facility, where they received second-class treatment.Those with the symbol received first-class treatment, on par with the rich and powerful individuals. Refugees, on the other hand, received only third-class treatment in the shelter.I joined the 10-person queue in the cafeteria, plate i
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Chapter 3
Yelica's ability, now manifested as a seal symbol on my back, was known as the Pact Maker or Notary, belonging to the Protection and Preservation category. It dealt with forging pacts between ability users. The potential of this ability was frightening; it could even create a binding contract with monsters. In time, those with this ability would become almost invincible, wielding immense influence.My first target was a woman named Helena, around 32 years old, who had arrived at the facility a month ago. I remembered her distinctly.As I approached her dormitory, she opened the door, revealing a room shared with three other women."What are you doing here, Alex?" she asked with a hint of curiosity."I think I've started to understand my ability," I quickly said, seizing the opportunity. "Can we talk in private for a moment? Maybe in the garden?"Helena followed me out of the dormitory, her steps hesitant yet determined, as we made our way to the school garden, a serene spot not far fr
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Chapter 4
Hellena hit my head, saying, "You brat, what are you talking about? Don't pick on a shy girl, pick me if you dare."Poppy and Lisa also looked at me with awe."Don't look at me, look at Alice," I pointed to Alice. And all of them screamed in shock, the girls noticed Alice's sudden disappearance, leaving behind only her clothes. The room was filled with a stunned silence, broken only by their gasps."Her ability is the power of invisibility," I explained, observing their reactions. "She can make herself disappear at will, often driven by a range of emotions such as shame or for other valid reasons. At the peak of her powers, she can even pass through walls and everything."Helena, regaining her composure, exclaimed, "Damn, I thought you were serious about that... proposition." She flashed a mischievous grin. "But if you ever change your mind, your big sister here might consider your offer," she teased, winking playfully. “I can give you the blow you want.”I laughed, "It's already late
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Chapter 5
Howard towered over me, a giant compared to my own stature. At 24 years old, he, along with Al and Tom from his gang, were intimidating figures. I, much younger than them, seemed like an easy target for their bullying. With a rough grip, Howard grabbed my clothes and dragged me back to the gym. He threw me into the hall with a force, cause a painful to my bone and body, that reminded me of the knock-out blow he had delivered just yesterday.As I lay on the gym floor, Howard stripped off his shirt, ready to launch another attack. Anger surged within me. "Do you think it's fun to bully a weak guy like me, coward?" I challenged, my voice a mixture of rage and defiance. In my previous life, they had bullied me relentlessly for six months, only stopping after I moved to another research facility.I remembered the reports I had read about them on the front lines. These reports spoke of how they would sacrifice new, powerless recruits to monsters, using them as mere bait.Howard, with his st
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Chapter 6
“What do you mean?” my voice echoed with a tinge of disbelief.‘There is no way he could know it.’"You're also dealing alone at night with all those people, making secret deals," the man said. His eyes searched mine intently, as if trying to unearth secrets buried deep within. "Don't you think I'm not aware of it? Or do you want to tell me how you acquired a lot of abilities symbols on your back?"A chill ran down my spine. 'He knows everything.' In a fleeting moment, my gaze shifted to his right hand, where a distinct symbol lay – an emblem of far sight, a power to see anything, anywhere. Once locked onto someone, he could always find and observe them.It was a terrifying ability.I had made a grave mistake. My mind, too occupied with getting the pact maker ability, had betrayed me, exposing my weakness.“Don’t you want to ask me inside? Or do you want everyone here to hear about you?” His tone was laced with a threat.Nodding, I opened the door wider, allowing him to step into the
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Chapter 7
Desperate, he nodded quickly.[Pact is sealed, choose one of the 6 types of your healing abilities to exchange with his ability.]As I stood before the man, I swiftly made my choice from the six abilities in my possession, deciding to give him a mere 10% of one of my healing abilities. Watching closely, I noticed the symbol on his hand begin to transform. “The deal is done. You can heal your wound now,” I informed him.He struggled to activate the healing power, but in his haste, he overlooked a crucial detail."We made a deal, but it seems you forgot one important thing," I said, my voice carrying a cold edge as I looked down at him.“What is that?” he asked, confusion and fear mingling in his eyes.“I never agreed not to kill you.”With a swift motion, I plunged my knife into his heart. He perished, the meager 10% healing ability going to waste. But I had acquired what I wanted.“Space storage,” I commanded, activating the new ability I had just obtained from him. It was a remarkabl
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Chapter 8
People's lives and deaths were a fate dictated by Creators. So, if they die, they just die, and I have no reason to save them. But if I can save them, I will do it. Furthermore, the abilities that die with them represent a total loss for humanity.In the past, it took 60 years to completely retake the Earth and conquer other planets, with 90% of heroes dying in the last battle. However, if we can save the abilities that were lost within the first 3-5 years, which accounts for almost half of the total loss, we may be able to retake the Earth in 30 years or even faster.‘If I save the lost abilities, they must be under my control. I won't easily believe anyone this time. My goal is to become the president of the world, and I will take what James has.’I swiftly packed my belongings into a backpack, threw most of the items I needed into my space storage, and made my way out of the dormitory, when passing the high school broadcasting room. A daring idea began to form in my mind.I had rec
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Chapter 9
As I ran toward the monster up ahead, my overthinking ability kicked in, enabling me to think as if I were two people. One perspective utilized a far-sight ability, providing me with a bird's-eye view and creating a mini-map-like image centered on me. My surroundings comprised a not-too-vast forest, featuring a small hill and woodland on the city's outskirts. This allowed me to track the nearest monster's movements if they pursued me.Concurrently, my other self focused on formulating a strategy to attract the beast's attention. With my keen, far-sighted vision, I could clearly make out the creature. They had four legs, or possibly more, and seemed to lack intelligence.In the record of the monster and beast information that attacked Earth, they were mostly divided into three broad categories: non-intelligent beasts, which typically had four legs or more and mostly moved by instinct like animals; intelligent monsters, mostly with two legs, possessing the ability to think and use weapo
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Chapter 10
When dealing with one thing, one could not afford to be rash, because when one was in a hurry, they tended to make mistakes. I was the kind of person who would think three times before doing anything. At my peak, I used to think 128 times before taking any action, and that saved me from any errors. Especially when humans lived in such a precarious state, a single error could result in death, posing the risk of irretrievable loss. As my future-self sent his memories back across six decades, I believed the world was becoming a new, parallel world, a part of a multiverse. This also meant that my future self, who sent this information, had truly perished in that parallel world, leaving only my current existence in this reality. Here, even the slightest error could prove fatal, and I was not invincible; I could die at any moment too. Surrounded by the transparent wind that concealed my odor and still in my transparent state, I gazed at the information boards in the plaza on each floor. F
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